Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon | All You Need To Know About How To Design A Low Maintenance Kitchen

Whenever you think of your dream kitchen, the first image that comes to mind is of a sleek and spacious kitchen. But beauty has a price: it should also be remembered that the more detailed a modular kitchen in gurgaon, the more difficult it is to maintain. So how do you design a low maintenance kitchen? A solid kitchen design strategy is important here to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Consider the work triangle between your fridge, sink and kitchen appliances to create an ergonomic flow, as this will make moving around the kitchen easier and reduce the amount of spills. Here are some kitchen design tips and tricks you can implement to achieve a more functional and efficient kitchen space.

Points to remember for low maintenance kitchen cabinets

Opt for closed cabinets with glass doors if you like cleanliness so you can easily see and access kitchen items. Make sure kitchen cabinet doors don't have a lot of trim or raised panels, as they are difficult to clean. Avoid open shelves and/or open kitchen cabinets as they tend to accumulate more dust and attract more clutter. Modern shaker style cabinets and traditional slab front cabinets are easier to clean and work with any design style. You can also opt for a full-size pantry if you have enough space in the kitchen or another room to spare.

The best colors for low maintenance kitchen cabinets are shades like gray, pastel yellow, brown, cream, and beige. Make the decision to paint or stain your cabinet doors to suit your style of working in the kitchen. A stain provides more longevity while the paint scratches and chips easily. Choose a glossy finish over a matte finish for kitchen cabinets because kitchen work involves a lot of grease, oil, and spices. When it comes to kitchen cabinet materials, PVC and plywood/MDF are the most widely used panels. Wondering why PVC kitchen cabinets are low maintenance and preferred over plywood kitchen cabinets? PVC kitchen cabinets are easier and faster to install, lightweight, less expensive, resistant to fire, termites, moisture, rot, easy to clean and last longer. It is also available in a variety of colors.

What you need to know about low maintenance kitchen floors

Since kitchen floors are subject to maximum wear, laminate and porcelain are the best flooring materials. They are stain resistant, waterproof, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Wooden flooring can also be considered, but care should be taken when cleaning it as it is more porous than other flooring and stains very easily. modular kitchen in delhi choose a "just right" kitchen floor color, neither too dark nor too light, for easy maintenance. Choose a polished texture for the kitchen floor, as it will be difficult to clean otherwise.

How to Choose a Low Maintenance Kitchen Fireplace

Invest in a modern, quiet and powerful kitchen chimney or kitchen extractor fan as it is an all-in-one solution to help absorb greasy residue, smoke and cooking oil. Some factors to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen fireplace for your kitchen space are suction power, kitchen size, types of fireplace filters, cleaning method, budget, after service -sale, etc.

Install a low-maintenance kitchen counter

Opt for larger tiles or slabs to keep grout lines to a minimum, making the cleanup process easier. Popular low-maintenance kitchen countertop materials include laminate, quartz, non-porous porcelain, marble, and granite. Some of these kitchen counter materials require periodic sealing (6 months to 1 year), but not as often.

What Makes a Low Maintenance Kitchen Backsplash

Low maintenance kitchen backsplash materials include mirror, quartz, marble, laminate, and back painted glass. They are low maintenance as you can simply wipe away oil marks, grease stains and spills with a sponge or soft cloth. Opt for a high-quality, durable kitchen paint to save money and effort in the future. Avoid mosaic tiles for kitchen backsplashes because cleaning them takes a lot of time and effort.

Get a low maintenance kitchen sink

You can choose an integrated sink that perfectly replaces an undermount sink with the same characteristics. Two kitchen sink designs are also a suitable option for homeowners when it comes to cleaning the kitchen space. You can use one sink for preparing and cooking meals and the other sink for cleaning. modular kitchen in noida opt for an undermount kitchen sink with or without a side drainer that will give you a smooth transition between the kitchen counter and the kitchen sink. This allows you to clean crumbs/messages/dirt right in the sink without letting them cling to the rim trim that you would definitely have on an undermount sink.

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Unwrap the Happiness by  experiencing the top benefits of Modular Wardrobe Design 

 The bedroom is one of the most important living spaces in the house. Indeed, everyone spends almost a third of their time in their bedroom, modular wardrobe design so as an owner, don't you want your bedroom to be one of the most comfortable and welcoming places? and decorating can be a tedious task.

But modular furniture can make this task much easier, as it can change the look of the room. The closet is an important part of a bedroom that stores all kinds of basic things, determining the right type of closet is a difficult task.

Today, people want the perfect closet with shelves and pockets to store clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. People get into the luxurious life and prefer things that make them feel comfortable.

A modular wardrobe is something that has gained a lot of popularity due to its great advantages:-

An amazing look :-

The main advantage of these costume designs is that they look great visually. You can also customize this wardrobe design for the bedroom and choose the colors, finishes and materials to use. If we talk about colors, there are several options from which you can choose any of them.

For the finishes of the cabinets we have several options such as high gloss laminate, acrylic or glass depending on your customization and for the back box.

The material can be used from any of the panels, for example MDF panel, BWR panel or moved with the latest termite panel known as HDHMR panel.

Space Efficiency: -

Custom cabinets use space wisely and efficiently. They are designed to fit perfectly into the room without looking too big or too small, and appear effortless in any space. Freestanding 

closets can be too big and seem extremely awkward or too small and leave a significant amount of unused space in a room. However, a built-in cabinet eliminates awkward gaps placing the perfect size for the listed price.

Integrated lightening: -

You may have noticed that on darker days or nights, it can be difficult to see the items inside the closet. You can also customize the lighting effect in the required costume design. Today lighting has become one of the most important features of any product.

Is refurbished & current trend: -

You may not want to go for a modular style for an older home, but if you are planning to buy a new home or build one. The modular wardrobe design is a perfect style to choose to improve the look of your room, thus making your room more beautiful and rich.

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10 Essential Questions: What to Ask Interior Designers in Gurgaon You Want to Hire 

Now that all the preparation is done, you can start looking for the perfect home decor helper. Along with knowing how to hire an Interior designers in gurgaon, knowing what to ask for is essential. Here are ten questions to ask yourself before hiring a decorator:

1) What are your references and diplomas?

Make sure the person you hire has legitimate credentials and references. If your budget is tight, you might consider hiring an inexperienced interior designer, but be sure to double-check their references and work samples.

2) What interior design services do you offer?

Not all interior designers offer the same set of services. Know what you will get. Here are some of the services an interior designer can provide:

  • design consulting
  • Site measurement and evaluation
  • spatial planning
  • design concepts
  • Purchase or supply
  • Project management

3) How do you structure your interior design projects?

How the designer structures a project will give you an indication of their time management and what to expect from the process. It's a good idea to start with an initial consultation and then discuss fees before moving on to the design process. The designer should also first present a concept before finalizing the design details.

4) How is it billed?

The issue of charges is directly related to your budget. You need to know if the designer charges a fixed fee, works by the hour, or charges a percentage of the cost of the project. If you're prone to calling a designer non-stop, a flat rate is better than an hourly rate. Otherwise, you may end up with a surprise at the end of the month. But if you're happy with fewer inquiries and contacts, the hourly rate can work just fine. Designers who work on a percentage of the project typically work on large projects that require a lot of back-and-forth and supervision of installation and procurement processes.

5) Can you recommend local contractors?

If the designer has an established relationship with the contractors, you may be able to get a discount. Even when there are no discounts; a designer who can recommend good contractors is a plus. They say you're only as good as your last project, so the work of a good contractor is essential to a designer's reputation.

6) Have you carried out similar projects?

This is how you learn how experienced the future designer is. If you are looking to hire an interior designer to design apartments, it would be beneficial to see other apartments that the architect has done. If they've worked on similar projects, you can request a before, in-progress, and after photo to see if you like the result.

7) What is your favorite interior design style?

Determining your style preference is crucial because while an interior designer should be able to work out any style a client desires, that isn't always the outcome. If the designer's styles match yours, the whole process will be much easier.

8) What was your last interior design project?

You can dig a little deeper and request a preview of the project. The designer's most recent project will tell you if the designer is using the latest design trends and innovations. You can also ask for a reference from the last client to see if they were happy with the designer's work.

9) What are your essentials in interior decoration?

This is a small test to get a sense of the interior designer's intuition and whether their natural style will suit your taste and lifestyle. Some designers believe in using a neutral palette or certain types of wood, while others believe in color and stone. This will also give you an indication of your designer's level of detail. Still lost? Here are some additional questions to ask before hiring an Interior designers in delhi for your home.

10) How can I live better at home?

Don't be too hard on the designer with this vague question. The point of knowing how to live better is to see if the creator knows what is on the market. Their response will indicate how knowledgeable they are on the innovation front, especially when it comes to smart living.

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Ideas To Make A Profitable Modular Kitchen In Noida 

 A modular kitchen in noida is a kitchen created from pre-made cabinetry pieces. The unity of surface of these elements contributed to create a complete and deliberate kitchen style. The interior of a modular kitchen includes cabinet modules made of various materials; These gripping accessories help you usefully use the places of a quiet kitchen.

Not satisfied but it is true that most of India is considering kitchen remodeling in addition to modular kitchens. At this point, the fact is that a tactical modular kitchen can never dig very deep into your wallets. Instead, it will protect against time and money in the long run, while being a great necessity. In fact, did you know that there is a unit that somehow preserves the original fixtures while invigorating appearances such as backsplash tiles, cabinets, and countertops?

The kitchen is sometimes at the center of serving your kids on their school adventures, remembering your partner's frustrations at work, swapping one of the most recent conversations with your ideal friend in situations like these- this or others, area unit probably the main thing you are a little used to.

With that in mind, financing it with slow motion and energy in the kitchen interior style could be a practical plan. Keep exploring to learn more about modular kitchen design and interior style tips, pros and cons of modular kitchen in Gurgaon.

So, if you are designing a kitchen makeover, and yet you have inevitably hesitated to find the main method, now is a good opportunity. Check out tracking information from our experts that might tell you why

Modular kitchens have become a likely necessity today:

Money-saving storing capacity: Modular kitchens give you a wonderful amount of storage space for your ever-expanding kitchen offering. By offering magic sections, cutlery holders and a container, you will save extra things with performance in your kitchen.


Quote good day to the blatant exhaust follower: With the look of the hob and chimney, it's pretty simple to make sure the smoke from the kitchen has a good exit with the greatest suction power, giving so a good day to the cheeky amateur. Today, a basic layout is considered truly incomplete, and not the presence of a fireplace and a chimney.


Spending plan it straight: not all modular kitchen designs are expensive per unit. Depending on your needs, you will usually ask your specialist to suggest a variety of affordable modular kitchen designs available. Additionally, minor adjustments such as the placement of a replacement glass door and table top material will change the overall market value.


Modern Planning: Today, the preparation of Indian cuisine is not just the task of a chef. Detached area unit currently even quieter with a kitchen property with dining area. It can be wherever available kitchen construction, kitchen island or breakfast bar counters have gained in quality.

For the passion of shade: If your home decor is more colorful, feel free to add some tint to your kitchen as well. The best color selections used by the modular kitchen unit of Gurgaon are second to none and ensure unique appeal. You'll be able to choose from high gloss laminates, textured looks, pickets or even acrylic looks; the options area unit has said a lot about these training courses, tips to remember after going live with Modular Kitchen and more.


Star Kitchens & Interiors is an author of routine articles on property remodeling and home and kitchen improvements. If you want to create highly functional yet eye-catching modular kitchen in delhi, he can provide you with some remarkable tips and information. Star Kitchens & Interiors has written several articles on exactly how to go for kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen designs.





 If you find yourself with a messy closet from time to time, you probably don't have the right closet. Read on to find out how a modular wardrobe design can make your life easier.

The downside of non-modular cabinets

Non-modular cabinets, like steel almirahs, tend to be viewed as a quick and easy solution to your storage needs. All you have to do is pay and the almirah will be delivered to you. In this way, you manage to solve your wardrobe problems, but only in the short term.

Non-modular cabinets are not enough to help you in the long run. Over time, your stuff grows and the way you want to store and organize it also changes. The off-the-shelf system is simply not enough to maintain. Thus, you experience moments like clothes falling over when you open your wardrobe!

That's why modular cabinets.

You may have heard of modular closets before, just like the many closet and bedroom furniture buyers we come across. From our interactions with millions of these buyers across the country, we understand that the concept of modular closets is associated with the unique way it is made. For example, you may know that modular cabinets are built to your needs in a factory and are easily delivered and installed to your home.

However, there is more to modular cabinets than their unique build style. For example, a modular cabinet can put an end to the clutter and spills you face when you open your cabinet. Let's find out how.

9 Benefits of Modular Wardrobes 

1. Save space

Modular cabinets allow you to save a lot of space. Because the cabinet shell is made to your liking, you manage to make smart use of the available space inside the cabinet.

2. Save time

Modular cabinets save you a lot of time. Since it has separate shelves and shelves for storing different items, you don't have to spend time looking for the things you need. You get ready faster and without worrying about missing something.

3. Save money

You can also save a lot of money in 2 ways. First, you don't need to buy another wardrobe once you realize the current wardrobe doesn't meet your needs. And second, you don't have to deal with multiple vendors to put together your wardrobe.

4. Customize your bedroom space

You can customize your wardrobe according to the space available in your room. Modular closets can be available in 2 door, 3 door, 4 door formats with an integrated loft space. Depending on the space available in your room, you can opt for hinged doors or sliding doors to have room to move.

5. Personalize your stuff

Different people have different types of assets. If you have more sarees and coats, you might want to increase the number of shelves and lockers in your wardrobe to accessorize it with your stuff.


6. Personalize your storage style

Likewise, you may want to hang them instead of keeping them stacked vertically on a shelf. A modular closet allows you to create different types of storage space within your closet. This is how you can customize your closet to the style of storage you have in mind.

7. Personalize your decoration

While pre-made closets come with preset styles, modular closets can be customized to suit your aesthetic needs or the decor and mood of your room. You have a variety of material (glass, wood) and color options to create a wardrobe that syncs with the look of your room.


8. Maximize your space

Conventionally, closets are meant to take up space in your bedroom. But modular wardrobe design can really maximize your room space. Swinging doors on standard closets can keep you from walking through, but a sliding door closet in your bedroom can make the room seem larger.


9. Ideal for being tidy

Finally, modular closets save you from clutter. Since you've put a lot of thought into determining the number and arrangement of shelves, shelves, and drawers in your closet, you can keep them tidy. You don't need to spend a lot of energy to tidy up once in a while!


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Latest Ideas for Home Interior Designers in Gurgaon | Yourhomz

 Creating the house of your dreams is important! Are you stuck with the idea of ​​rejuvenating your home with the latest Interior designers in gurgaon that change the way you feel every day? If yes, then you must try the most lucrative designs that nail the look of the houses, leaving charming comments to the viewers. After the influx of the pandemic since the beginning of the 2020s, we are at home! Isn't it sometimes exhausting to see daylight entering and leaving the same interiors? Life is synonymous with change, whether minimalist or quirky and contrasting. Give your home definition with stunning aesthetics from start to finish. In this blog, you can take a look at the latest looks you can give your home in 2021 if you are residing in Gurgaon.

If you are looking for expert interior design services in Gurgaon, you can take inspiration from the latest home interior designs in Gurgaon:

Home is where our hearts rest! No matter where he travels for work or for other occasions, he likes to come back to the most comfortable place called home. But, if the interiors are not tempting or inviting to your soul, you are not feeling the good vibes healing you from within. For this, Chalk Studio tends to snuggle you up with superior aesthetics, technology-driven design culture and turns imagination into beautiful realities.

Traditional Interior Design Style: We have people among us who choose minimalist designs because they like simplistic looks. Traditional interiors use tables and chairs inspired by 18th and 19th century England and France. You can explore vivid damasks, florals, stripes and checks. European decor is influenced by traditional interiors that feature oil paintings, floral arrangements, and silk, velvet, and linen upholstery.

Modern interior design style: There is a modern design and similar to this is the contemporary interior style. Modern design refers to a specific period, while contemporary design is constantly evolving. It dates back to the 20th century with the fusion of Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern and Post-Modern design. You can think of furniture inlaid with chrome metal and glass, which have thematic and colorful accents in the art and furniture.

Eclectic interior design style: Those with high contrast colors and patterns are selected with great detail. The eclectic interior design is culturally rich with the effectiveness of layers, textures and colors and the fusion of old and new design styles that complement each other in the most balanced way, ultimately standing out.

Contemporary Interior Design Style: You can never beat contemporary interior style, which is timeless. It is influenced by the 21st century and is something new and trendy. Again, it features clean, minimalist designs with detailed wall decorations, open spaces, contemporary metal furniture and light-reflecting glass. Plus, whatever you're looking for has subtle color and show properties.

Minimalist Interior Design Style: If you are a simple person and live a minimalist lifestyle without a lot of colors that bring out their presence, then this is your style. The minimalist interior design style is inspired by Japanese design which focuses on empty spaces, clean straight lines and simple finishes without too much contrast, but the primary colors disturb the sanity. Furniture is heavily integrated with storage spaces with a creative look and feel. It's more and less where the exteriors aren't too revealing of the interiors.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style: You can match your home to interiors that were influenced by the 1950s and 60s in post-war America, where there is room for breezes and fluid nature. From walnut and teak furniture to yellow, avocado, mustard yellow and chartreuse color palettes, you can have amazingly designed indoor and outdoor living.

Bohemian Style Life: Are you a boho fan? Well, many are! The bohemian style of interior design living will take you back to the style of mid-century interiors, where you can jump into the artistic flair of bold patterns, bright colors, different color accents and cosmopolitan styles that are not never ordinary. Every time you walk into a home, it feels like there's so much to explore every day, regardless of the mixed patterns and offbeat styles.

Coastal Interior Design Style: Do you love beaches and want to bring them home? Coastal beach style interiors expose you to shades of blue with added beige and other bright accents, illuminating the serene culture of the interiors. All windows are designed to invite a cool breeze into the house and vibrate with paintings, comfort, blue glass furniture and eye-catching wallpapers and paintings.

Rustic Interior Style: Natural materials with a slight touch of machine create rustic charm. It's natural and effortless, inspired by sophistication and subtle patterns and textures. Everything you experience at home in peace, nature and serenity.

There are plenty of other designs to explore when it comes to changing the look of your home. Interior designers in delhi while mental well-being is the most important thing to work on, keep in mind that small changes or a total transformation can lead to a surprising but noticeable change in your temperament, behavior, and health. Count on the best interior design contractors to find the best deal for your next decoration!

Yourhomz's creative fingers aim to touch the base of their stories and tie them tightly to their innovations. We don't implement it until we understand the customer's word! We believe in pursuing cutting-edge design methods, staying on top of industry trends, and mastering aesthetics that reflect its history. Make sense of your speakers by connecting with an expert interior contractor in Gurgaon. With us, you don't have to find an escape outside your home!

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Advantages Of Design | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon 

Modern kitchens are gaining popularity in our country, where an increasing number of home builders are choosing them even over conventional kitchens. But why?

Traditional Indian kitchens are often seen as lacking compared to the west side advancement of modular kitchen in gurgaon Let's see what motivates them!

Benefits of Modular Kitchen Designs

1. Fantastic & Eye-Catching Designs

Modular kitchens are often renowned for their stunning layouts and displays. The structure colors of the walls and cabinets, even the entire configuration, would certainly look great in contrast to traditional colors.

2. Cheap

Modular kitchens are often found in homes with less space, such as studio apartments or condominiums. Therefore, they maximize room restrictions at a lower cost compared to a full traditional kitchen space.

3. Easy to Customize

Modular kitchens are easy to assemble and customize according to the owner's needs and wishes. However, conventional kitchen remodeling is labor-intensive, easy to build and build, and too expensive.

4. Simplified Maintenance

The maintenance and cleaning of a modular home kitchen is very easy to contrast with traditional kitchens. Cleaning modern modular kitchens can also be done carefully, eliminating all elements of new pests and even insect complications.

5. Top Quality Materials

This is perhaps the only feature that sounds great with the standard features. Premium products are tried and tested under the conditions that a kitchen space maintains, including wet and dry factors.

These are actually the top five benefits of modular kitchen designs. Why are you hanging around? Choose the modern kitchen rather than your old prefabricated kitchen.

modular kitchen in delhi styles especially modern modular kitchen designs are now all the rage across India. However, have you figured out the most powerful secret to its success?

Area Optimization!

Combined with traditional kitchens designed for the large areas of old Indian homes, where residents never left more than a dozen, newer home appliances, especially studio apartments, vary greatly in size!

Modular kitchens with their personalized zone options, with changeable storage and electrical networks, are ideal for contemporary apartments. It's perfect for the family as well as singles who love to cook! Instead of spending valuable time looking for things, convertible closets would help everyone a lot!

Today's resident is also looking for the minimalist bent, while beautifying their home, and what better than to have a beautiful and space-saving kitchen.

Minimalism in the Kitchen Minimalism is one of the tenets of the modern message that even caught the eye of millennial homebuyers. The pattern had existed in the 1950s to 1970s; created a throwback after the 2000s once again.

Minimalism is the art of living to the extremes of what you ask for without chasing impressive factors of decor, lifestyle, or even eating habits. Although most of the same in terms of lifestyle and eating habits have remained aloof, many artists, as well as creative interior professionals, have shown that style does not always need 'explanation.

Domestic kitchens have always been designed with an old heritage mindset, along with elaborate layouts, tables and homes. At this time, modern kitchen designs, especially modular kitchens, picked up the pattern.

Modular kitchens have been conceptualized and updated in western countries, to accommodate growing workshop facilities, although the same has been done in India, since the early 90's modular kitchen in noida have are now ventured into standard Indian houses due to their remarkable styles and also comfort capability. that they offer.

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7 Best Finishes That Will Enhance the Look of Your Modular Wardrobe Design 

As an indispensable element in bedrooms, wardrobes often serve as focal points. Therefore, they deserve a good deal of attention and thought during the design process. modular wardrobe design finishes improve both the appearance of a wardrobe and its resistance to wear. The market is flooded with finishes, from mirrors to wood and everything in between. Here is a list of the best closet door materials to help you in your design process!

Best Wardrobe Finishes

#1: The Eco-Friendly Veneer Wardrobe Finish

Veneer is the term used for thin slices or panels of wood that are attached to stronger platforms such as wood or metal. It gives the look of real wood without being made up of much of the material. This makes it eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

Veneer reinforces the base product, making your closet front less likely to warp or develop cracks. A veneer finished cabinet design is easy to work with, which is why most homeowners choose it to decorate cabinets that have curves or rounded edges.

#2: A Flexible and Durable PU Paint Wardrobe Finish

This solvent-based product creates a high gloss finish when used on cabinet doors. It has a spectrum of gloss levels, from opaque to high gloss, giving you a window for further customization.

A cabinet with a lacquer finish is extremely durable and does not react to abrasives or acids. The glossy finish suits any design style, from contemporary to old school. It is more economical than shellac or varnish. PU paint, on the other hand, creates a transparent layer on the surface, which makes it durable and heat resistant.

#3: Explore More Designs With a Mirror Finish 

A material that does both aesthetically and in terms of finish, mirrors are increasingly becoming one of the wardrobe finishes to use. Covering a large area with mirrors opens up the room and reflects ambient light to make it appear more spacious. For this reason, mirrors work great in compact homes or tight spaces.

Mirrors can be cut into different shapes, used as panels or as a finish for a cabinet. This eliminates the need for additional mirrors in the room, making your closet functional in more ways than one. It is also easy to maintain; Simply clean it with glass cleaner and a soft cloth!

#4: Budget-Friendly Laminate Finish

A wardrobe laminate option is inexpensive and diverse. There are a plethora of colors, finishes, and textures to choose from, which definitely makes it one of the most custom finishes for cabinets.

Laminate is durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for everyday furniture such as cabinets. It is very scratch resistant, which means you can use it in children's rooms or walk-ins.

#5: The Easy-to-Maintain Acrylic Finish

Acrylic is one of the more premium finishes for cabinetry in terms of cost. The enamel finish you get from this material is glamorous and also very easy to maintain. However, a cabinet with an acrylic finish is not suitable for children or pets, modular wardrobe design as it can be easily scratched. So choose it for its durability and ease of maintenance and be sure to use it where the risk of scratches is minimal!

#6: Open up Your Room With a Glass Wardrobe 

Closets with glass shutters are a trendy option as they provide a sleek and open look. But the only downside to see-through glass doors is that your wardrobe needs to be properly maintained with everything in its place. If it's messy, it will affect the look of the whole room.

#7: A Membrane Finish for a Natural Look

If you are looking for a natural look for your wardrobe, opt for a membrane finish. Available in wood, matte and gloss finishes, it is one of the most popular finishes on the market. It is also waterproof and weatherproof.

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6 Hottest Smart Home Trends In 2022 & Beyond | Interior Designers In Gurgaon 

Key 10 Smart Home Trends That Shape the Industry

The details of smart homes create a number of challenges for the industry, such as a lack of interoperability, security, data protection and automation. Interior designers in gurgaon This part of the article covers the major smart home technology trends being used in the industry today and designed to meet any challenge.

1. Increased Connectivity & Automation

The main idea behind smart homes is the automation of routine tasks. One of the main challenges in this area is the lack of connectivity between different technologies and current home devices. Using hubs for connected devices is one of the possible ways to fix the issues. These centres are used to allow centralised control and management.

One of the major trends in smart home technology is machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to enable these centres to perform automated decision making.

There are a number of solutions that are already based on machine learning. Nest and Honeywell smart thermostat systems use machine learning to study people's habits and adjust temperature levels based on personal preferences.

Thanks to the use of this smart home technology, our homes are already able to relieve us of a significant part of our daily tasks.

2. More Focus on the IoT (Internet-of-Thing)

The Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be ignored as one of the major smart home trends prevailing in the industry.

The notion of the Internet of Things encompasses different types of devices, from self-driving cars to smart speakers to Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators. IoT is one of the latest trends in smart home technology that is will continue to grow at a rapid pace. By 2027, the global IoT market will reach $1.5 billion and continue to grow at a CAGR of 24.9%.

In the future, IoT devices will become even more advanced and we will see many more use cases for their implementation. One possible implementation is doors with smart locks that automatically unlock when they recognize the owner's face.

The IoT is the biggest and most exciting among the smart home trends offering many innovations in our lives.

3. Enhanced Privacy & Security in Smart Homes

Security is one of the top smart home technology trends today, as even using a single smart home product with weak security protocols can put the entire ecosystem at risk.

According to Avast, 40.8% of smart homes have at least one device vulnerable to cyberattacks. Considering all the big data being generated on the smart home, it's no surprise that the industry is in the spotlight among hackers.

Many companies are creating the next generation of smart home security solutions that will protect people and keep information transferred across multiple networks secure. These solutions include AI-based biometric authentication, secure routers protected against cyberattacks, and more.

The latest industry developments show that we need to stop associating blockchain with crypto alone. If you are interested in trading, you can check out Safetrading, a platform that provides information on over 370 of the top crypto signal pools. Some companies are exploring the use of distributed ledger to protect the storage of information generated by the smart home industry.

For the foreseeable future, security will be the cornerstone of all smart home trends.

4. Growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The list of smart home trends wouldn't be complete without mentioning artificial intelligence.

Today, we can witness the growing use of AI home systems. Its combination with machine learning will allow it to analyse the data collected by the sensors and predict the required actions even before the owner gives the command. For example, artificial intelligence can be used to automatically turn on the heating, order food from the nearest store, and take home automation to the next level.

5. Application of technology outside the network

People have started using smart homes to live more sustainable and responsible lives. In the years to come, smart home trends will revolve around this notion. Sustainability will be high on the list of smart home technology trends.

Using off-grid technology is one way to accomplish the difficult tasks of a more sustainable future. There are already a number of solutions that allow smart homes to operate offline in the event of an emergency or power outage. These solutions include the use of solar energy storage and solar systems that reduce the carbon footprint.

Off-grid technologies are among the smart home trends that are here to stay for many years to come.

6. Smart Home Trends: Wide Range of Home Automation Features

Smart home technology trends are changing rapidly. However, there is one that will remain and grow in the future: automation.

In the past, smart home devices offered a limited level of automation. For example, you can control the house light from a mobile app. Interior designers in delhi However, the main idea behind the latest home technology is the total automation of routine tasks.

Smart thermostats like Nest can already control a home's temperature based on residents' personal habits, time of day and other conditions to reduce energy waste and improve resource consumption.

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According to Design Experts these are Kitchen Trends for 2022 | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

The design of the kitchen is unstable. When you feel comfortable with the layout of your home, trends change and your modular kitchen in gurgaon gets a complete overhaul. However, don't let these changes get you down.

The kitchen industry is constantly evolving and in recent years more and more appliances have been incorporated into our kitchens while others have found a niche on our kitchen counters.

In most homes, the modular kitchen is designed to be a social space for the whole family: preparing meals, eating together and spending time together. So what should we expect in kitchen design trends in 2022?

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets:

The kitchen is a room in the house that has no limits. It is constantly evolving and transforming to adapt to all tastes, desires and needs. Kitchen designers are constantly on the lookout for trends and are inspired by the arts to paint a picture of what awaits them.

In 2022, matte black kitchen cabinets are expected to continue growing in popularity for another year. From hinged doors to deep drawers, matte black offers a modern twist on the traditional kitchen.

Appearance is everything, and the beauty of matte black kitchen cabinets is that their modern look makes them more versatile than standard kitchen cabinets. They are perfect for both contemporary and traditional kitchens, so your options will be endless if you choose to go this route.

Characteristic Islands:

If you want to add a touch of luxury and opulence to your kitchen, Feature Islands will be the trend for 2022. This island style would be perfect for those with a larger kitchen. However, if you already have an island, it could be the focal point of your new kitchen design and a lovely place to sit and have a coffee.

In addition, the characteristic islands are also designed for additional storage space, which is perfect for large homes.

Featured islands are here to stay. They create a focal point in the kitchen, adding character and allowing you to show off your culinary creations to friends and family. The kitchen island is the heart of the home, where the action happens.

In 2022, we can expect to see more bespoke kitchen islands. The days of the traditional look are over, so get creative with your design. modular kitchen in delhi thinks outside the box, choose exciting materials to make a statement.

3D textures:

By now you will be used to the wave of 3D textures in our homes. 3D mosaics are no longer reserved for wet rooms and are now making their way into the kitchen. If you are looking for a stylish backsplash to complement your new kitchen, 3D mosaic tiles are the way to go.

3D tiles are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen. They may be more expensive than standard tiles, but their eye-catching design and feel-good factor make it worth it.

With 3D kitchen trends becoming increasingly popular, 2.5D design has become mainstream, so don't be afraid to experiment with new textures and finishes to give your kitchen a unique look.

Colored Cabinets:

Kitchen trends in 2022 will see colorful cabinetry begin to emerge. You've probably noticed an increase in kitchen appliances that can be purchased in many bright colors, and we already have colored glass backsplashes as well as colored countertops. Now is the time to incorporate these bright colors into your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen furniture does not always have to be neutral and in 2022 it will be more colorful. Plus, retro tones are making a comeback, so go that route if you want to create an eclectic look for your kitchen.

In 2022, bold and vibrant colors will be the way to go to give your kitchen a modern touch. From subtle pastels to bright primary tones, the world is at your fingertips when it comes to finding the right color for your kitchen.

Hidden Storage:

Hidden storage has become popular over the years, and with kitchen trends in 2022 set to continue, at some point you will have no choice but to buy a kitchen with ample storage space. .

If you are going to be living in your kitchen for at least the next six years, investing in bespoke kitchen units with hidden storage is a must. As a result, your modular kitchen will not only be tidy and more spacious, but it will also be more practical and functional.

To keep your kitchen tidy, modular kitchen in noida smart storage is a must. So in 2022, it's all about hidden storage spaces to give your kitchen a tidy look and keep everything you need close at hand.


As trends continue to evolve, designers are finding it increasingly difficult to predict what the future holds. One specific thing is that design will always evolve rapidly, allowing our industry to constantly evolve.

Kitchen Trends 2022 will only get more creative as designers and consumers find new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of design and function.

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5 Best Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas To Beautify Your Master Bedroom and Home 

Before we get into your bedroom closet design ideas, we want to discuss a common functionality issue in small homes. modular wardrobe design a large custom closet is unlikely to fit in a small room, which seems to discourage our readers during a home renovation.

So, let's discuss some small closet ideas before we move on to the good stuff.

1. Ideas for small closets

Here are some definite ideas that you can use for your closet system in a small room:

Install built-in storage solutions with plenty of shelving and a cabinet door.

Use cabinets with sliding drawers at the top and lockers at the bottom.

Opt for portable and collapsible wardrobes in bedrooms.

Unleash your creativity with some DIY closet systems.

Go the minimalist route and infuse closet designs with sliding doors.

Use tall, freestanding cabinets with maximum vertical space instead of tall, wide cabinets.

Create a separate hanging space with a built-in closet for extraordinary costumes and dresses.

2. Bedroom Closet Ideas for Large Rooms

Now, when you design rooms in your home, you need the different components to blend in with your interior design theme. If you have ornate bed posts and beautiful decor, your wardrobe design should be just as impressive as the rest of your interior design ideas.

So when you have enough storage space, why not make the most of your home's interior with some exquisite closet ideas? You can have a master closet in a master bedroom with a designated walk-in closet like Christian Grey's, or opt for minimalist themes and modular sliding door closets.

Here are some ideas to get you started on closet design ideas with your interior designer:

a) Check the available space to choose an appropriate cabinet size

b) Like all furniture and accessories in your beautiful home, you should start by assessing how much space you have to install a closet.

c) If you have enough space after installing the bed, bedside tables and general decoration of the room, consider a dressing room or a main wardrobe. You can install a space to hang your expensive suits and dresses. Consider separate shelves for everyday and inexpensive clothes and pull-out drawers to organise your accessories like ties, belts, sunglasses, watches, etc. You can also install a nice chest of drawers inside the closet with cubbies to store your tie pins, brooches, hair accessories, earrings, bracelets and so on.

d) If, on the other hand, your closet space is limited but sufficient for a large closet, you can choose a spacious closet with hangers and shelves. You can choose a hinged door if it does not interfere with the space available in your room or install sliding doors for more comfort.

e) However, if you find the space is too limited for one of them, you can opt for a tall cabinet design with intensive shelving. Check out closet organisation trends online and use DIY tension rods and cubbies to create extra space in your freestanding closet.

3. Choose the type of costume design you want

Speaking of the types of cabinets you can install, you also need to pay attention to the style and capacity of your cabinet.

In modern home interior design, a modular built-in closet with ample shelving and hanging space is very popular. These cabinets are also equipped with drawers to store your valuables.

For a more traditional cabinet design, you can choose from a range of models or almirahs in wood or stainless steel. These cabinets may look smaller, but they provide adequate storage space. They also have a small allocated storage space for hanging small clothes. They also have drawers and a small locker with a hidden compartment for your valuables.

You can also choose minimalist designs with sliding glass doors and large storage shelves to neatly organise all your stuff. These also work well for guest bedrooms where the space isn't constantly in use and doesn't require a lot of closet organisation.

In terms of modular wardrobe design, you should also consider built-in, freestanding and walk-in wardrobe options. Each has its own merits, but the choice depends on the type of design you prefer.

4. Assess your storage space needs

When choosing a closet design, you should also consider your storage needs. What kind of storage solutions are best for the outfits and accessories you own.

Ask yourself if you absolutely need space to hang or can you just fold your clothes and put them away?

Do you need a designated space to store your winter clothes?

Do you need drawers in your closet or are you more comfortable with a cabinet for your delicate clothes, socks and other necessities?

Do you want to store your accessories in your dressing room or allocate space to them in your dressing room?

These questions will help you determine what type of closet design and how much storage space you need.

5. Choose a material for your personalised wardrobe

Now that you know the style, size, and layout of your desired cabinet, let's take a look at the material options.

It goes without saying that you need durable and long-lasting materials for your shelves. You could probably use iron or steel shelves, but you'll definitely need to install shelf paper to keep clothes from rusting and chafing.

The most ideal solution is wooden shelves. Here you have a few options. You can choose one that is laminated to MDF, commonly known as medium density fiberboard. The material is durable and has smooth surfaces to bear the load even of your winter clothes.

You can select expensive wood for the general manufacture of the cabinet. Pine, teak, cedar, layers, etc. these are good options. modular wardrobe design Take the time to verify the quality of the wood with your custom cabinet designers.

Finally, for the door, you can choose intricate artwork in wood or glass panels. You can also select a combination of the two, where the door panel is glass while the frame is wood. Choose an opaque, translucent or transparent piece of glass according to your preferences.

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5 Powerful Ways To Improve Your House | Interior Designers In Gurgaon


Sometimes we need a little change in our lives and sometimes inside our home. Your ever-changing personality should be reflected in living spaces. Changes can be made by adding new accessories or artwork. Interior designers in gurgaon Of course, real change or improvement can be achieved with professional help. But if you have some inspiration, you can plan, design and build your dream home your way. Designing every corner of the home interior in a unique way is essential in the design process. A professional interior designer can help you with the whole task. Here are some of the important ways to improve the interior of your home.

‘Less Is More,’ Embrace Minimalism

The minimalist approach is the best option chosen by professionals today. A better home interior can only be achieved by keeping the whole design simple, without cluttering the space. If the essentials are placed in each room, the area will appear more comfortable and uncluttered. Fewer accessories create a wonderfully spacious environment, providing respite. The key fact about minimalist design is to create functional design elements in the most inscrutable way. The simplicity of the design shows the purpose and function of the interiors, with all its beauty. The minimalist style proves that less is always more for interior decoration.

Customise The Interiors

Your home is a dwelling that should reflect your life and your various experiences. The things you treasure inside your home will reflect your life experience. Display all your belongings, cute accessories and other items here and there around the house to reveal who you are. Always consider your life needs and choose the right layout that can help you achieve your ideal layout. Home interiors should tell about the owner, his tastes, hobbies and interests. Since your house is the place where you have a good time, you should create it according to your dream.

Create A Livable Residential Space

Make your home livable with various interior design options that are both creative and functional. Try to prioritise comfort in design, wall colour, lighting, flooring, furniture and other accessories. Keep the objects you love around you, providing a sense of serenity. Most homeowners hire an interior designer to bring a professional touch to the design of their home. Designers will help you functionally divide the space as needed and support the entire design process much faster. Including precious and delicate items for interior decoration is fine, but too much clutter can affect the aesthetics of your interior. You need to make sure your home is comfortable, unique, warm and livable

Add Real Greenery To The Interior.

The outdoor spaces benefit from a green, natural and calm environment that offers a wild beauty. Bringing this natural element indoors can be difficult, but it's worth it. Always try to add plants and flowers to your decor as this helps to improve indoor air quality and naturally balance humidity. Beautiful plants are great inexpensive accessories that bring a room to life by adding color and texture. Letting in natural light and choosing nature-friendly elements will also help to have an area of ​​foliation. Nature has always been an original decoration that provides a fresh and serene environment. Adding greenery inside and outside homes is common today.

Decorate The Interior In Your Way

Home decorating is one of the essential parts of the interior design process. For the decoration of the whole house in your own way, try to draw up a detailed plan. Identify several eye-catching elements and use them accordingly in each room. Be picky about accessories and select the display items you prefer. Accessories should complement the overall design, Interior designers in delhi and should also add aesthetic value according to the personality and tastes of the owner. Accessories can include artwork, pillows, antiques, sculptures, etc. Have fun decorating your home and don't be afraid to try something new.

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13 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

If you've landed on this page, you've surely been lucky enough to have a small kitchen space (aren't we all in India?) and are looking for ways to make it work for you. Well, we can tell you this: you've come to the right place. Because when you scroll down, modular kitchen in gurgaon you'll be guided through the many practical, space-saving ways a small kitchen design can work for you.

While some have been tried and tested, others have been used in the latest kitchen designs by Urban Company's own interior design professionals. So, without wasting time, let's take a look at the small kitchen ideas that you absolutely must try for your Indian apartment.

1. Replace kitchen cabinets with drawers (as far as possible).

install extractable modules inside their cabinets. Reason: Cabinets can't store as many things as drawers or pull-outs. In fact, a lot of space is wasted on top of items stored in a cabinet. On the other hand, all the contents of a drawer are easily visible and accessible. Additionally, 3-4 drawers can fit in single cabinet space, creating a much more organized arrangement.

2. Ensure that the cabinets are smooth, streamlined & modern.

However, if you have to choose cabinets, remember that small kitchen cabinet are one of the most crucial and defining elements of this space. Replacing heavy handles and knobs with slim, sleek pulls, small knobs, or magnetic strips gives your kitchen cabinets a minimalist, modern look, making the room appear larger.

3. Extend cupboards all the way to the ceiling.

Don't waste all that space above your cabinets, it's hard to dust there anyway! Have your contractor extend cabinets to the ceiling or add new cabinets in this area to store additional items. This will draw your eyes upward, giving height to your small kitchen.

4. Create a lot of open shelving.

Open shelves are not only a cheap kitchen idea for small spaces, they also give the illusion of space, open up the walls and make the kitchen feel airier. Closed wall cabinets, on the other hand, can make your small kitchen feel swallowed up and out of space.

5. Incorporate shiny and reflective materials.

As you may have already noticed, the trick is to create an illusion of space. And what works better than glass and mirrors? In the image above, the large glass doors give the impression that the kitchen does not stop there.

You can also incorporate glass into your wood cabinets (above) or opt for metallic finishes like those seen on modern kitchen cabinets (below). You can also install a backsplash using tile or reflective glass.

6. Go all out with a white small kitchen design.

However, be sure to use different shades and textures of color for your small white kitchen. Go for matte, shimmer, and woodsy textures as well as shades like off-white, ivory, cream, eggshell, and even grey! modular kitchen in delhi any design book will tell you that white reflects light, making your small kitchen look more open.

7. Adhere to a single palette or similar hues.

Your safest bet is to incorporate shades from a color family for an even, expansive look without the clutter. However, if you would like to experiment with more colors, stick to only 2 or 3 variations for your small kitchen. Your best option is to have a neutral background with brighter colors thrown in doses on appliances, cabinet handles, and even a backsplash.

8. Opt for an open design or layout.

An open kitchen design is ideal for a small area. A kitchen that flows into the adjoining room naturally doesn't feel cramped at all! Choose a single-wall (top) or L-shaped (bottom) kitchen layout for best results.

9. Include a dining corner & bar.

If the whole space in your home is small and it's just not your kitchen, you can ditch a separate dining space and incorporate one into your own kitchen. How? 'Or' What? The easiest way is to simply add two stools or chairs to the peninsula (the half-wall that separates the kitchen from the living room) or the bar. You can also add an extra level to your kitchen peninsula so that one side can be used for dining or as a bar, while the other lower side can be used for meal prep. Simply adding a table or bench at one end of the kitchen with some sleek, lightweight chairs will also suffice!

10. Create a smart kitchen.

This means three things. Have as few appliances as possible to make room. To do this, opt for dual-purpose or multipurpose appliances, such as a microwave oven. Make them recessed as much as you can, so they don't take up space on the counter. You will thank your stars every day.

11. Let in an ample amount of light.

If you're remodeling a closed kitchen, see if you can incorporate a window that faces the outside and lets in lots of light. You can skip some extra storage space, but at least your kitchen won't feel claustrophobic.

12. Go creative with storage options.

Maximize storage in your small kitchen. Opt for pot racks, cutlery hooks and magnetic knife holders.Install drawers at the end of your kitchen peninsula if you have one, place storage baskets on the open side of your wall cabinets, or simply add shelving above the sink if there's space. Optimize, optimize, optimize!

13. Infuse life through plants.

Finally, here's a simple little kitchen idea you can work on right away: Decorate your space with houseplants and potted herbs.modular kitchen in noida Even in the dullest of kitchens, small doses of green instantly add freshness, color, and life.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Sliding Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas For 2022 


Sliding door wardrobes are one of those decorative options that can provide considerable added value, both in terms of functionality and style.modular wardrobe design Since these doors slide on channels, they don't need space to open like hinged doors, making them an ideal storage solution for small bedrooms and rooms or hallways with space. limit. Additionally, with the range of materials, finishes and designs in which sliding doors are available or can be designed, the aesthetic features of furniture are virtually limitless. Read our guide to sliding wardrobe design ideas in 2022 to make the right choice for your furniture. And who knows where the decision will take you?

The Understated Elegance Of Glass

Sliding glass closet doors have something to brag about in the decorating world. Its clean, classic finish whispers elegance and instantly adds understated elegance, as seen in this bedroom's walk-in closet. Consider how the interiors of the wardrobe are organized: for practicality and style, since the contents are in full view. Glass has the added benefit of magically expanding a space, making it appear open and larger. Our vote goes without a doubt to the sliding glass doors for their incomparable class!

When Frosting Is Not Just For Cupcakes

If you love the freshness and elegance that glass brings, but don't want to expose your (perhaps messy) closet contents for the world to see, explore the wonders of frosted glass. This room in a converted warehouse needed two things; a storage solution for a small space and an added touch of modernity. Both are achieved by frosted glass sliding doors. The wardrobe fits in the limited space between your bed and the wall. Additionally, the frosted glass blends well with the exposed brick, giving a modern look.

Creating Magic With Mirrors On Your Sliding Doors Wardrobe

Sorcerers have used smoke and mirrors for centuries to cast their spells and weave their webs of illusion. You can do the same by using a mirror for your sliding door wardrobe design. Mirrors reflect the room, making it appear much larger than it is. They also add a lot of glamour, as seen in this sophisticated dance-themed room. A Murphy bed with a sofa insert fits into the closet, and the entire room is decorated in grey, white and black, with shades of metal and glass beautifully reflected in the mirrored sliding door closets. Black and white are timeless and remain in the interior design forecast for 2022, while opting for metallic notes.

Playful Combinations That Create Impact

You don't have to go to the trouble of installing mirrors on every panel or door in your walk-in closet. In this design, the mirror is cleverly integrated into the cabinet with a single mirrored panel. The striped pattern seen in this piece is reversed and copied on another wooden sliding closet door, creating a cohesive and interesting effect. The white and pink striped pattern is also present on the additional sliding door that hides the TV and on the headboard behind the bed. Plus, the particular shade of blush or millennial pink is perfectly in tune with 2022 design trends, making it a great choice for your sliding door closet design!

Stay With The Theme

Themed rooms can be a delight to design interiors. Treat the sliding closet door as a canvas to work with and create an element of unexpected surprise. This themed room does justice to the decoration dreams of its football-mad occupant. modular wardrobe design Its sliding closet doors are designed in such a way that when closed they have the familiar football pattern, called a truncated icosahedron. The lines of the pattern continue into the upper loft and the football decoration extends to other parts of the room.

Stretch It Out Wall To Wall

Do you need a lot of storage space? Got a bedroom wall to spare? Install a wall of cabinets that spans the entire room. Here, the cabinet wall has sliding doors finished in two different ways: a dark brown laminate and a rich brown wood grain. These complement each other and break the monotony of the space. Large metal handles reflect 2022 design trends and further accentuate the finish adding accents to the style. Raised lofts with hinged doors provide additional storage space, making any hoarder's dream come true.

Telling Tales In Geometry On Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Geometric patterns are very present in 2022 and this bedroom is pretty much on point. With its patterned wallpaper, wardrobe-like sliding doors and geometric bedspread, it's a study in Geometry! Modern sliding wardrobe doors save you from being too busy. While the rest of the room is filled with geometric patterns, the white blocks of the sliding closet doors provide resting space for the eyes, bringing a soothing effect to the bedroom. The blooming petals of a flower have been highlighted by mirror installations on the two sliding doors of the wardrobe. The overall look is cheerful and modern as well as relaxing.

Help Your Teen Play It Cool

There's nothing a teenager wants more than to be "cool," and you can help them achieve that in their bedroom with smart interior design choices. This small and cramped room has been enhanced by the choice of furniture and furnishings. The dimensions of the room make hinged cabinet doors impossible. The storage dilemma has been solved with a sliding door closet design. Additional storage has been added in the form of open shelving flanking the closet. A reflective false ceiling adds more height to the room. Cool mint green done in a block on the sliding modular wardrobe design makes an otherwise bland room look fresh and chic. Plus, green is all the rage in 2022, making it a perfect choice for a teenager's bedroom.

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4 Easy, Stunning & Tested Decor Ideas for Rental Apartments | Interior Designers In Gurgaon


#1: Do Up Your Bare Walls With Stunning Wallpapers

Most rental homes are painted in dull, boring colors that add no character. And considering that permanent changes are not allowed in a rental apartment,  Interior designers in gurgaon tenants feel they have no choice but to live with the hand that has been extended to them. This is where wallpapers come in. Wallpapers are a simple and economical way to create eye-catching walls without making permanent changes. Michelle's home features stunning yet minimalist wallpaper designs in the bedroom and living room, enhancing the look of the space. Plus, wallpapers are available at very low prices, ensuring you don't go over your design budget.

#2: Paint Your Old Furniture to Match the Existing Ones in Your Rental Home

Most rental homes, even unfurnished ones, come with furnishings like wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Therefore, when furnishing your rental apartment, you need to make sure that you buy furniture that matches the existing furniture in the house. The problem arises when you already have furniture that does not match the decoration of your rented apartment. In such a case, paint your furniture so that it blends in well with those that already exist in the house. Michelle's 4BHK children's room, for example, already had a white wardrobe. Keeping this as a focal point, Pallavi, our designer, decorated the rest of the room with a white PU finish to ensure everything blends seamlessly.

#3: Glam Up the Space With Statement Pieces and Plants

Now that the walls and furniture are in order, it's time to decorate your rental apartment. Drilling holes in the walls to hang decorations is usually a big no-no, especially if you have a strict landlord or lady. Also, most of us don't like to spend too much on decorations when we rent. If you look at Michelle's house, you'll see that there aren't too many decorative elements. Instead, a few statement pieces spruce up the space. Whether it's a side chair or a stunning piece of art, quality over quantity is the route you want to take when decorating your rental home. Apart from that, you can also use plants to add freshness and greenery. Even if you don't have a balcony, place houseplants near windows and other places that receive indirect sunlight.

#4: Try to Achieve Both Aesthetics and Functionality

When you buy your own home, you usually ask your designer to make the house as functional as possible while still looking good. In a rental apartment, on the other hand, you think you have to make do with what you get. But that's not really the case at all! Michelle's 4BHK rental is not only impressive but also very functional. For example, since she and her family love to host parties, they needed a separate living room into a family space and a more formal space for guests. Interior designers in delhi Pallavi used an open and closed L-shaped metal framed shelf, which provided display and storage space, as a partition. Also, to open up the narrow space, he placed huge mirrors on the walls. Likewise, in the casual living room, she added a mirrored bar that expands the space.

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7 Design Secrets For A Kitchen That Will Always Stay Clean | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

Some of us can live with a few grease stains in our kitchen or the occasional curry spill. And then there are those who need a spotless kitchen 24/7. It's one thing to clean the kitchen regularly and another to keep it clean all the time. So we channeled our inner Monica (from Friends) and wow! modular kitchen in gurgaon We've discovered that the secret to a clean kitchen that stays clean is to design it right.

How to design an easy to clean kitchen

So if you want to keep those OCD attacks at bay by having a clean kitchen at all times, here's what to consider during the design phase.

#1: Opt for acrylic/high-gloss laminate finishes

Glossy finishes are easier to clean than matte finishes, making kitchen maintenance much easier. You have to be careful when cleaning a matte finish because you could end up ruining it. But for rhinestones, especially acrylics, it's a clean sweep. So, if you are a stickler for cleanliness, a great clean kitchen design option is high gloss finishes.

#2: Plenty of storage frees up space on the countertop

A clean kitchen design also depends on the amount of "stuff" lying around. These things are usually miscellaneous items like jars and containers that take up counter space. And they get left behind because you don't have dedicated storage space for them. Therefore, enough storage space for all your kitchen items would eliminate this problem.

#3: Include a roller shutter unit for appliances

Along the same lines, appliances such as the blender, grinder, or toaster that are used regularly are often not put away every day. This is mainly because you can't get them out of wall cabinets or lofts; you need it all the time. modular kitchen in delhi The easiest way to overcome this problem and have a clean kitchen is to opt for a tambour unit with a roller shutter that will accommodate these useful appliances and also ensure their accessibility.

#4: Task lighting throughout makes the kitchen look cleaner

Wondering how to keep your kitchen clean so you always see it sparkling clean? Kitchens that have optimal lighting appear cleaner simply because of visibility. Task lighting is most helpful in this regard as it focuses on your work areas. Also, you can only clean everything down to the last spot if you can see it.

#5: Have a seamless backsplash with no grout lines

It's official: grout lines are definitely one of the hardest areas to clean in any space. So instead of breaking your back, get rid of them for a clean kitchen. Seamless backsplashes are all the rage, so ditch the tile and opt for back-painted stone or glass backsplashes without feeling guilty. They are so much easier to clean!

#6: Keep open shelves to a bare minimum

It's a fact that open shelves increase accessibility in your kitchen, but they also increase work. An easy solution to keep your kitchen clean is to opt for closed storage. Because unlike these, open shelves need cleaning every few days (if you're tidy) or twice a day (if you're Monica). If you want to have a clean kitchen all the time, it is best to opt for minimal open shelving or no open shelving at all. After all, you will not only have to clean the shelves but also what you keep there.

#7: A strong chimney keeps grime away  

You must have noticed that even when you exercise the utmost care, don't spill anything, and keep everything in its place, the kitchen still gets messy over time. modular kitchen in noida That's because the oil and fumes combine to form a stubborn layer of grime on cabinets and countertops. A strong smoke-absorbing chimney will give you a longer dirt-cleaning window as well as a clean kitchen design.

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4 Storage Problems and Modular Wardrobe Design Accessories That Will Help You Solve Them

The world is divided into people who live to shop and people who shop to live. If you belong to the second category, good for you! But let me address my fellow shopaholics first, as they always struggle to make room for their clothes and accessories. modular wardrobe design You need a strong and spacious closet to accommodate your ever-changing "closet". But, the locker room (which houses the “dressing room”) is often overlooked. In fact, space alone is not enough; is optimizing it just as important? We say a modern wardrobe design should come with all the essentials to make organization an effortless task.

So before we dive into these wardrobe essentials, let's take a look at the 2021 wardrobe trends.

Modern Wardrobe Design Trends 2021

Here are the latest wardrobe design trends for 2021:

  • Modern retro is in! Wood textures combined with antique handles and contemporary colors will gain popularity this year.
  • Japandi, a blend of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian style, is a rising trend in almirah designs. Heavily textured cabinets that act as a focal point in a minimalist bedroom punctuate this look.
  • Bohemian is another popular style in 2021. Bohemian cabinets feature geometric and abstract patterns and artistic colors.

Modern Wardrobe Design Must-haves

Here are the almirah essentials your modern wardrobe design must have to ensure your almirah and bedroom stay organized and clutter-free:

#1: For Clothing

Storage problem: too many clothes, not enough space

Your clothes take up most of your wardrobe. Your mother is probably yelling at you every day for buying so many clothes when there's no room in your almirah!

Solution: Wicker hangers and baskets

Hangers can give you that extra vertical space when that pile of folded clothes falls down every time you open your closet. In addition to hangers, also invest in removable wicker baskets for your interiors and other small items.

#2: For Accessories

Storage problem: no place to store accessories without losing them

Not all of us have room in our bedroom for a separate accessory cabinet. We have to make do with our existing cabinets. So how do you keep your accessories from getting lost in the mass of clothes you've accumulated over the years?

Solution: Basket Drawers and Metal Organizer Drawers

A modern closet design must necessarily have a metal basket drawer and an organizer drawer. This keeps small accessories like sunglasses, cufflinks, ties, jewelry, etc. in an organized way.

#3: Wardrobe Lofts

Problema de almacenamiento: Necesidad de un espacio para almacenar artículos grandes como equipaje y cosas pesadas que rara vez se usan, como mantas y pritas de lana.

Una idea de diseño important que siempre debe tener en cuenta es que los elements que se usan con poca frecuencia no deben ocupar el espacio al que accede todos los días. In otras palabras, las cosas como maletas, mantas, etc. deben guardarse para usarse solo cuando sea necesario.

Solution: Lofts

Cualquier diseño de vestuario más reciente tendrá un desván con él. Los lofts son armarios de almacenamiento installed in the upper part of your armario. Estos aseguran que no desperdicies el espacio vertical. Los lofts son la solution de almacenamiento perfecta para casas compactas.

#4: For Shoes

Storage problem: there is no place to store ceremonial and party shoes that are not used very often

When you live in a small house, adding extra furniture is never a good idea. Now, when it comes to your shoes, you can keep your everyday chappals out of your house. But what about those fancy party shoes? Where do you store them if you don't have a shoe rack?

Solution: shoe racks in wardrobes

The bottom of your modular wardrobe design is rarely worn because you hate bending over? This is the best place to add shoe racks and store your precious designer shoes! Plus, you can easily put on your cute shoes without having to bend over.

Are you looking for Simple Two Colour Combination For Living Room Work Best: Here’s Why Get by Yourhomz


Simple Two Colour Combination For Living Room Work Best: Here’s Why 

The color you choose for your home is like food for your palette; it's a deeply personal choice and part of it is an acquired taste. Interior designers in gurgaon this is especially relevant when it comes to living rooms, as this is the space most families use to entertain their guests. While some people prefer living rooms without any color, others prefer a mix of different palettes. But if designers are to be believed, they say that a two-color combination for the living room works best.

As they say, the best things in life come in pairs. So, let's see how to get the most out of the combination of two colors for living room designs.

# 1: Going for a Minimal Look? Try Mesmerising Monochromes 

Never underestimate the power of monochromes. A monochrome palette is simply executed in black and white or a single color in different tones and shades. As simple as they look, their power to take over a room should not be underestimated. You can use this type of two color combination for living room design in different shades to add texture to your walls and floors.

Notice the zebra striped accent chair; the mix of black and white in addition to the checkered carpet brings both continuity and variety. However, if you are using accent furniture to dress up your space, be sure to opt for a subtle color scheme in the living room rather than bold walls.

#2:  For a Bold Highlight, Add an Accent Wall

Here's what we have to say: a single color wall can do wonders in your bedroom. This is especially true if you want to try a two-tone combination for your living room walls. Moreover, an accent wall is quite easy to make and also very affordable.

In fact, you can also do it yourself if you like DIY projects! Accent walls not only add a bit of drama to your space, but they also help you experiment with your interior color palette. If you see the example here, the contrast of the white Chesterfield sofa against the royal blue background is definitely the statement of the room.

#3: Need a Pop of Colour to Spice Up Your Interiors? ColourPop Furniture is for You 

Well, a little drama never hurt anyone. And that's exactly what some pop color furniture can add to the room. Adding a contrast color to a monochromatic room is the perfect spice combination for all things nice.

The blue sofa breathes fresh air into this pretty white bedroom. Add geometric patterned cushions and your two-tone living room is ready to entertain.

#4: Try a Fun Two Colour Combination for Hall Walls

Do you like two colors of paint but you don't know which one to choose? Well, why not choose them both? And voila, as simple as that, you now have an eye-catching wall in your living room with two colors. Keep in mind that you don't need to divide your room exactly down the middle, but try to add character to your living room.

We suggest using popular options like earth tones or cool pastels as a two-color combination for hallway walls because they complement each other so well. You can also place a contrasting piece of furniture or a flower pot for the perfect Instagram-worthy background.

#5: What You Cannot Achieve with Paint, You Can Get with Wallpapers

One of the best ways to inject personality into your living room is to add wallpaper. You can be as bold and artistic as you want by adding prints, colors and geometric patterns. They also make the perfect backdrop for your living room decor, whatever your aesthetic.

In the image above, gold metallic lines tastefully break up the gray wall into jagged geometric blocks. Also notice how the white sofa (with metal base) stands out against this wall. It's another easy way to get the look of two-tone living room walls at the cost of custom wallpaper.

#6: Bring Some Warmth into the Mix with Contrasting Soft Furnishings

If you like the idea of ​​a two-color scheme for your living room walls but don't have the freedom to paint your interiors, we have the perfect solution for you! Instead, you can simply add pops of color with upholstery. From colorful curtains to throw pillows, you can be as innovative as you want to brighten up your living room.

It also gives you the opportunity to periodically change the color scheme of your interior from time to time. To give more pep to your two-tone living room, add a matching rug, a few paintings on the walls and a few quirky curiosities on your coffee table.

#7: Add a Pop of Pastel Across White Interiors

Oh, the Pastel interiors give your room an antique and sophisticated look, making it a charming choice for many homes. Adding white tones to your creamy pastels will further enhance the color scheme of your room.

Here, the salmon-colored Chesterfield sofa brings these dark gray walls to life. If you like subtle yet vibrant colors, this is the two-tone combination to go for in the living room.

#8: Embrace Opulence with Jewel Tones and Metallic Tints

A smart way to introduce luxury into your home is to combine jewel tones with metallic tones. Notice how the backdrops have been muted to enhance the topaz blue and gold velvet accents in the living room image above.

By using jewel tones, you can beautifully complement luxurious decors with neutral to white or ecru background colors.

#9: Experiment with Rustic Wooden Tones and Solid Colours

Whenever you want to add a touch of warmth and comfort to your home, we suggest choosing wood tones. Interior designers in delhi wood and earth finishes have the ability to add a rich feel to your room. And what better way to contrast it than with solid colors.

Imperial Blue and walnut brown go together to give this piece the ultimate modern touch. So, any contemporary homeowners who need a subtle two-color combination for the living room, take note.

#10: Colour Blocking — A Palette Choice for the Ages

If you thought using contrasting colors could dramatically change your living room, you were right. The technique of using diametrically opposed colors for living room walls and furniture is called color blocking.

This design concept is mainly used to separate walls or even combine them with your furniture to juxtapose this difference. Here, the textured gray stone wall effectively contrasts the white wall with flattering furniture.

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5 Colour Combination Trends for 2022 | Best Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

Seasons come, seasons go; trends also change with the seasons. Just as a fashion store window would show the hottest colors of the season, our magazine is a showcase that features the trends you can expect to see in homes over the coming year. modular kitchen in gurgaon since most homeowners spend their maximum interior budget on kitchens and cabinets, the varieties of kitchen color combinations are at the top of our trend forecast.

So what are the colors that will set the tone for 2022? Our design and product teams have poured their hearts into the 5 best kitchen color combinations that are destined to become must-haves next year. And here they are:

#1: Blue + White with Highlights

This year, it's about reflecting happiness and well-being in interiors. And what better colors than blues and greens to express those feelings. So let's start with blue which makes it the best modular kitchen color because of its versatility. This color is often used in combination with white. This kitchen color scheme is popular because it manages to create a bright and soothing energy in interiors.

How to use it?

Well, there are two ways to create this modular kitchen color scheme. The former encourages lighter shades of blue with a glossy finish paired with stainless steel handles for a cheery look. On the other hand, you can use richer blue tones with a matte finish and dark/black accents for a more elegant color palette for the kitchen.

#2: Green + White

Green evokes so many emotions such as abundance, security and peace. And associated with whites, greens offer us many successful combinations for the colors of modular kitchens. Although a kitchen color palette with deeper greens is preferred over a palette with lighter shades in 2022, both require smart design for successful results.

How to use it?

The best kitchen color scheme with green has two different color and texture schemes. Lighter greens work best with white/gray countertops and cabinetry. And richer tones will benefit from using other natural textures like stone and wood with white. Creative splashes of color are more than welcome to add interest to these kitchen color schemes.

#3: Black + Metallic Accents

Most of us have realized the benefit of having a kitchen that is easy to maintain and doesn't require too much cleaning. modular kitchen in delhi and since many of us still work from home most of the time, dark colors in the kitchen make more sense. Although black is an elegant color, it needs a dose of metallic accents to enhance it. Therefore, black with metallic accents, especially bronze, will be a popular kitchen color combination in 2022.

How to use it?

For this kitchen color scheme, use metal handles on black/dark cabinets and add lots of other matching metal furniture. In addition, black literally absorbs light, so go for other lighter modular kitchen colors.

#4: Pastels + Pop of Texture

Pastels are a family of colors that never go out of style. This year will be no exception, so it's no surprise that pastels are part of this next kitchen color palette. However, the trend this time will be to associate pastels with plain textures in monochrome or with earthy textures.

How to use it?

Opt for soft pastel cabinetry and add depth with a backsplash made up of textured terracotta tiles or traditional patterned tiles. Be sure to create a good color balance for the kitchen. The effect is quite dramatic without being loud with this kitchen color scheme.

#5: Timeless White Kitchens

White is the most flexible color and can work wonders in your interiors. A kitchen color palette with white is also adaptable and easily transformable. modular kitchen in noida wood is also becoming an essential element to save the timelessness of all-white kitchens and will be one of the most used elements in kitchens in 2022.

How to use it?

Modular kitchen color combinations with white can be accentuated with dark colors as well as wood textures. Alternatively, you can use light pastels as secondary colors with natural textures in white kitchens.

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Modular Wardrobes Design – Maximize Your Storage

The closet or wardrobe is the science and art of enhancing storage space for clothes. In the modern modular wardrobe design  you will find shelving space for hanging, slide shelves and drawers.

In the modern age, interiors are an integral component of any family that wants to remodel or purchase a new house. These days, families want nice decorations for their bedrooms and living room, where they require an efficient storage system such as foldable shelves as well as a wardrobe section for clothes storage and laundry room in their closets that are modular.

Additionally, households today are looking for a greater feeling of living space in their homes as well as bedrooms, which requires that cabinets are minimalist in their design. This implies that they require less space, yet do not degrade the storage.

To meet the needs of this market to meet the new demands of this market, the market provides the idea of modular wardrobes that are created and designed to meet the style of decoration in the space of the user. It doesn't matter if it's a lavish room or a children's bedroom. Modern designs and accessories are employed, creating a smooth transition and improving storage.

Why is there a need for MODULAR CABINETS IN OUR WORLD?


Our wardrobe or wardrobe, with hinged doors or various sliding hardware, is coupled with different interior elements such as a suit drawer laundry basket organizers and various compartments specifically designed to be used by Indian households. A typical Indian house can be able to accommodate your clothing and other belongings by providing the ideal storage solution, with internal features, and useful accessories.

MODULAR CABINETS FIT your interior design and can be better:

The advent of the Internet phone, cellular phones, and social networks has transformed the concept of the way of living. Not only has the way we live our living changed and the pace of urbanization also has increased and the cozy environment and appearance.

Our wardrobe or wardrobe is a blend of comfort and style, effortlessly blending into the style and decor of the room. Furthermore it is said that for everything that is associated with the wardrobe is essential that it is aesthetically pleasing, functionally correct and aesthetically pleasing.

MODULAR CABINETS are offered in various finishes and types of accessories

Simple and clean lines gentle lines, natural decors and colors are the hallmarks of modular wardrobes. They are able to adapt to the changing demands for designs that appear natural and stylish. A few other beautiful details include:

  • Doors with handles made of aluminum or steel
  • Door with no handle, in different designs
  • Doors that slide with different combinations

This creates an authentic appearance with a feeling of well-being, and technological advancement and innovation create a the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

With various finishes and ranges that we can design an entirely different approach to provide a custom solution that is tailored to each individual's requirements in terms of function and style. The various finishes that are available for cabinets include:

Doors made of PU with glossy or matte finishes

Acrylic cabinets

Laminated finish, with various options of finishes, such as matte glossy and textured.


Modular cabinets offer ample space for efficient use of space as well as its beauty. It's a complicated and difficult job to ensure that the room doesn't appear sombre or cluttered and that the component isn't incorporated or repeated to fill up the space.

There are a variety of options with which we can create beautiful, visually appealing and practical cabinets. We also want to create something elegant and practical with the space we have defined.

There are many alternatives to this such as:

Utilization of various organizers and materials.

Possibility of creating space to accommodate various segments, like the women's and men's sections or the decorator section The trouser rack, belt racks, tie rack or ironing board.

The use of various shades and finishes by mixing and mix and.

Consider the impact of different designs from an objective and subjective viewpoint.

We can create an amazing design out of a standard concept by utilizing the spatial distribution, various accessories , and the best use of space depending on the preferences of the client. A chance of having distinct color patterns can elevate your idea of costume design to a new level in the hierarchy.

In the end it is possible to  modular wardrobe design highly personal wardrobes with an array of design options, various designs and clever utilization of space. It's more attractive unique and distinctive and gives you a better sense of harmony and space.

 Are you looking for 6 Modern Design Styles and How to Use Them: Interior Designers in Gurgaon Get by Yourhomz 

6 Modern Design Styles and How to Use Them: Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Mid-Century Modern

What is it: The mid-century style developed at the beginning to the latter half of 20th Century, and was centered around simple, elegant and functional furnishings. Interior designers in Gurgaon This style is extremely popular in recent times because it provides a stylish and clean style that is accessible to everyone. Modern mid-century home design can be a perfect fit for clean and tidy living.

Use it in the right way The key is to match your decor and keep it minimalist and practical. Utilize solid colors or striking patterns with neutral backgrounds. Choose furniture with upholstered upholstery with organic soft designs (think eggs or bulbous shapes).

Eclectic Chic

What exactly is it? Eclectic design is about understanding what rules are and going against them. It is a style that blends patterns, trends patterns, colors, and textures all in one place. A slick and eclectic style of home decor is more about your heart than your head, and is a great fit to a fun and relaxed lifestyle.

What to wear Mix and match designs, styles colours, patterns, and styles. Pick a common piece to help tie your spaces to one, i.e. an unifying color, pattern, or material. Decorate your room in layers, putting the largest pieces first, to create the foundation. After that, you can add smaller pieces, artwork, pillows and ornaments.

Modern Industrial

What exactly is it? Modern Industrial is about evoking the personality of the space. The focus is on the architectural aspects of the space rather than the design of furniture. Industrial Chic design is a perfect fit for an uncluttered style of living that protects the history of the area.

How to apply it: Create your color scheme using natural materials that are not finished, such as brick, wood, and metal. If you can, use high ceilings as well as lower hanging lighting. Utilize natural materials that are exposed to enhance the space in lieu of furnishings. Pattern and color should be only used in conjunction with functional, modern furniture.

Transitional (Modern Traditional)

What exactly is it? Transitional design draws elements from contemporary and traditional designs to create a balance of comfort and style. This type of design for interiors is about creating balance between the heavy, elaborate items and clean, contemporary pieces.

What to do with the idea: Bring a feeling of balance within your space by combining modern components with classic furniture i.e. metal and glass furniture that has soft tufted furniture. Utilize soft pastel colors to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Utilize bold geometric patterns for contemporary style or natural floral designs to create a more relaxing touch.

Modern Farmhouse

What is it: Modern Farmhouse combines a cozy farmhouse look with the sleek lines of modern design. This style provides the appearance of a warm and cozy farmhouse, without extravagant patterns or ornaments. Modern Farmhouse style can be a perfect fit for a more relaxed lifestyle that is focused on friends and family.

What to do with it: Make use of natural materials and neutral colors to create a welcoming and open space. Modern furniture is layered with simple, clean lines. The patterns and colors must be natural that are inspired by the nature. Think blues and greens. Mix and match contemporary art with salvaged or found objects that you have in your home.


What is Scandinavian-style interiors that emphasize simplicity and efficiency? Use a white or pastel hues that evoke nature. Pick furniture that has simple lines.

How to apply: Begin by clearing out clutter by creating an uncluttered backdrop to your room. Use organic textures, tones and natural materials along with natural-inspired patterns and hues. Select furniture that has simple shapes as well as soft curves.

The most effective decorating and interior design tips I can give you is to learn the rules, and then discover ways to violate them. Interior designers in delhi Take these styles as guidelines to determine your own style and let your personality shine within your home! Once you have a clear idea of the style you prefer and style, you can use the style as a reference point and later modify it to create a comfortable home.

 Are you looking for Kitchen Renovation Ideas – 8 Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen Under Budget | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon Get by Yourhomz 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas – 8 Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen Under Budget | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

You need to think about remodeling your kitchen, but at the same time, you don't have many ideas to do it within your budget. Well, to your surprise, there are many ideas that can help you rebuild your kitchen. modular kitchen in gurgaon although there are many ways to do this if you are looking for small kitchen remodels or big kitchen design ideas to rebuild your home kitchen space.

If you are seriously considering remodeling your kitchen, you must check out the kitchen remodel ideas mentioned below to have a beautiful kitchen within your budget. The following tips are divided into three main categories: fixes, materials, and labor. Here are the tips:

Renovation tips #1: Plan your project

Plan your project: The most important principle for saving money on a kitchen remodel is to take as long as necessary. Give yourself half a month, or even a few months, in case you organize a major overhaul. Consider making plans for various plans, estimating the cost of different alternatives, and seeking advice from contract workers. Having a reasonable arrangement will help you avoid configuration changes along the way, which can increase the overall cost. The problem of poor planning is particularly evident when it comes to kitchen renovations. Whether or not you need to move things around, consider before including a lot of kitchen additions.

Renovation tips #2: Compare prices

Shop around: If you find something you really like, a beautiful tile or an ideal fixture, it's tempting to grab it and cross it off your list, no matter the price. However, it's worth the extra effort to check if you can figure out what you need most.

Renovation tips #3: Thrift store

Thrift Store: You can find tiles, cabinets, fixtures, lighting fixtures, sinks, and machinery, all at discounted prices. Before buying, you should check these used products carefully to make sure they are in good condition, but if you are lucky, you can meet a lot of your redesign needs at a low cost of detail.

Renovation tips #4: Mix it up

Mix it up: These days it's trendy for kitchens to use a combination of different finishes. This means that if there is a premium material that you like, you can just use a small pinch of it as a highlight and go cheaper elsewhere. modular kitchen in delhi For example, you can use original glass doors on your upper cabinets and opt for an increasingly basic plan for your lower cabinets.

Renovation tips #5: Save money on labor

Save Money on Labor: Part of the business you can probably do without anyone else is disposal. Removing cabinets and flooring is much easier than installing new ones, and you don't need to worry about advice from a contract worker to hit a big hammer. For jobs that require professional advice, the ideal replacement approach is to find a decent temp who will take on the responsibility directly at a reasonable cost. Put aside the effort of getting different statements on each activity (plumbing, wiring, etc.) and make sure you have all the knowledge about what is attributable to the cost. Likewise, make sure contract workers hand over copies of their licenses, salary, and hazard protection, so you know they have experience.

Renovation Tip #6: Go for Panel-Ready Appliances

Go for plug-and-play appliances: Plug-and-play appliances have a big impact in the kitchen. These devices are readily available as they are offered by many appliance companies. Moreover, ready-made appliances are available in different budgets and colors to make your kitchen more beautiful.

Renovation tips #7: Save money on specific items

Save money on specific elements: In any case, you can also have a major effect with simple changes, for example, adding another backsplash or changing the lighting. So there are plenty of ways to save money on each of these upgrades, in all shapes and sizes.

Don't replace everything. First, consider whether you can work with your old machine. If they are manageable, there is no reason to throw them away.

Renovation tips #8: Pay for quality, not style

Pay for quality, not style: When it comes to braces, you usually don't get what you pay for. According to Consumer Reports, this shows that expensive professional-style machines don't perform like high-end models from heavily advertised brands. For best execution, rely on free font surveys rather than the name brand.

Doing a kitchen reform in stages has a few points of interest. For starters, it gives you more opportunities to set aside money for each phase of the task. Second, it allows you to break work down into manageable chunks, rather than having it take over your life for a considerable period of time modular kitchen in noida. Finally, it allows you to live with every little change and feel how it works, making you show signs of improvement by thinking about what you would rather do right away.

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5 Contemporary Built-In Modular Wardrobe Design For Any Home

Are you in search of an modular wardrobe design which is stylish and practical? We know the significance of having the correct kind of modular closet that is able to be able to store anything from small clothes to large suitcases.

If your bedroom is that is designed with perfection It is only appropriate to complete it with a stylish wardrobe.

Here are five your home modular closet concepts that are so amazing that they will blow your mind each time you utilize them.

Wardrobe style #1: Mirror the mirror is on your door

A chic wardrobe such as this one with mirrored sliding doors will surely be an attractive accessory to your bedroom. It is finished in warm oak tones and features two sliding doors with mirrors This big closet is fashionable and practical.

The greatest part? Mirrored doors let so much lighting to be bounce around that your bedroom will look larger than it actually is.

Wardrobe design #2: Grey matter

A glossy gray look adds a touch of elegance to this minimalist piece of furniture in an elegant manner. The built-in vanity is the star of this closet, which is perfect for spaces that are in short supply. The mirrored and creek light shutter adds to the glamour that this closet.

There are lofts everywhere which will save us from having to search for an area for large luggage as well as an outfit change.

Wardrobe design #3: All-in-one beauty

Modular wardrobes that create an impressive statement with its design is an ideal choice for modern interiors. We like the frosted glass, which creates the visual appeal, while also providing an opportunity to see souvenirs and collectibles. This is a one-stop solution that promises to keep all your treasured items stylish.

Wardrobe design #4: Folding shutters

If the thought of hinged or sliding doors makes you feel bored Folding doors are a great choice for cabinetry that isn't taking up much area. This modern white cabinet makes sure that the space doesn't feel restricted. In contrast, neutral colors radiate to space.

Wardrobe Design #5: A lavish walk-in

We're in love with the modular design of this walk-in closet that resembles something you would see in the pages of magazines or Hollywood films. If your bedroom is sufficient to fit the walk-in closet, we can guarantee perfect beauty.

The sleek stainless steel handles that are placed on sparkling cabinet shutters showcase a stylish quantity. This dressing room has no space for problems with space.

We all require modular wardrobe design. For who would want to go without suitcases? If you're in search of the best built-in solutions to your home, make sure you head into the section for modular cabinets since they're not just gorgeous pieces made of engineered wood, but they're very practical and made to be simple. use.

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How Much Will be the Per sq. ft. Cost of Painting Your House in 2022? Interior Designer in Gurgaon

The majority of families complete their interiors after moving into a new house. They do not alter it until there is a pressing requirement to renew.  Interior designers in gurgaon  However painting is an activity which should be completed every two years. The painting will not only give your home an attractive new appearance but also aids in maintaining the walls of your house. Because of this, everybody is bound to want to learn the price of painting a house for each square foot of space in India by 2022.

Because of the complexity of painting homeowners are prone to making mistakes when choosing the right paint, methods of application, and, perhaps most important what vendor they choose to complete this important task. This is a step-by-step guide to the various options available and the cost required and how each of these influences influences the price of paint per square foot so that you're on the right track to a budget.

Within this post, you'll find:

  • Cost of exterior and interior painting a home
  • Cost of brand new paint in comparison to. paint
  • The prices of the various types of paints offered
  • Cost of labor
  • Price of putty

Cost of Painting a Home for each square foot India 1. Interior vs Exterior

What is the type of surface that needs will be painted? This is the primary issue to answer when calculating the price of painting a house for each square foot of India. The cost of painting the exterior of an apartment is lower than the expense of painting the inside. But, the painting process can be a bit tedious since you might have to employ scaffolding or an incline pulley system. Our service professionals suggest that you apply additional coats of paint as well as an extensive sanding and leveling process are necessary for exteriors as they are more likely to weather.

Paint Cost for Interiors: Starting at 12 to 35 Rs per sq. ft.

Paint Cost for Exteriors: Starting at the price of Rs13 per sq. feet. plus labor costs

The cost of paint per square foot 2 Fresh vs. Repainting

The condition of the walls is the second element to be considered in determining the price for painting per square foot in India. A fresh coat of paint needs two coats of filler primer, and at minimum, 2-3 layers of paint. To repaint, you require filler as well as a touch-up primer that is one or two coats of paint. The wall pun is suggested for top-quality (deluxe) paints because it improves the look by covering the irregularities on the walls. Naturally, the price of painting a home per square foot using fresh paint is much more costly than repainting the home.

The cost of fresh painting: Starting at the range of Rs20 to Rs38 for each sq. ft.

Repainting cost: from between Rs12 and Rs28 per sq. ft.

Cost of painting a house Per Square Feet India #3: The type of Paint

The type of paint that is used is the primary aspect that determines the cost of paint for each square foot. There is a clear difference in the cost of various kinds of paints. Tempera paints with water-soluble chemistry are the most affordable and long-lasting; they also have an unpleasant smell.

Emulsion paints may be oil-based or water-based. They are the most popular type of painting today. They are also long-lasting and are often washable. A few of them also possesses anti-fungal and anti-mold properties.

In fact, the price of an emulsion paint can vary depending on the various types of finishes, including matte or gloss, pearl, and more. The price per square foot of texture paint is the most expensive of all. It is typically used to create accent walls. They require special preparation of the base tools, as well as additional work to create the desired result.

Price for Distemper Starts at Rs8 for sq. ft.

Pricing of Emulsion: Starting from 12 Rs per sq. ft.

Price of Texture Paint Beginning at the price of Rs80 per sq. ft.

Cost of Paint per Square Foot 4 The number of colors used

If you choose a single color for painting every area of your home, the expense of painting a home per square foot of space in India is usually less than using several colors. This is due to the economies of scale. As many colors that you apply the more expensive than the paint will cost. Additionally, the chance of waste is higher when you mix shades. If you select the darker shade on your wall, the costs will be higher, whereas lighter hues are less expensive to paint.

Cost of painting with one color from Rs20 per sq. ft.

The cost of painting a Home Per Square Feet India #5 Cost of Labour

The price of a painting by square feet in India differs greatly between cities based on what the costs of living are. The price can be different between cities and prices are more expensive in the most luxurious areas. The degree of expertise required is also a factor in the price of painting your home generally. In addition, the name brand painting services are more expensive but provide superior outcomes than independent contractors generally.

The cost of labor to paint the house for every square foot of India is greater for exterior paints and texture paints. The most crucial thing to consider is finding the best resource who has the expertise to complete the task.  Interior designers in delhi therefore it is recommended to choose to work with organized gamblers instead of untrained contractors because the latter is more secure.

Price of Paint per square foot #6 Putty Cost

When you calculate the cost of painting a house for each square foot of India it is important to be aware of the price of putty. Putty is used for fill in holes and cracks in walls. It is usually a layer of putty is applied prior to painting to ensure that the wall is smooth after painting. It also helps extend the useful durability that the paint will last. When you want to apply a new layer of paint two coats of filler is required. For repainting it, all you require is just a touch-up paint.

Cost of putty: Beginning at Rs3.5 for each sq. ft.

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Need and Importance of Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

A kitchen is an area within the home where the wife spends lots of time each day. If the kitchen is neatly organized, an open-plan modular kitchen in gurgaon allows cooking to be a simple enjoyable, simple experience. Modular kitchens are the new norm, offering convenience, storage, and a distinctive style to your home's interior. They can be designed to fit your needs in kitchen space, and the cost of the entire setup is able to be adjusted to your budget.

Style and Function

A modular kitchen can transform your house into a chic and practical space. You can experiment with different designs, colors, and combinations to create your perfect kitchen. Every modular kitchen designed by Evershine Kitchens typically comes with well-designed cabinets. This makes the workspace more efficient and also makes it easier to reach devices.

Maximum Use Of Space

Evershine modular kitchens are built to be adapted to any dimension or layout. It is a flexible modular kitchen in delhi that makes use of the space in an efficient manner to create a clean kitchen. Along with the aesthetics, well-designed cabinets offer plenty of storage space.

Easy Maintenance

A modular kitchen is quickly maintained since it's easily cleaned and accessible from every corner of the kitchen according to the design.

Easy Organization

Silverware bottles, organizers corner units, and more. help to reduce clutter and chaos, particularly when you have to locate things quickly.

It is easy to transport, assemble and install

Since the majority of the components and modules of modular kitchens are made of prefabricated and prefabricated, they only need to be assembled within the kitchen area. This means that the installation process will typically take less time. Modular kitchens have advantages since they are easy to transport during a move.


Modular kitchens are customizable in accordance with your individual tastes and preferences in addition to your space requirements. It is possible to match your kitchen with the style of your house.


The majority of modular kitchen in Noida modules are developed in the factory and installed at home in less than the space of a month.



A closet is an essential part of any home. Nearly 61% don't own one. It is important to know the basics of buying the most recent modular wardrobe design. They tend to focus on getting the property, but neglect the important things like buying the latest cabinets. This can make life uncomfortable.

Clothes Pile

A list of furniture items that first-time buyers need to prioritize should be created. To spread out the cost of the purchase over a number of months, financing options are available. It is about finding the right wardrobe for your living space.

It is more than just going to the nearest store and picking from the displayed wardrobes. These large investments can last for many years and add personality and depth to your home.


It is important to know how much space you will need for the cabinet before buying. There is not enough space to store a cabinet in our homes. It can be frustrating to find the perfect cabinet and then find it is too small to fit into your bedroom or home.

Measure the space before you buy one. Measure the space from floor to ceiling, as well as the distance between walls and modular wardrobe designs and any other furniture in the room. Clear the space for your doors. Pre-made or custom cabinets can be purchased so that they fit easily into your space.


Consider the closet you will need for your bedroom. What kind of cabinet do you need? Do you want a basic cabinet with a shelf at top and a hanging bar at the bottom? Or a simple, minimalist design that stores small items like shoes in a drawer at the bottom?

Many wardrobes share similar characteristics. For example, there are two-door wardrobes that have shelves and three- or four-door wardrobes. These wardrobes are ideal for couples or individuals who have more clothes. Sliding door wardrobes are a smart choice if you don't have enough space. It will vary in size and design but have a large hanging rail that is divided into multiple sections with drawers, shelves, and the bottom.


The closet is the second most important piece in your bedroom. However, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Once you have determined the space, you can choose the type of closet. Next, think about your budget. Finally, research modular wardrobe design to find a durable and stylish closet that will meet all your storage needs.

You can check whether the cabinet comes pre-assembled before you buy. Pre-assembled cabinets will save you time, as they are typically more expensive than do-it yourself counterparts.

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Glass Railing Designs For Balcony | Interior Designers In Gurgaon

Balconies look like windows in your house. They should be decorated with charm, just as windows. Interior Designers in Gurgaon The best part about decorating balconies, is that they are affordable and can transform your home decor. One doesn't wish to be able to relax on a nice balcony with family or friends. Perhaps you could just spend some quality time with me. You bet. We have six beautiful glass railings for your balcony in this blog. These expert-approved glass railing designs will enhance your balcony with a modern Indian look while remaining authentic. Let's get on with it!

The Most Stylish Glass Railing Design for A Balcony in Gurgaon

Modern balcony glass railings are elegant, chic, and charming. This stunning balcony design features a brick wall on one side and off-white tiles on the other. We love the simplicity and elegance of this glass balcony railing design. You don't need to overdo the accessories. The decoration on the balcony is great for Indian families. The wooden bench makes a statement. For a more oxygen-rich environment and lush greenery, it is advisable to grow leaf varieties with intricate patterns.

This Designer Glass Railing Design For Balcony Can Create A Relaxing Space

Do you remember simpler, more peaceful times? They were known as golden days because of their simplicity and calm. Today's world is all about speed, not surprising, right? You will want to be with your family and friends when you get home from a hard day. This is why we offer our next designer glass railing to your balcony. This balcony decoration can be paired with a small couch and a table to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can have your very own little garden. Perhaps you want to grow flowers or plants. This will add charm and character to your home. Enjoy!

With glass and steel railings, the Balcony with Glass is an Elegant Space

This glass design steel railing for your balcony looks amazing and is fascinating. This glass design railing for balcony decoration is stunning with its multicolored exotic mirror and furniture. The light wood flooring is finished in a sophisticated grey-white finish and adds charm and grace. It is elegant because of the limited use of decorations, such as teacups, teacups and small flower vases. Everything is organized and placed in the right places. Are you still not on top of the world?

A Glass Railing Design for The Balcony To Create Memorable Memories

What is it about the seven wonders? How is it possible for something so complex and powerful to make people smile? This modern glass railing design is a paradise for your front porch. The combination of the light pink floor, the swivel seat and the brilliant display of flower colour variations make this a stunning design. It's so crisp and strawberry-y, you could spend your entire life in this amazing balcony design. You will have the time of your lives, so go out with your friend and enjoy it together. These are moments that you will always remember!

For the Balcony With Glass, A Steel Railing Design

This glass and steel balcony railing looks so sad! This balcony railing design looks great with Indian furniture and plant stands. Shiny tiles with all-steel railings are beautiful. You can decorate it with striking pieces. Place swings, ottomans or exotic statues in your patio. All surfaces should be covered with bright colors and neutrals such as plants, small trees, flowers or wall clocks. Make sure you have the right accessories. You will do everything you can to get this set.

This glass railing design for the balcony gives you a stunning view

Our last balcony glass railing design is not to be missed. This is a beautiful spot where you can take in the open-air views. You can forget all about the day's stress and go do whatever you want.  Interior designers in delhi The perfect choice of wooden furniture to decorate this balcony adds sophistication and enhances its overall atmosphere. This glass balcony railing is modern and elegant. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your morning or evening coffee.

Home decoration is an art. You are the one who creates it. It is up to you whether it works or not. How you decorate your house will determine your life, your passion, and your creativity. Use elements that are soothing to your space and soul. You want to make your decoration as vibrant and beautiful as you can. You should make it difficult for your eyes to focus on one area.

We trust you found these glass railing designs for a balcony India useful. Don't wait! You can make whimsical decorations using the ideas above. These ideas will make your home more inviting and fashionable.

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 Reasons to Build a Modern Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon 

Cooking is an art, and art needs inspiration. While the various cooking videos or food blogs can give you creative ideas, in modular kitchen in gurgaon your cooking plays a crucial role in motivating you to bring the best to the table. This is exactly why investing in a modern modular kitchen is a good choice for your home.

A modern modular kitchen isn't just an installation, it's an upgrade to your kitchen. The design concept of a modern Indian modular kitchen is based on the efficiency and customization of your space. Modular kitchen interiors contain a combination of cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and shelves that form an integrated system in the room. As the kitchen contains several essentials, they would all be categorized according to ease of access in a modular kitchen.

Compact and Comfortable:

In the modern world, most people are not looking for bigger spaces, but for solutions to maximize their compact spaces. As a kitchen contains various necessities that need to be accessed immediately, they need to be stored efficiently.

This is where modular kitchen interior designs come in. Some modular kitchen designs like a modern U-shaped modular kitchen design are designed keeping in mind the accessibility need of our objects.

In this design, your kitchen counter would be the center of all storage space. So whether you need utensils, cutlery, vegetables, or even condiments, they will be at your fingertips.

Clutter-free Cleaning:

In an Indian home, there are often large families with different preferences for what they want for dinner. For this reason, the kitchen is a waste of smells, flavors, and containers ready to satisfy all your needs. As careful as this system is, it could leave a big mess to clean up later.

Keeping this in mind, the design of a modern Indian modular kitchen is well thought out. Shelves and cabinets are spacious and ergonomic. This modern modular kitchen design is not only ideal for keeping your modular kitchen in delhi organized, but also for your hygiene. Plus, they glide smoothly, allowing you to remove and put back all your items effortlessly.

Economical to install and maintain:

Furniture and accessories for modular kitchen interiors are mass-produced in factories. They are processed by expert machines, with a quality finish. Since they are made in bulk, their costs are lower than furniture or installments that are made to order.

The U-shaped modern modular kitchen design is one of the most common designs of a modern modular kitchen. It can be mass-produced and easily customized to fit your kitchen space.

Moreover, even if there is a need for repair or maintenance on an element of the modular kitchen set, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled!

Customizable to your space and taste:

Although the units are cost-effective as they are mass-produced, the modern Indian modular kitchen design also offers great flexibility. Traditional kitchen accessories are usually pre-installed, such as a wall shelf or an antique glass cabinet. These aren't ideal for all your kitchen needs, nor do they blend in with the interiors of the rest of your home.

Depending on your kitchen plan, in the modern U-shaped modular kitchen design, the cabinets can be measured and designed to fit perfectly. You can customize your modular kitchen interiors based on your utility, storage space, design preferences, ergonomics, accessibility needs, and even color choices.

Aesthetically appealing:

One of the biggest benefits of installing a modern modular kitchen is that it is pleasing to the eye. If you had a captivating interior design for the rest of your home, these modular kitchen interiors could reflect or enhance it.

You can get kitchen cabinet doors in the same color scheme as the rest of your home. If your interior ideas are inspired by a theme, such as rustic, floral, modern, minimalist, etc., these cabinets and fixtures can be customized to match the color or style of your taste.

Plus, because these accessories are easy to disassemble, you can constantly change the curb appeal to suit all of your design ideas. This design flexibility is a true testament to the fact that modern modular kitchen in noida is a smart, productive, and beautiful addition to your home's needs!

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4 Steps To Help You Choose The Perfect Bedroom Modular Wardrobe Design

 The right combination of design and functionality between your wardrobe as well as the rest of your furniture isn't easy. Here's how to pick the right bedroom's modular wardrobe design in four simple steps:

We've all dreamed of large and stylish wardrobes of stylists and famous people. Before you decide to be inspired by their style and create your own, you have to be aware of your personal preferences. There are a variety of cabinets that can meet your specific requirements.

 Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #1: Type 

One of the most important choices you'll need to make is whether you want to select a standing cabinet or a built-in one. Cabinets that stand on their own can be transferred to another space or even a new house at any time you wish.

You can also opt for a bespoke wardrobe. Although built-in closets can be easily portable and require a lot of effort to design and construct They also offer the ability to customize sizes, materials, colors as well as finishes, and storage items to meet your needs.

 Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #2: Measurements 

Be sure to check the available ceiling space and floor space prior to purchasing your wardrobe. It is also important to determine the height of your rail for your clothes. For skirts, tops, and pants that are 45 inches high, an average length of 45 inches will be sufficient. Clothing for children could be hung at a height of approximately 30 inches.

The shelves that are deeper are recommended because they offer additional storage space. However, ensure that the total size does not exceed 15 inches as your clothes should be easily easy to access. Also, make sure to ensure that the closet doesn't interfere with light sources in the bedroom.

Make sure you have enough space between your furniture in your bedroom and the wardrobe for ease of moving and use.

 Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #3: Style 

The style of the closet with the current theme of your bedroom's interiors as well as furniture you have within your room. This includes the kind of materials, colors and the details on the doors.

Consider a closet with doorways that are decorative if your space is decorated with intricate interiors. If you want a sleek, minimalist style, you could go for a sleek and open cabinet with no doors.

It's the same with the colours and finishes of your wardrobe. Choose shades that complement the color scheme of your bedroom. It is important that your bedroom and wardrobe aesthetics are in harmony for aesthetic harmony.

 Choosing bedroom wardrobe factor #4: Storage 

Determine the type of storage space you will need to keep your clothing collection. If your wardrobe is made up mostly of formal clothing, be sure to have enough space for hanging.

If your wardrobe is filled with a lot of items, it's recommended to have several drawers. This will allow you to organize various kinds of accessories into every drawer.

A new outfit does not have to be an extra cost on your wallet. There are plenty of alternatives available that can be adapted to various budgets. Be sure to consider these essential aspects when choosing your room's modular wardrobe design to ensure you can get the most of it!

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5 Beautiful Jhoola Designs Your Balcony Will Absolutely Love | Interior Designers In Gurgaon

The sound of speed that you hear. A breeze in your hair. It's a feeling of lightness, even if for a brief moment. Interior designers in Gurgaon These moments of childhood bliss suggest a jhoola as well as the complete sense of freedom it offers. They are not just furnishings or decorations. They transcend the need or affordability. They're pure joy! If you're not making enough use of your patio and want to spend time outside, you may consider investing in a swing for your balcony.

There's no better time than right now? In this post-pandemic environment in which everyone is working from home A swing on the balcony can be the perfect thing for adding some fun to the area. Let's take a look at our favorite Jhula designs that come from Livspace home designs that work great for outdoor use.

#1 the Balcony Swing for Kids

What is the most important feature you'll need for a perfect playground swing for children? One of the most important things is to ensure that it's secure because kids will be able to swing it faster as well as higher that adults. Thus, a balcony-style jhula made of iron chains with child-proof nets around the railings would be a good idea.

#2. Nestled Balcony Swing

If you're tired of leaning, leaning to the wind, but still want to enjoy the joy of swinging this is the perfect Jhula model to choose. A nested jhoola hangs from a frame; it isn't as swinging but it does swing. It's also the perfect spot to curl in with a book or a cup of coffee.

#3: A Comfortable Balcony Swing to Relax

Are you one of the people who sleep, eat, and do their work from the balcony of a jhula? If so, you'll require a comfortable jhula to sit on your balcony, such as this one. It's big enough to rest or relax. With the backrest made of wood and the cushioned cushions that are cylindrical, this is a space you'll want to stay. Its strong iron chain will ensure that it will withstand your weight for a long period of time.

#4: The Couple's Goals on Balcony Swing

Are you not getting enough "me space" and time with your spouse? This is what you can do. Buy a two-seater swing to your balcony. It's all it takes are two people to sit and enjoy a great time.

Be sure that it's not too large, or else you'll end up in your own corner! It must be the right size to make you feel at ease and relaxed. Also cushions with "he" as well as "she" cushions are an obvious sign of love and instantly set the tone for romance.

#5 The Budget Balcony Sway for Your Tea/Coffee Time

Are you in search of an affordable swing for your balcony that meets your requirements but not be a significant expense for you? Consider a jhula pole for your balcony, that is less expensive than swings made of metal or wood.

Be aware that this design isn't as durable however, it lasts for a considerable duration with minimal use. Interior designers in Delhi You can take a stroll with the morning and afternoon cups of coffee to take in the beauty of your surroundings.

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What Is The Difference Between A Modular And Civil Kitchen

Are you about to purchase the home you've always wanted or are you planning to completely revamp your existing kitchen? modular kitchen in Gurgaon If your answer can be yes, you need to make some important decisions. Are you looking to go the traditional way with a standard kitchen (designed by carpenters) Or are searching for something more luxurious equipped with factory fittings which is also known as modular kitchens?

Carpenters are the primary option for Indian homeowners for years in any home improvement task. However, the industry of kitchens has seen significant changes with manufactured kitchens. The various elements like cupboards shutters, panels, etc. are put together at the factory to make an entire kitchen unit. This is one of the primary benefits in modular kitchens over conventional kitchens.

Modular Kitchens That Move With You

The biggest differentiator between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen is their differences in the functionality of each. The main benefit that modular kitchens have is that they are able to be disassembled and rebuilt. This means that whenever you relocate, your kitchen will go along with the move. In contrast in kitchens that are used in civilian homes the furniture, once constructed is durable, which means it's impossible to take it down it at a later time. So, when you decide to make a change, you'll be forced to remove everything.

The Perfect Finish

Modular kitchens are a hit nowadays due to their smooth and sleek designs. They are gentle and pleasing to the eye since they have sleek, smooth edges. Edgebanding made by machines is great because it's durable and has a beautiful design. This is definitely not the case for kitchens in the civilian sector. High-end and durable finishes are paramount when they are built by hand. Even the most knowledgeable carpenter will not be in a position to construct a kitchen with the perfectly smooth surface that modular kitchens provide.

Storage Options Galore

Since modular kitchens are built to meet your requirements and requirements, you can create one with custom storage solutions. A designated corisan storage cabinet, spice rack cuttingly organizers and S carousels oil extractors, plinth, and tandem drawers, janitorial cabinets, pantry units, magic corner units, and storage racks for vertical tray all of it - everything you'd like to cook with an unclean. -free zone. Your local carpenter might not be able to supply your kitchen using the most modern technology or with the materials which have become a fundamental necessity for modern homeowners. For storage options, most kitchens are constructed with basic storage solutions (constrained storage cabinetry and drawers) due to the limited knowledge of carpenters is not extensive. They're not up-to-date with the most recent styles, trends, and accessories, or the technicalities that modular kitchen units offer. This is why the experts in interior design surpass carpenters.

A 3D Look Into Your Design

If you've chosen modular kitchens the design company can provide you with a 3D overview of your dream kitchen, as well as the possibility of a 3D-based presentation. The most significant benefit is that the final result will be similar as the 3D version. Naturally, the ability to view is almost impossible when you have woodpeckers. Carpenters can't provide an idea of how your kitchen would look like using the latest technologies in 3D or VR. modular kitchen in delhi at the very least, the carpenter may give you sketches on paper. But there is no guarantee that the kitchen will look exactly identical. It is also unlikely that you will have an exact and specific notion of the finishes, textures or materials to be employed.

Modular Kitchens Are Easy To Clean

Kitchens tend to get often dirty and keeping them spotless needs regular cleaning. Modular kitchens make things easier since their components are able to be removed and cleaned before being replaced. In kitchens for civilians cabinets are fixed. It's hard to effectively clean edges and corners. For modern families with a fast pace, the modular design kitchen can be a better and more convenient option since the regular cleaning process is almost impossible.

Modular Kitchens Last Longer And Are Eco-friendly

Kitchens in the civil war are usually constructed of materials by the will of the carpenter. This means there's no assurance the kitchen you choose to build will be durable for several years. Furthermore, as trends shift quickly, you'll be in the exact same spot again when you need to replace worn-out parts or even accessories. In contrast, modular kitchen sets are connected with machines. It's just a matter of ensuring that hinges are set The materials are of the best quality, and the fittings are modern. In addition, interior design companies provide warranties and maintenance services that assure long-lasting upkeep after the kitchen is installed.

An easy-to-use experience

The process of planning and building a kitchen for civil use is lengthy and difficult. It can take months to get the kitchen built by a carpenter to become functional. Keep in mind that your house will be an unfinished mess until that point. In addition, you'll be taking a long time looking for a professional carpenter and acquiring the appropriate materials. In addition, you'll need to work with your workforce to complete the task in a timely manner. But modular kitchens can conserve time as well as energy. Your kitchen is completely manufactured in a factory, and then it is put inside your home. Installation can take no more than two days, and your house is clean and quiet.

No Surprise Costs In A Modular Kitchen Design

The best part is here. Modular kitchens are created to fit your budget. Once you've signed the design, the cost for it will be set. There won't be unexpected expenses. So long as your style or needs aren't changed, the cost for a modular kitchen remains exact to the budget. For kitchens that are designed for civilian use budgets can fluctuate. The carpenter is more likely to be able to add additional products, accessories, varnishes, etc. All of this contributes to the overall budget you had when you first started.

Civil Kitchens Are Fundamental In Design and Technology

One advantage of having a civil servant or carpenter's home is that you can design your own distinctive cooking space. You don't need to pick from a variety of pre-made kitchen designs. The main drawback of a standard kitchen is that you'll not be able to control the design and quality since it is constructed and created by a carpenter using basic tools and technology. In contrast, modular kitchens are built with superior designs and materials as manufacturing takes place at the factory and is performed by experts who are experts in the field. Furthermore, modular kitchens are constructed with the latest technology and equipment available in the market.

Building A Civil Kitchen Is A Long And Lengthy Process

If you decide to go with a kitchen for civilian use, remember that you are responsible in the purchasing of the materials such as finishes, hardware and other items. But beware of any fees hidden in the process that you may not have talked about with your carpenter due their lack of knowledge. Another issue is that construction costs for an ordinary kitchen are not always the same and completely depend entirely on the builder. It is likely that you'll spend more than the amount you paid for.

Carpenters Will Draw You Drawings in Hand.

It will be much easier for your carpenter to minor adjustments and modifications within the design of your civilian kitchen as opposed to design concepts for modular kitchens. However, you will not get an immersive 3D image of the entire layout of your kitchen until you are working with the civilian kitchen. If you're working for an interior design firm, you'll be presented with a 3D model of the interior of your kitchen prior to starting. work.

There are a lot of distinct differences between the two varieties of food. It's certain that modular kitchen in Noida is superior in terms of design, finish as well as cost and quality. If you're looking to steer clear of the headache of carpenters and the cost fluctuations, you should consult an interior design firm to decide regarding the design of your kitchen.

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6 Modular Wardrobe Design Colours That Will Give Your Bedroom a New Look

Closets aren't just a storage space for our bric-a-brac. The color scheme of our wardrobes has changed over time. the modular wardrobe design is now an integral part of our aesthetic design and is a nuisance when they do not match the design of our living spaces. Colors for wardrobes are more crucial than ever!

First, let's try our luck with colors that are compatible with the Vastu religion. These colors are:

What are the Vastu-approved closet colors to match your bedroom?

The most well-known colors recommended by Vastu for cabinets are lighter natural wood, neutral shades, and whites. If cabinets are a major component of space pick simple, clean shades. Additionally, the colors reflect light and give the room an airy feeling.

What are the colors of the outfit you should stay clear of?

Avoid bright colors in your wardrobe. The colors black and red represent negative emotions, such as anger. So, avoid going for dark and deep colors. Additionally, dark hues can make a room appear less spacious and appear smaller than it actually is.

What are the most appropriate colors for a wardrobe in bedroom decor in India? Indian bedroom?

Let's now examine some of the most appealing Livspace home colors that are guaranteed to impress!

#1: Be bold

If the rest of the space is decorated with neutral whites and neutrals, the ideal choice for your wardrobe is a bold shade. What could be more striking than dark blue or a bright yellow? Look at how this color creates an impressive statement in a room that is otherwise a milky one?

Remember the hues of the ocean in this vivid blue Yourhomz outfit. Who said that feeling sad is always detrimental?

#2: A balancing act

Balance is the main ingredient in great design. It is essential to use a color guide, regardless of the proportions, textures, colors, or material. This is a great example of how you can bring harmony to the colors of your wardrobe to create an appealing design to your bedrooms.

A soft hue such as rose quartz can work wonders when paired with burnished wood tones, or stunning whites or creams, and creates a wonderful combination of hues. The color palette for closets is perfect for creating an ambiance that is relaxing for the master bedroom or in the bedroom of guests.

Pro Tip: Make use of this closet color scheme for bedrooms that are small or compact because lighter hues create an illusion of larger space. Look over Closet Design Tips for Small Rooms to get more ideas on closets designed for small bedrooms.

#3 Woody calm

Wood-finished cabinets are a stylish and elegant appearance and are a perennially popular choice for Indian homes. Particularly since we know that returning to the basic design and embracing natural hues will be a huge trend in the year 2017.

Make sure to incorporate the rest of the room and recreate your wardrobe's wood accents on the TV cabinets, side tables as well as mirror frames. Bring out the rustic feel of your space by adding brown tones to your walls. The rich shades of cherry, mahogany, and oak add a new fresh twist to the classic Indian wooden cabinets typically made in teak.

#4 Color block

It is possible to play with the colors of your cabinets to let your creativity go free. Brighten it up with bright, vibrant colors or make it cool by using a smart mix of fashionable colors.

This is a mix of the greenest of greens (Pantone greens) with white to show the city's jungle. We are in love with the parquet floor and the mirror that is full length.

Select a theme you'll like and choose a distinct color block to help things stand out.


#5: Sunny rays

We all need some sunshine in our rooms and what's better than throwing it into the Livspace wardrobe? Decorators swear that sunshine yellow is going to be an instant hit. However, make sure to apply it in the right manner and in the correct places.

As an example, you should not cover your walls in this bright paint. You are likely to become bored in no time. However, it can bring you joy when it is placed on your bedroom or accent wall, your bedding, and even on your flooring mat. We enjoy it that the sunshine shines on our personal Livspace wardrobe!

#6: Peek-a-boo

It's a nice bonus. Sometimes, a color for your wardrobe may be too costly, that's why we've created this trick.

Frosted glass doors are an iconic wardrobe for those who prefer to sneak out and in. The greatest feature is the fact that it doesn't need to be concerned about matching or coordinating the interior of your bedroom. It's a beautiful addition to any space.

What colors for your wardrobe are appropriate in a child's bedroom?

Create a bedroom space that your kids will love for an extended period of time. If you want to make a lasting impression pick soft and neutral modular wardrobe design colours until your children are able to make their own minds. You can, however, choose distinctive designs or your favorite cartoon characters.

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How Much Does an Interior Designer in Gurgaon Cost in 2022?

What is the average price an interior designer charges? If you're looking for an Interior designers in Gurgaon and you'll find that the cost and quality of services can vary significantly based on the designer's pricing structure. If they charge a flat or an hourly fee, interior designers employ different ways to determine their costs. They may take into consideration the amount of work involved as well as an amount of commission on the cost total. Whatever the case, knowing about your options is a good way to begin.

In this day and time of Internet DIY tutorials and 30-minute house tours, it's commonplace to think that the cost of decorating your home is straightforward to calculate However, hidden behind the scenes the cost of decorating your home is comprised of a variety of significant aspects. Take a look at this guide to the amount an interior designer actually costs and how to select the best one.

The average cost for an interior designer

A typical interior designer can cost between $2,000 to $5,000, without furniture. Luckily, new alternatives like online interior design services can help you save $1,000. The costs to use online design and interior services vary between $75 and $1599, and interior design costs are usually fixed. Beginning a project online can be an economical way to connect quickly and effortlessly with professional interior designers. The benefit of interior design online is that you are able to work your own schedule and see what the design will look like before you purchase it however traditional interior design charges can also be beneficial.

Beyond picking the perfect color for your walls or accent pillows to go with the sofa, there's a lot more to the home decor cost! The function of interior designers who are professionals is to perform these things:

  • Make sure you pass and complete rigorous certification programs.
  • Create computer-generated models of the space you're in to allow for greater visualization
  • Effectively manage electricians, contractors as well as painters, electricians and more.
  • Purchase, source, and arrange the installation of furniture from a large range of furniture retailers and designers.

There are numerous benefits when you hire an interior designer in person or via the internet. However, you must be aware of the costs upfront in order to decide which design the right fit for you.

The Most Important Questions Concerning Interior Designer Cost

The first thing you should do to figure out how much an interior designer will cost is to address a few simple questions prior to making a decision to hire a traditional or a web-based interior designer.

How will you define the scope of the Project?

Are you looking to revamp your living space with fresh paint color and décor or clean out your bathroom for an urgent upgrade? If you require more than a few inexpensive interior design ideas It is essential to be clear and precise regarding what you're going to do to reduce the cost of interior design since various levels of complexity and experience are required.

How big is Your Space?

Considering the size of the area that requires interior decoration will influence the cost of interior decoration. Designers spend longer creating designs and buying the necessary components for the living area of a huge home than they would for the apartment.

What is your Budget?

The quotations provided will help the project move forward. Create a list of the things you want and need for your space, and then set your priorities. This way, you'll be aware of how much of your budget will be allocated to each decoration. Be sure to leave a bit of space for unexpected expenses like shipping, repairs, or the essential parts you've discovered you love.

The Interior Designer's Hourly Rates

It is probably the most efficient method of paying interior designers. The hourly rate for interior designers may vary from $50 to $500 and more. This structure is great for smaller projects that have a little time needed to finish. The hourly price includes the time spent traveling and visits to your workspace and shopping time, emails or phone calls, or any other time spent within your space. However, it doesn't include the cost of furniture or other items. The hourly rates are charged by Decorilla Interior Designers range from $75 to $500 per hour according to the level of experience of the designer you're working with. However, flat prices per room are readily available. Although homeowners reported paying fees in the range of $1,893 to $11,180, the typical price for Interior design and interior decoration per hour exceeds $5,406.

Interior Design at Fixed Cost

Based on the scope and scope of the project, some interior designers provide a flat fee to provide their services. The contract with the interior designer and estimate will clearly state what is included in the price and the number of revisions that are available and the date for expiration in the terms of the contract (when you are finished). Interior designer expenses are typically calculated based on a flat rate because it is simpler to estimate the amount of work required even if there aren't any architectural requirements.

Monthly Interior Designer Retainer for Interior Design

The cost for interior fittings included in this contract is a predetermined amount to be that is paid each month in advance prior to the work being completed. It is crucial to have unambiguous agreements regarding the requirements of the designer (services communications, schedules, and more. ).

Interior Area

This pricing model determines the square area of the project to determine the costs of interior decoration. Designers are experts. Lori Dennis shares this example for a 10,000 square foot house with 6,000 square feet outdoor space priced at $6/square foot would result in an interior design charge of $96,000. Spaces that are large, such as commercial and hospitality spaces typically employ this type of pricing system.


Instead of an hourly interior design cost, some designers purchase furniture or decor products at a reduced price and then charge you at retail with the remainder as a charge. Other designers charge an increment charge as the tip (usually 20 percent) and keep a portion of the total cost of furniture and other items. It's still recommended to get receipts for purchases to verify the amount of money you paid. It's also beneficial to get estimates of costs from the interior designer using this method to ensure you're within your budget.


The cost of fittings for the interior can be calculated by considering a complete budget (construction materials, building materials, etc.). Interior designer charges are calculated by multiplying a percentage of the price.

Understanding Your Style

Nothing wrong with having beautiful rustic and modern bedrooms. However, If your Pinterest boards are a mix of color palettes and styles It can be a challenge to express what you are passionate about for your design expert which can make it easier to save time and cost. Do some tests of interior design to narrow down your style preferences. Having design direction can help you move your project forward faster and lower your interior design costs.

Find out what your interior design needs are.

Start by looking at the existing components you'd like to retain or incorporate into the new design. So the designer will know precisely what new components you'll need. It can also assist in managing your spending. If you're on a tighter budget, Interior designers in Delhi knowing your requirements will aid you in finding an affordable interior designer. If you have a simple need then the costs for an interior designer will typically be less expensive than an interior designer.

Select The Best Designer

You should research interior designers, like listing their professional certifications, their education, working experience, portfolios of work, as well as client reviews to determine the best person for the job. You can save time by letting someone else do the job. Decorilla is careful about reviewing its online interior designers, and also provides their customers with top design abilities and experience.

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Modern L-Shaped Kitchen Designs That Are Eye-Catching | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

Are you looking to change your kitchen area into a contemporary L-shaped kitchen? Then your search is done. modular kitchen in Gurgaon is the right spot. We present to you eight contemporary L-shaped kitchen designs that might appear too appealing to be but they are.

Many people believe the interior decor is costly and expensive; we'll tell you that it's not. All you require is the right combination of accessories, a couple of extravagant decorative items (sconces and clocks, photos plants, etc.), and occasionally a professional orientation.

This article will showcase gorgeous modern L-shaped kitchen designs that will provide your home with a total revamp. The modern kitchen cabinet ideas included in these contemporary Kitchen designs (L shape) are not just bringing modern style to your house but also offer the best storage space to your kitchen. Come on, fasten your seatbelt. Let's get rid of all your worries now!

Pick yellow for an extravagant look.

If you're looking to create a unique design, look at this chic L-shaped yellow kitchen style. The door of the cabinet is colored in a standard yellow hue that makes it more original. It is equipped with shelves and drawers that give the space you need for your kitchen. The greatest benefit of the cabinet in this kitchen is that it guards your kitchen appliances and kitchen equipment against dust. It also drives people mad with your decor!

A fun and lively design idea for your modular kitchen style

The next modular L-shaped kitchen that comes with a tray will have you want to cook in your kitchen! Let's say you're in your kitchen and you're forced to leave you to think, God, it's so satisfied here that I'm not going anywhere. Yes, hooked. The cabinet style is available in two shades with the added benefit of a subtle touch to make your kitchen look amazing. Not only the cabinets which are two-tone, but the wall shelves on top come in two color variations. In addition, the shelves provide plenty of storage space at the top.

A modern L-shaped kitchen design in coffee color

Coffee! Didn't it ever give you goosebumps? Have a look at this stunning kitchen decoration. If your kitchen isn't spacious enough This interior design is the one for you. It is a stunning brown color with a similar color tone. With a range of designs, we're sure it will meet your preferences in design. The small, modern kitchen is spacious enough to store dishes as well as other kitchen equipment.

Modern L-shaped kitchen design is the preferred choice of homeowners.

These are some of the kitchen designs that can be found in a variety of homes. Because of its attractive style and attractive appearance, this is often the preferred option. The L-shaped furniture interiors are built with especially glossy laminate cabinets with an appearance of wood. It adds a touch of elegance to your home, and can also provide additional space in the kitchen. Additionally, the gorgeous whites of this kitchen look so beautiful that it appears an actual kitchen.

Elegant and modern, the L-shaped kitchen style

It's incredible how this kitchen style appears elegant and simple but also chic at the same. Have a look at this image: the stunning design of an L modular kitchen in Delhi cabinet that has extra space compared to an eating counter. with a few chairs and the most luxuriously designed floor which ensures that your home is connected to the outside space. The modern kitchen cabinet (L-shaped) lets you cook while you chat with family and friends. It has multiple shelves, which provide plenty of storage space.

Modern kitchen design with black and white kitchen style

The modern modular kitchen (L-shaped) is designed specifically to fit into large kitchen areas. It's so stunning that when one enters, they aren't able to leave. With its beautiful design and striking appearance, it adds the most stunning appearance to your house. Without mentioning its storage capacity!

L-shaped black open kitchen

The contemporary modular L-shaped open kitchen design was created for those who do not need their living rooms or kitchens as separated areas. It's a great alternative for those who wish to make the most of their kitchen when they are doing household work. In addition cabinet doors that open are extremely fashionable nowadays. It provides Ample Storage Space It is possible to store everything you require, such as cutting boards, cooking tools, kitchen appliances, etc.

Modern L-shaped kitchen

This beautiful contemporary-style L-shaped kitchen cabinet is contemporary and is perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Apart from being elegant and beautiful, it provides ample storage space. The color of your counters and cabinets is available in a variety of complementary colors which makes it more appealing to the eyes. It's cozy with two windows that serve to ensure the balance of the inside space. This helps to avoid kitchen issues and inefficiency at work. What a modern L-shaped modular kitchen design!

The kitchen is the center of your home. It's where you can bring your roommates together, and ought to radiate a calm and peaceful vibe. It's not going to be the case if you've got kitchens that don't offer everyone the opportunity to lounge around. modular kitchen in Noida the stunning designs for kitchen cabinet interiors that we've outlined in our article today will impress you and your guests by their exquisite elegance. It's like you want to stay there!

The people of the 21st century prefer sleek and simple and the modern kitchen designs with L-shaped designs are exactly the same. So, it is best to opt for a kitchen cabinet that gives an elegant design along with ample storage space. These gorgeous kitchen cabinets have plenty of beautiful shelves, which make the cabinets look amazing. We're sure you'll have everything you require and are able to begin renovating your lovely home. Best of luck!

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All You Need to Know about Sliding Door Modular Wardrobe Design

Sliding door wardrobes offer a stylish, space-saving storage solution in contemporary homes. modular wardrobe design they have several advantages and can work well in a room of any shape and size. Before choosing a type of door for your closet, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the different options available. You should choose one based on space availability, usage, and convenience.

Well, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about sliding door wardrobes. We have also included the most popular sliding door closet designs that you can immediately use in your home design.

How Does a Sliding Door Wardrobe Work?

Obviously, the doors on these cabinets slide from side to side, unlike hinged door cabinets (where the doors are hinged to the cabinet). These sliding doors glide smoothly on rollers along metal channels attached to the bottom and top of the cabinet.

There are some that work with a vertical sliding mechanism where both doors open at the same time. You can also find folding sliding doors that fold sideways like an accordion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Pros of Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • They don't take up space or get in the way when you need to open them. Therefore, they work great in compact spaces with less floor space and also in spacious rooms. For example, if you have a small room where the storage space is at the foot of the bed, a sliding door closet is hands down the best option.
  • Sliding door closets tend to be larger, giving you more space for your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. If you want a cabinet throughout your room, this is the option you should choose.
  • They are more stable because they do not rely on hinges to support the doors.
  • A mirrored sliding door closet (one with a mirror in the front) helps make your room appear larger.
  • They come in a variety of designs that can be combined with your room decor. You can make them in blockboard, MDF, opaque or frosted glass, veneer, with or without a mirror, and many other ways.

Cons of Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • Unlike hinged cabinets, half of the cabinet will stay closed even when you open it, so you'll never be able to see the entire contents of the cabinet when it's open.
  • The back of the doors cannot be used. For example, you can use the backs of hinged doors to hang hooks or a rod to hold your ties, towels, or to mount a full-length mirror.
  • Doors can drift off the track after many years of use.

Sliding Door Wardrobes Cleaning Tips

  • Sliding door wardrobes do not require much maintenance. But, you might run into the problem that they get stuck in the way, making it difficult for them to slip. This is due to the accumulation of dirt on the tracks.
  • To prevent this from happening, vacuum the rails every two weeks or whenever you vacuum the rest of the house. Or use a toothbrush or stiff brush to remove dirt.modular wardrobe design once done, apply a spray lubricant or silicone spray to the top and bottom rollers to allow them to glide smoothly.
  • If the rollers are damaged, replace them with new ones. If you find that the roller wheel alignment is incorrect, it is possible that the screws that hold the tracks and wheels together have come loose. Tighten these screws and replace missing ones.
  • If you have a mirror cabinet, clean the mirrors with vinegar diluted in water. Be careful that this solution does not get on frames or moving parts.

Trending Sliding Door Wardrobes

Here are some of the best sliding door closet ideas you should know about:

Material Mix

You can use a mixture of wood and other materials in different patterns. A mix of patterns adds a unique effect to the design.

Mirror Patterns

You can experiment with mirror patterns on sliding doors. They add a beautiful effect to the room and expand the space.

Mirrored Doors

Designing a fully mirrored door can make your room feel much more spacious and brighter than it is.

Black Glass Door

Cabinets with black glass doors are the perfect complement to an industrial style room. These cabinets, which include a sliding black glass door, enhance this industrial-themed room.

Transparent Sliding Doors

Well, if you want to show off all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, these clear glass sliding doors are the perfect choice for you.

Bright Hues

You can also try including a brightly colored sliding door wardrobe with wood panelling. It helps you bring a splash of your favourite colour into the space.

Bold Patterns

You can opt for eye-catching designs on the cabinet doors to harmonise the design of the cabinet with the rest of the decor and the space.

Beautiful Decals

You can also customise your sliding wardrobe doors with cute stickers to add a design element to the space around you.

Bring in the Fabric

You can style your wardrobe sliding doors with sleek fabric sandwiched between the glass panels.

Patterned Glass Doors

Patterned glass doors are a trendy choice, especially for a teenager's bedroom or guest room.

When choosing your favourite modular wardrobe design, get help from our experts at Yourhomz to design the perfect storage solutions for your home. Contact us now!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designers In Gurgaon


This is something to think about if you haven't already. Hiring an interior decorator is a smart decision if you have invested a good amount of money in your home and want to be able to put it on display to make it look better.Interior designers in gurgaon Decorators really do have a purpose for everyone. Whether you don't know where or how to start decorating your home, or you have an idea but need help putting the pieces together, or you just don't have time to execute your style and your desires due to your busy daily schedule. . I recently asked Michelle Cortizo of Cortizo Interiors in Boston, Massachusetts to explain why hiring an interior designer is a smart and sensible choice. Throw away the idea that interior designers are only for the rich and famous or those with so much money they don't know what to do with it all. In fact, they save you a lot of time, money and headache medicine!

1. Save Money.

It might seem odd that hiring someone to decorate your home would save you money since you have the added design expense, however, Cortizo has a compelling case. "Hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes that will not only save you money, but also increase the value of your home." Especially when you are selling your home, interior design is essential when listing your home. This can help increase buyer appeal and put your home above the competition.

2. Professional Assessment.

“A designer can provide you with a professional assessment of your situation, leading to a solid action plan. The order of things in a design plan is critical in determining what can be reused or changed. Not only will this affect the budget, but it will help you spend it more efficiently. A designer comes up with an extra pair of eyes, but those eyes are trained to see and notice things you might not notice.

3. Budgeting and Planning.

A designer can stay within your budget and save you time and effort. A designer knows where to look for resources for anything related to your home. This will save you endless time researching products, brands and prices. A designer will have all of this on hand, and if they don't, they'll spend time researching it so you don't have to.

4. Liaison

A designer will be able to build “a stronger bridge between you and your architect or contractor from the start and can prevent design errors in your overall plan. This is crucial for managing time and money, explains Cortizo. Plus, designers are trained to think of things we can overlook. “It is very important to meet lighting and furnishing needs before construction. If your living room couch is floating in the middle of the room, you need to make sure you have the right location for the floor outlets.

5. Wide availability of resources.

There are things available to designers that aren't available to the general public in terms of connections, resources, and general merchandise. By supplementing these resources, designers can help your space appear more organised, unique, and cohesive.

6. Contacts.

Cortizo says, “In addition to vendor resources, designers have many contacts in the home improvement industry. They can save time and headaches for homeowners trying to identify reliable contractors, plumbers and electricians for their projects. »

7. Wow Factor.

Designers can help give you the "wow" factor you've been looking for. They are trained to think differently, spatially, and to see the big picture that clients often cannot see. Cortizo adds that "thinking outside the box is what designers do all day."

8.Home sale.

A decorator can potentially add a lot to the aesthetics of your home, which in turn can increase visits and sales. This increased appeal can exponentially accelerate the length of time your home stays on the market before it sells. The benefit here is twofold, faster response time and more money in your pocket.

9. A trained eye.

“A designer is a professional with a keen eye who can automatically tell you if there is something right or wrong in the space. Having this immediate consultation is a great advantage when making aesthetic decisions. is the result of years of experience." says Cortizo. Homeowners often try to do everything themselves and get frustrated. Check out these 10 most common interior design mistakes and how to fix them.

10. Visual story-teller

Cortizo concludes with the fact that: “Interior design is a skill and an art that will only improve the space and the quality of your life in the space. Hiring a professional raises the bar for that expertise and turns your house into a home away from home. Interior designers in delhi can help tell your visual story. I can't think of a better reason than that! "Given all of this information, would you consider hiring an interior designer the next time you remodel, buy a house, or move?

Are you looking for Top 10 Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon Fitting Brands For Your Home In Gurgaon Get by Interior designers | Yourhomz


Top 10 Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon Fitting Brands For Your Home In Gurgaon

Modular kitchens have become a key part of every modern home. In addition to being efficient, modular kitchen in gurgaon are considered an equally important part of the home from a design perspective. Therefore, these are designed to be in tune with the way the house is decorated.

The Indian modular kitchen market is a mix of local and global offerings. If you're considering installing a modular kitchen, these brands are worth considering:

1. Sleek

Bringing you the best in the world when it comes to modular kitchens.

Sleek International has made leaps and bounds from a wire mesh basket manufacturer in 1993 to a complete kitchen solutions provider. Sleek's core competency results in increased customer satisfaction, innovations and increased value, both in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Sleek is the manufacturer and supplier of kitchens, accessories, hardware and accessories, cabinets, blinds, ceramic hob, fireplace, lawn, oven, sink and other appliances.

2. Johnson Kitchens

Johnson Kitchen is the foray into the modular kitchen business of H&R Johnson (India).

Johnson Kitchens has marketed modular kitchens from one of the world's largest manufacturers located in Germany. Johnson's European and Indian collections are customised for the end user. European models are aimed at an increasingly demanding clientele and were priced above Rs. 3,000,000 However, Indian made modular kitchens are priced at Rs. 60,000/- upwards which is fine accessible to the masses, although in good taste!

3. Hafele

The German brand Häfele is one of the best names in the modular kitchen market. The brand's kitchen furniture and accessories are among the best on the market and are characterised by their innovation, functionality and efficiency. The product range also includes household appliances and lighting. So, if you are looking for a complete kitchen makeover, this brand could be a great option.

4. Haecker

Another German brand, Haecker, has been in the kitchen accessories business for over 13 years. The brand is known for providing personalised solutions based on what the consumer wants in their kitchen. The brand offers kitchens in two categories: the classicART for those who care about price and the systemART for those who want a well-designed premium kitchen. modular kitchen in delhi The brand specialises in furniture and kitchen cabinets in a wide range of finishes.

5. Zuari Furnitures

Zuari, the flagship brand of Indian Furniture Products Limited (IFPL), part of KK Birla Group and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has changed people's perception of furniture. Zuari's wide and affordable range of offerings such as bedroom furniture, TV carts, computer tables, utility furniture, and more. has not only added comfort but has become a style statement due to their sleek designs and modern appearance.

6. Kohler

To meet the needs of owners worldwide, Kohler Co. maintains a distribution and service network on six continents. In the best kitchens, style and function come together like the flavours and aromas of your favourite culinary creations. That's why we make all KOHLER kitchen faucets in a wide range of styles, colours and materials.


Ebco was founded in 1963 as a tool room and later branched out into mass production of critical components such as cartridge links for munitions factories. In 1987, Ebco branched out into furniture hardware and has since become the industry's leading manufacturer in India. Today, Ebco's product line covers drawer slides, hinges, computer furniture hardware, joinery hardware, cabinet hardware, furniture locks, kitchen systems and accessories, door and window hardware, architectural hardware, LED lights and more.

8. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interior is the biggest furniture brand in India. From making the humble Storwel wardrobe 80 years ago to a dynamic and innovative brand with a diverse portfolio, it has been a brilliant and exciting journey for us. We offer our customers furniture for the home and office, as well as solutions for laboratories, hospitals and healthcare facilities, education and training institutes, shipyards and shipyards, auditoriums and stadiums.

9. Style Spa

Style Spa, a renowned name in the furniture segment with the USP of comfort and style, is backed by one of the largest factories in South Asia specialising in the production of panel-based furniture. An elegant selection with vintage design, the classic decoration conveys the elegant charm of a bygone era. Show off your new age side with the modern appeal and super cool design of Eclectic Charm.

10. Arttdinox

Premium Indian brand, Arttdinox is a brand owned by Jindal Steel. Coming from a parent company specialising in steel, Arttdinox offers a wide range of contemporary steel modular kitchen in noida. The brand customises the kitchens and can also deliver them in different colours.

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Although many people dream of having the Carrie Bradshaw style of the wardrobe (and her entire collection of shoes) size, style or accessories aren't the case. modular wardrobe design Enter Lisa Adams, Master Closet Designer and the Founder of LA Closet Design. Here, she demonstrates how you can bring the luxurious features of a closet that is free to your house, without a huge hit on your budget.

1. Apply gold paint. Nothing says luxury like metallic gold. The metal trim can be painted of your ceiling or closet to add a touch of style.

2. Get an ottoman. If you have a bedroom, you can add an area for living. "It could be used to relax or just for the requirement to put in shoes" states Adams. "The living room can make the closet a truly living space even if it just accommodates a small circular pouf or ottoman."

3. Add mirror accents. Select a large mirror or a frame to fill in the empty space, says Adams. Modular wardrobe designs increase the size of the room and also add another substance to the space.

4. Change your knobs and handles. These decorative buttons are the ideal option to display your unique style and personality. Adams recommends fun and affordable alternatives such as these.

5. Add faux fur. It's not just extravagant, it is also extravagant. It is easy to locate (and pet-friendly! ) Rugs made of faux fur can be a fantastic option to create a soft and chic underfoot.

6. Utilize crown moldings. It's like a frame to hang your clothes. In this small space, it's very cost-effective.

7. Choose good lighting. A good light source is essential. A simple chandelier will not only make your home look elegant but also offer a well-lit wardrobe which is vital for getting dressed for the day.

8. Find the perfect hangers. The most convenient and fastest method to alter the appearance of your closet. "You must find the hanger that you like and then get rid of the ones which don't work," says Adams.

9. Make your jewelry drawers more personal. Get rid of the mess of necklaces, and be able to only find one earring. A neatly organized jewelry drawer displays the finest jewelry (by the way, what speaks more of quality than fine jewelry?)

10. Include shelves made of acrylic to divide them. An instant elegance killer? Disorder! Utilize shelf separators to keep the sweaters in bags and piles tidy and neat.

11. Install removable valet hooks. "Inexpensive and necessary," says Adams. modular wardrobe design Make your closet more efficient to make the best use of the wall space.

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8 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom | Interior Designers In Gurgaon

Lamps, beds, pillows table for bed - whether you're an aspiring interior designer or simply looking to give your house upgrade interior designers in Gurgaon the bedroom may be an intimidating place to be elegantly designed because it's about convenience and function. But don't fret; here are some ideas for decorating and suggestions to help you make the most of your bedroom's design.

8 Bedroom Decorating Tips for Bedrooms

If you're looking for ways to decorate your bedroom for your bedroom, here are some tips for interior design to help you start:

1. Choose subtle colors. Bedrooms should be comfortable and relaxing and the most suitable colors for this are soft colors: neutral hues such as creams and whites, or a lighter palette such as purple and blue. This doesn't mean that your bedroom must be dull - if your favorite colors are bright, don't be afraid to explore diverse ways to add colors. Consider bold throw pillows; an intricate duvet cover, bedsheet or quilt; or perhaps a striking wallpaper or paint color on the ceiling or wall as an accent.

2. Be sure to move about. One of the most effective ways to create a bedroom that is an ambiance that is peaceful and tranquil is to think about the ease of movement or capability to walk around on the floor without feeling confined. If you can, stay clear of a variety of odd bedroom furniture so that you do not trip over coffee tables, bookcases or tables for your bed on the way to sleep. This is particularly crucial in smaller and cramped rooms that are so restricted that you have to ensure you're breathing. If you're experiencing the worst of times consider putting aside some storage space you could place in the right place, such as drawers beneath your mattress.

3. Think about the visual weight that your furnishings carry. While mobility is an effective method of determining if your home is clutter-free or not, the way it appears is also crucial. Every piece of furniture has visually weighted components. For instance, a bed frame that does not have a headboard will appear visually smaller than a large bed frame that has a broad headboard. When selecting furniture for your bedroom, think about the weight that is visible on every piece. In a bedroom with a limited layout, choose an easy bed and a small nightstand. If you have a master bedroom that has high ceilings, think about the taller headboard or wall decorations to fill in the space and draw your eye upwards. Don't be concerned about a striking, eye-catching centerpiece - if your room is short in space make your bed the center of attention. A mirror on the wall is the perfect way to change the look of any space. Mirrors with lights can create negative visual weight like if you were adding space to your space.

4. Layer your lighting. Instead of relying only on the ceiling light or lamp for table use, layering your lights in your room is suggested that is why you should include different lighting sources that you are able to turn on and off to ensure maximum effectiveness and cohesion. There is no need for an elaborate chandelier to add lighting. Think about the various lighting sources that you can use for your bed (such as natural light fixtures that are built-in ceiling lights, overhead lighting and lampshades, floor lights tables lamps.) tables, reading lamps chandeliers, dimmers, and pendants) and select one or two to add.

5. Offer gentle touches. Each bedroom is home to a soft element: the bed which is usually the main focal area in the space. To enhance the beauty of the bed, you can incorporate the softness of two other areas that will prevent the other areas of the room from being too "hard" when compared to. Curtains, rugs or soft throws are a great way to diffuse the soft feel throughout the room.

6. Be aware of the ceiling. The ceiling is the biggest smooth surface in your bedroom. However, the majority of home decorators ignore the ceiling, which is an untapped resource for every space. If you're looking to make your bedroom stand out with a distinctive look, think about covering the ceiling with an elegant pattern or color. If you're sick of DIY ideas and would like an elegant and stylish look for your bedroom it's worth creating a ceiling molding.

7. Consider a corner. The bedroom should feel like an oasis where you can rest and relax. If you're in a space and are in search of ways to make your bedroom feel more like your own, consider ways to create personal space for yourself. Aloft, window seat or even an ottoman and a comfortable chair are perfect places to unwind and enjoy a quiet time.

8. You can follow your personal style. When you're coming up with ideas for your bedroom Don't get obsessed with decorating advice that you end up with a room that isn't the right fit for you. Your bedroom must be cozy and appropriate to your preferences, Interior designers in Delhi make sure to consider what interests you. If you're drawn to a particular style whether it's the upholstered headboard or greenery make sure you leave the space within your design plans.

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Yourhomz Share Their Best Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon Renovation Ideas

How to Begin Renovating Your Kitchen?

Remodeling your kitchen is among the most costly home improvement task, however, it is possible to recover a significant amount of the expense. modular kitchen in Gurgaon The owners have given the new kitchen a "joy rating" of 10. For ensuring that your kitchen remodels will yield positive results create an outline and plan, plan, strategy.

9 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

Make a list of ideas for your kitchen remodeling and note them down on paper. Decide on your preferred design and put the ideas into an organizer or vision board. If you are planning your kitchen remodeling project, sketch an outline of the project, and decide on the most appropriate design for the space.

The process of planning

Review your current kitchen and draw a sketch that includes the measurements of countertops, doors, walkways, and many other things. Plan your kitchen by keeping your traffic patterns in mind. You should also look at features that can allow cooking and cleaning cooking more fun.

Kitchen Islands

The kitchen islands remain fashionable and must be a part of the kitchen that has been renovated. But, ensure that you have a big doorway that will allow several devices to operate simultaneously. The kitchen layout should provide an area of 15 inches per facet of your stove as well as the refrigerator.

Organization of the Miscellaneous

In organizing your kitchen take your cooking preferences into your mind. Create a messaging center next to the kitchen phone and keep a journal with a calendar, writing tools close by. Nowadays all things are done digitally therefore your kitchen should be equipped with multiple power outlets as well as chargers for USB devices. Install an area of furniture devoted to recycling within your kitchen. Recycling will become an easy job for you.

Design It is child-friendly

If you are designing a kitchen for kids ensure that the stove is kept away from high-traffic areas. Plan your kitchen to keep dangerous objects away from children and adults.


If you are a fan of the appearance of hardwood floors but are looking for something that is more sturdy, interior designer M Des recommends stone flooring for your modular kitchen in Delhi as well as porcelain-look wood flooring. But, you must think about the dimensions of the kitchen. Many homeowners install tiles in their kitchens, however instead of using tiny fragile tiles, they opt for larger, more substantial tiles.


Request help with your kitchen remodeling project and be truthful regarding the appliances. A brand new kitchen can make heads turn however it might not be a good fit for your needs in the kitchen. Kitchen appliances are used for food preparation and storage tools, however, your kitchen remodeling should concentrate on the overall look and function of the space. Use the same layout as it was before if you can.


Lighting is crucial for kitchens to be renovated. In kitchens, lighting can make it appear brighter and bigger and assist you in working safely and effectively. It is recommended to have two kinds of lighting that are for general lighting and another to provide task light. When renovating a kitchen, make use of dimmers to control intensity and ambiance. Also, choose low-maintenance items with lengthy warranties. To make a kitchen appear larger choose light shades and natural lighting. A small kitchen can appear bigger by drawing curtains and using soft lighting and mirrors.


Install cabinets that are taller than the ceiling, organize your kitchen with hanging objects, and hang hooks on the cabinet doors to hold bristles, aprons or mop handles. If you're in search of kitchen cabinets, you can consider staining or painting them.

An attractive kitchen cabinet will make a huge impact in the design of your kitchen. Install a child-proof lock on the kitchen cabinet as well as drawers that hold items that are dangerous for pets and children. The kitchen is constructed to decrease the time you are spending cleaning. By placing shelves with easy-to-clean surfaces, you will not spend a lot of time clearing up clutter.

Kitchen Aisles

Make a small work area in your kitchen for saving time and energy when you prepare food and family meals. Kitchen aisles should be large enough to accommodate several cooks and counters for islands and appliances should be between 42 and 48 inches from each other.


A luxury kitchen remodel is possible with a minimal budget if are able to complete it yourself. For the first step in your kitchen remodeling undertaking, modular kitchen in Noida prepare an affordable ceiling and make contact with contractors.

Tips To Help Make Renewal Easier

A kitchen could take anywhere from one to three months to complete. Follow these guidelines to speed up renewals.

  • A kitchen's main function can be finished by an experienced professional. Utilize your network of colleagues, friends, and traditional research to locate the most skilled experts.
  • When renovating a kitchen homeowners must be aware of the possibility of problems and inform contractors.
  • Homeowners can build the kitchen on their own, but it is important to engage an expert when you need to.
  • To withstand a kitchen remodel you can set up a mini kitchen in a different area of the home, bringing only the equipment and tools that you will require for the cooking process, and make sure you have food items that aren't perishable on hand.
  • We suggest hiring a dumpster for your kitchen remodel to get rid of your garbage.
  • When you have settled the dust you can take a look at your freshly renovated kitchen.
  • After your kitchen remodels is completed, you are able to remove your kitchen from the temporary space and begin your regular kitchen routine.

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Cabinets are among the most utilized furniture pieces you can find for your room. Making the right choice of  modular wardrobe design can make life easier by offering simpler and more easily accessible storage options.

There are a variety of designs of wardrobes based on the dimensions of your bedroom storage needs, and style requirements. The selection of a particular style for your wardrobe is where you should begin.

What are The Different Wardrobe Styles?

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This style is particularly suitable for small rooms. It is possible to create sleek and compact by sliding doors that don't clash with the decor of your bedroom. It is possible to choose the sliding doors that stack as well as in-line sliding doors, based on the size of your room. Interior designers from Bangalore will assist you in selecting the most appropriate sliding door system.

Wardrobe + Dresser

This is among the wardrobe designs that the interior design experts in Bangalore have been asked to design. In this design, there are several doors to the cabinet and an integrated dresser that has a mirror as well as an open shelf.

Walk-In Wardrobe

We can't describe the appeal of a dressing area! Decorpot's bedroom interior designers from Delhi collaborated on a variety of designs to create the walk-in closet, which has numerous storage spaces drawers, chests of drawers that can be styled to enhance the room.

Wardrobe and Study Unit

A cabinet with an integrated study unit is perfect for your child's bedroom, or for the bedroom of an employee. Because the study cabinet is placed in line to the cabinets, they won't hinder movement. Modular wardrobe design. You can modify the cabinet to suit your preferences and add shelves and drawers with this study cupboard.

Wardrobe + TV/Bookshelf Unit

There are those who prefer the additional space of a bookcase, closet or TV stand, instead they want one complete. The cabinet can be designed with a bookcase that is open in one corner , and television stand at the center. This will create a bedroom that is large and contemporary.

Wardrobe + Loft

The wardrobe can be converted into a single one or a wardrobe that includes an open chest of drawers as well as an upper mezzanine. If you've got a lot of stuff which you rarely use but would like to keep in a separate area This loft style will help you.

Glass Wardrobe

If you're looking for your bedroom to be stylish it is possible to choose an elegant glass cabinet that will make it appear elegant. Interior designers from Bangalore make use of hinged door wardrobes or sliding door wardrobes that have aluminum frames and glass.

Next steps to consider when choosing the right style for your wardrobe

  • After you've settled on the style, you will be able to choose the material for your cabinet. There are a variety of options to choose from MDF or plywood, as well as regular wood for cabinets. If you want sliding doors for your wardrobes, you could opt to go with glass doors.
  • Once you have selected as the material of base, it is possible to select the finishing material, such as UV aluminum, acrylic laminate, lacquer or UV.
  • Once you've decided on the most important aspects, you can then mark the smaller things, such as the choice of accessories for the wardrobe. It is possible to choose fold-down drawers and multi-functional pull-out drawers. clothing racks, shoe racks, trouser/shirt hangers, hangers with pull-outs and so on.

Our interior designers from Gurgaon can assist you in choosing the best modular wardrobe design as well as the right materials, finishes, and accessories to fit your budget and space. If you're looking to design gorgeous interiors in Bangalore Contact Decorpot today to change the appearance of the wardrobe into one that you'll love.

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Get to know usWhat Is Interior Design In Gurgaon (And Why Can It Really Make You Feel Better)

It is almost impossible to avoid certain styles of music, theatre, or artwork. The architecture is often different. Badly designed projects will have long-lasting and negative effects on many people's lives. This is magnified when you consider interiors. Interior designers in Gurgaon Humanity are spending more time indoors. This has a direct effect on our health and well-being. As we face compulsory retirement (as in the current Covid-19 pandemic), we realize how crucial indoor spaces are to our well-being as well as the prevention of diseases. An interior designer has a lot of responsibility when designing an environment. A professional interior designer must plan, coordinate, coordinate, manage and monitor these projects to ensure a healthy, beautiful environment for everyone who uses the space. But what is interior design actually?

It's not unusual for interior design to be confused or misunderstood with decoration. The selection of finishes, colors, and coatings is an important part of interior design. It's not the only thing that makes the interior design unique.

Understanding user behavior and their desires are crucial to designing functional and beautiful spaces. Layout manipulation is the best way to organize the movement. This division of space can also be achieved by walls, furniture, and objects. Interior decoration should be sensitive to comfort, whether they are thermal, luminous, or acoustic. It also needs to consider ergonomics which determines the dimensions of the furniture and other objects. Interior design is not only the most visible but also the most important. This final touch creates the identity of the project. It conveys both the designer's vision and the needs of the users.

Next, we will discuss more in detail the major issues that interior designers must consider.


In a few words, layout refers to the arrangement of equipment, furniture, or other objects within the area. The proper distribution of objects can create hierarchies, organize the flow of space and places of permanence. In open architecture plans, where there is more freedom for the designer, interior fittings are crucial to the smooth running and success of the project. Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were among the first to challenge hierarchical plans.

An interior designer must take into consideration accessibility standards, escape routes for fire, and minimum room dimensions in order to create a design that is attractive. There are many resources that describe the right dimensions for different types of space. Ernst Neufert's book, "Architects Data", was published originally in 1936. It compiled best practices for determining the dimensions of many spaces, including industrial kitchens and train carriages. With increasingly dense cities and more expensive properties, micro-apartments are challenging these minimum standards. This proves that rules can be broken. To be able to design functional and appropriate spaces for different situations, it is essential to first understand their needs.


The quality of an interior design project directly impacts the furniture, no matter how mobile or stationary. The designer is responsible for ensuring that the design choices are conducive to the smooth operation of the space.

Particularly in small spaces, which are becoming smaller every day, it is crucial to be careful about the furniture you choose. In many cases, it is more efficient to design unique objects that make the most of every square inch. Flexible furniture such as stackable benches and folding tables is the future of the industry.

It is possible to find products that are suitable for micro-apartments and small houses. These products consider the small dimensions of these spaces, which challenges the old standards of creating smaller rooms. adaptable to the needs of the user and the space. These furniture pieces include compact sofas or dining sets that have chairs positioned under the tables. This makes them less bulky and takes up less space.

While plants may not be considered furniture they are still an important aspect of interior design. They are able to purify the air, absorb chemicals and make it easier for people to breathe in them. Common advice is to have one medium-sized plant for every 10m2 space.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Comfort in interior spaces has received a lot of attention in recent years. It is crucial that the indoor environment be safe and healthy in today's crowded world. of our life.

Comfort includes the appearance of the space, the smell of it, the temperature at entry, and the climate. What are the visual perceptions of the space? The space's color, brightness, and depth will affect how it is perceived. Does it have acoustic comfort? You will be able to speak with others and listen to their speech without straining your ears. Is it too hot? While comfort temperatures can range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (or more), excessive cold or heat can lead to the incubation of many diseases. How does the ventilation ensure indoor air is as healthy and clean as possible? Bad odors and mites can cause serious health problems.

Even though it might seem strange to architecture, ergonomics refers to the science that allows us to design spaces that are compatible with the physiological, psychological, and anatomical characteristics of our users. It describes the relationship between man-made environments and human behaviors and habits. The success of an interior design project is directly linked to its ergonomic analysis. This analysis must include the analysis of the various dimensions and proportions that the human body has. Anthropometric surveys allow us to create efficient and flexible solutions for as many people as possible.

Materials & Coatings

Also, not all materials for finishing are created equally. The choice of material is largely influenced by aesthetics, function, and cost. However, it is important to consider the composition of each material as well as the impact this may have on the environment during its lifetime. Useful life. In most cases, there is a wide range of finishes available on the market today. This allows us to assess factors like their origin, durability, and hygienic/environmental properties. These are all important considerations for the future comfort and use of the space. There are many factors that go into choosing the right coating or finish.

  • The purpose of space. Materials must reflect both the space's purpose and the potential users. It is important to consider traffic patterns, the use of the space, environmental conditions, wear, and the environment. Other factors like texture and color can also influence the space's understanding and the scattering and light effects, which in turn affect the mood and well-being of its inhabitants.
  • The substance of the material. The material's content will determine its resistance, flexibility, and malleability. This will also affect its potential application. Chemically, it is important to pay attention to the compositions of plastic coatings, binders, and paints. These additives could have detrimental or even beneficial long-term effects on indoor quality.
  • Installation systems. Final construction involves fixings or adhesives. These are highly recommended in order to avoid mistakes and reduce costs (especially when it is new construction).
  • The superficial layer. The final coat has a significant impact on the comfort of your space. The surface can be made non-slip or non-sticky and waterproof. Flashings, edges, or moldings have been included to help with cleaning and prevent accidents.

Understanding the human condition in all its anatomical, physiological, and psychological dimensions is key to comfort. We must also respect diversity and be open to learning from others. Interior designers in DelhiNot everyone moves in the same space or has the same body dimensions. Also, not everyone likes the same temperature or prefers the same light levels. Designing spaces for well-being requires a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. The key to a successful project is the observation and analysis of each person's "body and mind".

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5 Things To Know Before Designing A Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

Modern homeowners prefer modular kitchens as they maximize every inch of their space. Modular kitchens are available in Gurgaon to fit different needs and budgets. Make smart choices, be wise and select the best  modular kitchen in gurgaon for your needs. Before designing a modular home, here are five things you need to remember.

The Golden Triangle Rule

The golden triangle rule states that the stove, stove and prep slab should all be placed within four to nine feet of each other. The kitchen's focal point is the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Therefore, it should be placed strategically. It is a good idea to position the stove and refrigerator next to each other, with a temporary triangle forming between them. It's simple details such as putting your most frequently used appliances closer together to the fridge that make this golden triangle much more user-friendly. You can also create modular kitchen in delhi .

Use Low Maintenance Materials

A skilled interior designer will tell a modular kitchen owner that it needs low-maintenance materials, such as wood or marble for cabinets and countertops. These materials are easy to clean and make life much easier.

L-Shaped Features

An L-shaped kitchen fits perfectly with the rule of the golden triangle. The L-shaped layout works well for small and medium kitchen spaces. The golden triangle efficiency of stove and storage units located within 1200middle of each other is achieved. The L-shaped design allows you to use every inch of your kitchen space. You can position the sink in the corner. This will leave space for other appliances. You can use the space under the corner for sliding storage by folding a door.

Use Smart Storage Options

A modular kitchen should be designed with intelligent storage in mind. A space should be divided up for pots, spices, and appliances. With modern modular kitchen designs, sectional drawers are very popular. These drawers make it easy to organize your kitchen and keep it clean. A pull-out pantry is a standard pantry with hinged doors that can store dishes and dry food.

Quality Control

You should not compromise on the quality of your modular kitchen design, including materials, finishes, and hardware. The best kitchens will last for years and can withstand endless use. You can save money on modular kitchen accessories by choosing affordable options rather than luxury brands. You don't have to worry about it, as there are many options for  modular kitchen in noida  accessories that will suit your taste, budget, and requirements. They can also be durable.

Design Tip - Ventilation is essential for any kitchen design. While windows may be an option for modular kitchens, they are not complete without chimneys above the stove and exhaust.

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You want to make your home more comfortable, so give your  modular wardrobe design  a close look. It will save you time and money.

Let's find out how:

By taking care of your home, and making it beautiful, you will be able to bring in beautiful items that are both practical and beautiful.

As you think about your appearance and what you wear, it's time to think about your wardrobe.

Organizing your stuff in the right closet will make it easier to manage them.

It's a great time to think about buying modular cabinets.

How do you define a modular cupboard?

The modular cabinet can be disassembled, assembled and moved whenever you need it.

You only need to reserve one, and it will arrive at your doorstep and be assembled in minutes.

The modular furniture idea has been around since a while. However, the modular wardrobe concept is brand new.

It's an amazing tool for interior designers, as homeowners like yourself are discovering.

Problems presented by non-modular cabinet

First, let's look at the downsides of traditional almirahs and cabinet arrangements.

  • The traditional cabinets are very generic.
  • Traditional cupboards don't have enough shelving. This means you won't be able to store your clothes or accessories as you like.
  • Also, you will have to wait unnecessarily to get your clothes done.

  • Additionally, dust, dirt, and grease can clog your cabinets.

The modular cupboard as a final solution

You get many benefits from modular cabinets that will save you lots of money

  • Make use of your space: Modular cabinets are a smart way to make the most out of every inch. Don't waste space.

  • You can save both time and money.

  • Customize to your needs: You can select the enclosure module that you would like for your cabinet.

  • You can take it with you when moving: Fixed cabinets are expensive and you may have to buy a new one if you move.

  • Matching decoration: A modular wardrobe lets you arrange your rooms in a way that suits your style and preferences.

Also, be mindful of your wardrobe. Modular closets offer many benefits beyond the obvious. You can make your life easier with modular wardrobe design. You can be organized and never lose anything.

Discuss your needs with our experts and we'll help choose the right wardrobe for you.

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Boost Home Value | Interior Designers In Gurgaon

Although whole-house renovations are a great way to increase your home's value, there are many other options that can be done without going into debt. While exterior home improvements such as painting and grouting your house's exterior will not cost much interior designers in Gurgaon, these DIY projects can really add value to your home.

If you are ready to sell, all you need is a bit of sweat and a willingness to do it yourself. If you aren't ready to sell, there are other options that will make your house more desirable. Here are some affordable, high-value projects that you can do to improve your home.


  • According to the Houzz & Home Renovation Trends Study, 2020 and 2021, kitchens are the most expensive rooms to remodel.
  • A study revealed that master bathrooms are the most costly room in a house to remodel.
  • Experts recommend that you limit your DIY home renovations only to cosmetic upgrades such as painting or landscaping or changing fixtures.

Seven Simple Interior Updates

1. Get the walls refreshed

It doesn't take much to make your walls look better if they have stains or have been painted in a poor color. Choose a neutral colour scheme to maximize the sale value of your home. It will unify the space, make it more visible and appeal to a wider range of buyers.

2. Crown Molding Installation

It is easy to attach crown molding, which can give the character of your room. Purchase molding at a home improvement shop, cut it to fit your room (or have it cut for you), then attach it to the wall with a nailer. These decorative strips are also available in pre-painted versions. Crown molding is a job that requires some skill and the right tools. However, it can be done easily at a very low cost.

3. Updating Fixtures

It is easy to overlook switch plates, outlet covers or curtain rods, and light fixtures. But with just a few bucks, you can give your home some personality. While attractive metal switches plates and outlet covers are relatively inexpensive, they can run as high as $5 per piece. While decorative light fixtures, curtain rods, and other accessories can be more costly than the ones listed above, it is possible to make one inexpensively using spray paint. You should choose colors and finishes that appeal to a broad audience if you are selling your products.

4. Ceiling fans can be installed

Ceiling fans can be a wonderful addition to any home. They are an easy way to save money on electricity bills. Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce your heating bills and air conditioning costs. A good main fan can be purchased for around $50. A professional may be needed if you don't have overhead lighting wired. This will increase the cost.

5. Window Treatments that Improve

Plastic vertical blinds, paper blinds and aluminum horizontal blinds may be included with your home. They add no value. Plantation shutters, wooden shutters and curtains can be replaced. You can also consider neutral options if your home is up for sale.

6. Hardwood Floors Restored

In older homes, hardwood floors may be under the carpet. Hardwood floors may be identified by creaky floors. If in doubt, raise the rug to an inconspicuous corner. You will need to refinish hardwood floors to get them to their original shine. This is much cheaper than replacing them with new flooring.

7. Clean the Chimney Brick

You might find some bricks stained with creosote or soot in a brick fireplace. Your fireplace can be a key selling point of your home. To remove some of the soot, wipe it with a damp cloth. Then use a chimney cleaner that can be used to remove creosote. You will be able to make this brick look shiny after a few applications and a little bit of scrubbing with a stiff brush.

Basic Bathroom Renovations

1. Remodel Your Bathroom Floor

DIY installation can be a great way to save money. Installing flooring can be a daunting task if you don't have the right knowledge. By saving money on labor, you can get better-looking floors than you could ever afford. For the best value, opt for neutral tiles.

2. Updating Fixtures

Replacing outdated, low-quality, or generic fixtures can make your bathroom appear brighter and more luxurious. A sleeker bathroom vanity or ceiling light can be replaced for around $40-100. You can get a new faucet by paying a similar amount. A chrome spa-style showerhead adds a touch luxury for only $80. Towel racks cost between $20 and $30, making them a quick and affordable solution. Sometimes, an upgrade can improve the energy efficiency of your home. This not only adds to its aesthetic, but also makes it more eco-friendly.

Here are some quick fixes to keep your kitchen current

1. Paint or Stain Kitchen Cabinets

It's possible to buy new cabinets, save money and install them yourself. But it is more labor-intensive than painting or staining. existing. White cabinets add brightness to a kitchen and make it look more modern. They are also easy to repaint by future homeowners if they desire something new. You'll need to take out all hardware from your cabinets. To ensure your work isn't damaged by oily residue and dirt, you will need to first clean your cabinets. Consider sprucing your bathroom cabinets.

2. Upgrade Cabinet Knobs And Drawer Handles

It is amazing how even a small item, like a cabinet handle, can make your kitchen look dated or cheap. You can give your kitchen a makeover by updating the hardware, no matter whether you're renovating or not.

Seven Ways to Save Money When You Refresh Your Exterior

Although it may be tempting to forget about the outside of your home, it is the first and often only impression that others will have about your home. Here are some ways you can improve it.

1. Install a brand new front door

A basic steel door can cost $100. But, for $100 to $200 more you can get a door that has more character and enhances your home's curb-side appeal. You may be able to get a door painted in an appealing color if the cost of a new one is prohibitive.

2. Replace the Front Doormat

If you have the same doormat for many years, it is easy to forget just how old and dirty it has become. It is the first thing people see when they enter your home. This is where $20 can make a huge difference.

3. Clean Your Gutters

This is a task that is more about maintaining the home's value and less about increasing it. If your gutters don't work properly, water can collect and infiltrate your foundation. This could lead to mold and mildew. Water damage to the home can eventually cause irreparable structural damage, which can lead to expensive repairs.

4. Power Wash Your Exterior

You can get your home's exterior looking almost as good with a pressure washing, which takes less time and costs you much less money.

5. Repaint The Exterior

A new coat of paint might be a good idea if the exterior of your house hasn't been brightened as much as you hoped. The task is not easy because of the heights and stairs involved. But, even though you will need to hire people to complete the job, it's relatively affordable when it comes home improvement. Your home can look brand new. start. Out of.

6. Power Wash Your Driveway and Patio Walkways

The pressure washer can be rented to clean any driveway or patio. They will look brand new afterward, you will be amazed.

7. Landscape Maintenance: Update or clean up existing landscape

Brightening your home's exterior with flowers or other plants is a great way of adding color. Greenery can be used in front of your home and along walkways to draw people's attention. Perennials will last longer than annuals and can be replanted year after year. You can patch any bald spots with fresh sod, or sow grass seed, if you have the time. Also, trim existing trees and shrubs for a complete yard transformation.

The bottom line

It doesn't necessarily have to be complicated or expensive, nor does it have to involve contractors. You can find a variety of projects to suit your budget and skill level, Interior Designers in Delhi, and increase the home's worth. These home improvement ideas can help you make the most of your home, regardless of whether you plan to sell it or stay there. You must ensure that your DIY projects are in harmony with the house's overall aesthetic before you consider any DIY projects. The best home design software will help you do this.

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11 Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Your Walls | Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

Now is the perfect time to bring your best room to life. The kitchen is where you can gather with friends and family, make memories and prepare delicious meals. modular kitchen in gurgaon You will enjoy the kitchen when you spend a lot of time there. These ideas can bring new life to the places you cook, eat, or dance.

Decorating ideas for the kitchen

*Disclosure - Some affiliate links may be included. If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. It allows me to continue to create content for you and I truly appreciate your support!

1. Open shelving

If you prefer your kitchen to be larger and more open, open shelves can be a great option. They can also be used for many purposes. You can use them to display gorgeous dishes, accents, and artwork, as well as plants and accents. Open shelves offer a wonderful way to display cookbooks if you are a cookbook collector. You can also use baskets to group similar items and keep everything neat and tidy.

2. Kitchen Gallery Wall

You can create a gallery wall if you have a large wall and don't want to put a bookcase. A mix of art prints and large-format metal or wood-framed quotes, letters, symbols, and portraits can be hung to create an eclectic look.

3. Kitchen Wall Art

Get a This Kitchen Is For Dancing poster from our shop to let everyone in your home know what it is for. This wall decor can also be used to decorate your gallery wall.

4. Coffee Mugs

Instead of hiding your treasured collection of coffee cups behind closed doors, let them be seen by everyone! Coffee mug holders like this one help keep your mugs organized, so you can grab your coffee when you need it.

5. Hanging pots & pans

Better homes and gardens

Your kitchen utensils can also serve as decor. It is important to organize your pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils if you are a fan of them and often use them. Although hanging shelves are most commonly hung from the ceiling you can also hang pots and pans on a wall.

6. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboards add warmth and rustic charm to any kitchen. A  modular kitchen in delhi  It can be used to record your shopping list or schedule, as well as an inspirational quote. Chalkboard walls make a simple DIY project. They are also a great place to practice your handwriting skills.

7. Command Center

One command center may be composed of many different components. Combine different organizational tools to accomplish a variety of tasks. You can combine these materials to create your own.

  • Whiteboard for notes
  • Weekly planner to plan meals, chores, watering, and other tasks
  • Corkboard for items that you wish to save or keep in your pocket
  • Racebook
  • Calendar to see the date in a glance
  • Mail filing with metal baskets
  • Hanging invitations with a paperweight
  • Inspirational wall art

8. Cutting Board Collection

Your kitchen decorating ideas should be different! The most beautiful and natural patterns and textures found on cutting boards are often rustic and organic. Different sizes, shapes, and wood finishes are possible to create a stunning display. You don't have to install them in your cabinets if space is limited.

9. Bold Accent Wall

A brush is a great way to make your space stand out. Give your accent wall some personality by adding a cool color. Choose from a variety of shades to make your accent wall stand out. It doesn't matter what color you choose, it will set the tone for your entire room.

10. (Faux) Brick

Brick is a beautiful, timeless texture. Its historical nature makes brick a great choice for farmhouse kitchens. Even if your home isn't built with this element, there are still options. Faux bricks can look very real and add visual interest to your home. Mandy, from Vintage Revivals, has a wonderful tutorial on how bricks can be installed in your home.

11. Macrame Wall Hanging

Another texture option is macrame. It adds a playful, bohemian flair. These gorgeous tapestries can be displayed as a centerpiece or an accent.

modular kitchen in noida Considers what works for your living space and bedroom when it comes to decorating your kitchen. Then, apply that knowledge to your kitchen.

What element do you look forward to most in your home decor? Please comment below!

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Modular Wardrobe Design For The Fashion Conscious


If you live in the latest fashion, and are constantly looking at the page 3 column to see the most recent celebrity designs, then you will know that a well-organized modular wardrobe design is essential for maximizing your fashion finds. Your wardrobe should not only look great, but also provide practical storage for all your clothes, accessories, and other items. We will show you how!

Different Types of Clothes

It's important to plan how to store different types of clothing: pants, dresses, skirts, ethnic wear and funky party wear. Solution. Is it easier to hang clothes? You might feel more comfortable hanging clothes in your closet if so. You might be one of those people who likes to store clothes in tidy piles. If so, you can add shelves. Do not put too many shelves together. Otherwise, large piles can get cumbersome and tipover. A minimum of one foot between shelves is ideal. This tip is helpful: Keep wrinkled clothes on hangers.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are a must-have for fashion lovers! Accessible fashion accessories such as hairpieces or headbands should be kept in a place that makes them easy to access without digging through piles. There is probably a mirror in your bedroom. A chest of drawers near the dresser, or dressing table, is the ideal place to store small accessories.

You don't need a full-sized chest of drawers for your bedroom. Instead, you should have some drawers that are only used for accessories. Make sure to plan for drawers less than 3 inches high and include dividers to keep each accessory in its own compartment.

Wardrobe Loft

An attic is a must to store bulky items, such as suitcases. Place boxes that you don’t need very often on top.


If your hats don't get stored properly, they will bend or lose their shape. You can keep them looking brand new by getting a coat rack that you can hang when not in use. You can find a beautiful piece that will look great in your bedroom. For a hat wall, add a few hooks for as little as $10.

If you don’t want to show your hats, place them in your closet below the hanging clothes.


If your hats don't get stored properly, they will bend or lose their shape. You can keep them looking great by getting a coat rack that you can hang when they're not in use. An elegant piece can be installed in your bedroom  modular wardrobe design  to display your prized possession like an art piece. For a hat wall, add a few hooks for as little as $10.

You can keep your hats hidden in your closet under your clothes if you don't want to.


How often do you change your bags? If you have to match your bag with every outfit, ensure they're accessible. They can be stored in an area of the closet you don’t use as often. To hang scarves and stoles from the wardrobe, belts, ties and other items, add hooks to your wardrobe door. Tie scarves securely so that they don’t slip or get floppy on the closet floor.

The best way to organize your closet is to put similar items together and use every inch of your closet. Your clothes will dictate the shelves and drawers you use. You can color code each clothing category to make it easy to find the right item, especially if you have the option to mix and match to create your own style statement. Yourhomz designers are available for customization.


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11 Clever Ideas For A Small Indian Modular Kitchen In Gurgaon

While renovating or designing a new kitchen is exciting, it's important to remember the limitations of small kitchens. This article is also useful if your goal is to maximize space in your small module kitchen in Gurgaon. You can find small kitchen design ideas to fit any budget or taste. We hope you take away lots of ideas and inspiration for your next kitchen project. Continue reading to see all the ideas available.

1. Add a Small Table

You can fit a small table with just a few chairs in the corner of your kitchen. You can save space by choosing something lightweight that fits in a corner.

2. Choose from Three Colours

One smart tip to design small kitchens is to use only three colors. Too many colors can make small kitchens look crowded. A rigid color palette can make your kitchen look smaller and more organized.

3. Break the Rules

Architecture has its own rules. But sometimes, it is a good idea not to follow them. While tall cabinets are the norm, they can be a problem if there isn't enough storage space. Take a look at the amount of storage space in this kitchen!

4. Highlight with an Accent

A small space can seem larger than it really is by using one color. But accenting the best parts of your kitchen with a bright or other color can help you to emphasize it. space. Indian-inspired interiors are also a great choice for small kitchens.

5. Marble that Reflects

In a small space kitchen, a little marble or luxury can make a big difference. It reflects light back into the room and helps to expand it. Modular Kitchen in Delhi There are other reflective materials that can be used in place of marble to achieve the same effect.

6. Large Windows

A few large windows can make the kitchen appear larger and more open. Smart kitchen window design will allow more natural sunlight and fresh air to pass through. It is less likely that your kitchen will become unbearably hot.

7. Glass-Fronted Wall Cupboards

Glass tall cabinets and their space-enhancing reflective qualities are always welcome. Glossy walls tiles can be used to further enhance the effect.

8. All White

A white kitchen is the best choice if your space is very small. This will make it cooler and easier to work in. However, keeping it brightly white will require more care and maintenance.

9. Let It Hang

To save space, hang as many things possible. The counter should not be used as a storage space. It will take up valuable space in the kitchen and slow down kitchen work. For this purpose, make sure that you have enough hooks on the wall. You can also hang pots, pans or spices, as well as paper towels, on the wall.

10. Integrate Ends

Built-in shelving can be used at the end of an island to organize kitchen clutter and hidden bins.

11. Make use of Metal

Mirrors and glass are not the only options. Metal and metallic materials can reflect light, making spaces appear larger than they actually are. Modular Kitchen in Noida You can also get a modern industrial look to your kitchen.

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Predict The Next Major Wallpaper Trends | Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Wallpaper has never been out of fashion. However, wallpaper has had a difficult time shedding its image as old-fashioned and intimidating. Wallpaper, as well as the design industry, can be both nostalgic and relaxing. House Beautiful was told by Danielle Colding (a Manhattan designer) that "everything old is new again" and there are "no more rules." Wallpaper today is a harmonious combination of timeless design, youthful innovation, Interior Designers in Gurgaon depths and vitality.

If you have been trying to avoid wallpaper because it is difficult to remove, or it makes your home look older, we can help. Wallpaper is an excellent way to personalize your room, even if you don't have the budget for major renovations or architectural nuances. His sole purpose is bring life to a space and make it feel his own. However, the wallpaper revival teaches us to not be afraid to have fun and not be afraid. Let's take a look at five modern wallpaper trends to give the old-school design a fresh look.


Payton Cosell Turner co-founder of Flat Vernacular says that while repeating patterns are great, "non-repeating murals open up many possibilities." These murals are, like painted murals in a space, the best storytellers. They have the ability to communicate with and capture moods. These hand-painted and printed murals will cover your walls with floor–to-ceiling artwork. They are inspired from the beauty of the imperfect, the ephemeral and the earth which found us. You will be transported to another world by some of these abstracts, while others may seem more familiar.


The digital age is full of innovation. The digital age is full of photorealistic, modern interpretations and photos of classic patterns. Britt Zunino from Studio DB says that she wants to see these designs evolve and incorporate modern architectural moments. Turner enjoys "gradually changing geometric patterns along walls", as they give the illusion of movement and are still modern.


Emily Henderson, a LA-based interior designer and guru, says that the world needs more "chintz". We're blessed to have a shortage of flowers that look like mothballs. Designers are now layering classic patterns such as canvas in whimsical patterns and electric colours to create prints that are just as charming as they are sophisticated. If the wallpaper is a timeless classic, it looks amazing when paired with eclectic furniture and decor elements that have modern appeal. Colding states that even a traditional like de Gournay isn't taken too seriously when it's designed this way. This interesting juxtaposition of tradition and avant-garde is so refreshing and intriguing.


Although there are many bold, striking wallpapers, we are also seeing subtler designs. Translation: Beige does not have to be boring. This is as long as there is some texture or perception, light interactions, and even two-dimensional design. Zunino mentioned that faux suedes are becoming more popular, especially for those who don’t want to wear color. Monochrome variations of a bolder color also keep a presence. Interior designers in delhi If you are thinking, "no way! We still need color!" then look for an impressionistic rendition of the clouds in nature. The piece will be more interesting if it has ombres, low contrast heather prints, and toned faux suede.


These watercolor-inspired, painterly designs are still a favorite. Zunino says that variations on the theme, including micro-print designs or over-the-top, give it a modern, fresh feel. These wall coverings can be transformed into works of art by incorporating an artistic approach. You can imagine rich colors, expressive brushstrokes and whimsical elegance.

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Yourhomz Interior Designers

10 Modular Wardrobe Design For Your Home

Modern bedroom without a closet would be like having a beautiful home without electricity. This image is so ingrained in our brains that we often think of the bedroom as the furniture and the modular wardrobe design. Modern homes actually have a dedicated wardrobe wall. Because it is a wall covering in our bedroom, we have to maintain its functionality. Check out these modern and stylish wardrobe designs to give your bedroom a fresh makeover.

1. You must do your homework before you design a wardrobe.

Some jobs are easier when performed by professionals. Their experience and training will help you choose the best home for you. But only you know what is best for your home. So that your costumes can be displayed well on the wall, it's important to understand the basics.

Before you begin to assemble the wardrobe, measure the space in which the wardrobe will be installed. This measurement is particularly important for built-in cabinets. It is possible to make a significant difference by allowing for a few inches of variation.

Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want in your space. Think about the dimensions of your requirements: shelves, drawers, hanging rails, bag hooks, and the height, width, and depth of each rack.

Don't forget to include the cabinet's exterior in your room decoration. It should look great and be in line with the space theme.

2. Mirrors and patterns for the wardrobe

This mirror creates the illusion of space in small rooms which is common in small houses and apartments. The mirror has two side mirrors that are attached to the cabinet doors, and the central part is decorated with beautiful engravings. It's fashionable and hip.

3. Intelligent storage that is smart and intelligent

The mother of all invention is necessity. This is the case with this designer wardrobe. You will find long wooden handles and doors with long doors. Then, there's a side door with narrow hinges and shelves on either side. These shelves allow you to easily slide accessories or shoes out.

4. To play different roles

The space can be used floor-to ceiling or wall to wall. But, having a desk, desk, or desk, will help you organize your busy life. The cabinet's bright, clean finish makes this space look incredible.

5. One with sliding doors

Modular wardrobe design Sliding doors don't take up any extra space. Let this be a guideline and make your door the centerpiece of the room.

6. All around the TV

This wooden cabinet, with hidden handle built in around the TV, creates a beautiful wall. It also provides enough storage space to keep your living room organized. Its simplicity and warmth are striking.

7. The complete package

There are drawers, long doors and mezzanine. You can also have seating on the sides or a vanity in the middle. This wardrobe is perfect for your bedroom. The classic combination wood and white will match any color wall.

8. The front view

Open doors to a wardrobe can trap dirt from the outside and make clothes look dirty. Clear glass closet doors will allow you to see your closet from the outside, but keep it open for ease. You can use small shelves, drawers and hangers inside to organize your closet and keep it from looking cluttered.

9. For the Children Room

It is true that your children's room will require more storage space than usual. There will be clothes, books and shoes as well as toys and books. It is usually smaller than the master bedrooms, so it requires extra effort to make sure it fits all the items it holds. Use your creativity to make it appealing and energetic.

10. A walk-in wardrobe behind sliding doors

The sliding screen can be hidden behind a cabinet to make your dressing room elegant. modular wardrobe design The smooth cabinet doors keep the shine of the sliding door's glass door.

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This kitchen is great for entertaining!

In the back of the house was the kitchen, hidden for decades. It was the place where meals could be prepared and dishes washed. Now, the role of the kitchen has changed significantly. Today, the modular kitchen in Gurgaon serves as the center of the home. It is the place where everyone gathers at the beginning of each day and after a long work day. From now on the kitchen will be the focal point of the house, shining in all its beauty.

The kitchen has changed significantly over the past decades. It is important to plan your kitchen remodel. Modern cuisine is a result of technological advancements and changes in social dynamics. The emphasis now is on open-plan homes that are centered around the kitchen to allow everyone to be together. The modern design trend of clean, simple designs has won the favor of homeowners. Natural light has been a key aspect of the overall layout and function in the kitchen.

These are the top 10 design trends for kitchens that we expect to see by 2022.

#1. Smart Kitchens

Technology is now a major part of the kitchen, but not only in the form fancy gadgets and appliances. A kitchen can be equipped with all the technology you need, from lighting to faucets to fridges to lights. It is known as a smart-kitchen.

Houseace explained to us that smart kitchens were an evolving part of design. Today's smart kitchens are often built from scratch. Sensors, smart appliances and other appliances are available for older kitchens.

These are the top 10 design trends for kitchens that we expect to see by 2022.

The Easy Add-Ons are kitchen faucets that have a motion sensor and can automatically turn on or off if there is a person underneath. You can have your coffee prepared in the morning by a programmed coffee maker or refrigerator that alerts you when your groceries run low. You can also get a device that monitors the health of your eggs and alerts you when they're about to go bad. Make sure to upgrade your lighting system. This will allow you to control all lights from your smartphone and tablet.

Technology-integrated kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners experiment with new technologies. This is one trend that will continue to be popular in 2022.

#2. Cabinet Colors - Dark Colors Finally Here, & White is on Its Way Out!

White cabinets can look great in any kitchen design, but we are beginning to see them disappear. In 2022, white cabinets are expected to be in decline. Expect islands to be available in a range of colors and wood stains, a refreshing change from the traditional white kitchen. Mixing finishes creates an accent piece that adds extra color and pops of color for the bold.

These colors will be most popular with shades of green and blue. Other than the neutral tones of nature, there is a new color palette that is coming to the kitchen: dark jewel colors like black, navy blue and emerald. With their dramatic, luxurious appearance, dark kitchen cabinets will amaze you.

Dark kitchen cabinets have an elegant, luxurious look that is unmatched by other options. These cabinets add a subtle drama to the kitchen. It is important to not make the kitchen too dark, as it can dominate the space. However, more homeowners are opting for darker kitchen cabinets in 2022. The 2022 hottest home will feature a lot more black and darker tones.

#3. Streamlined Designs, Materials and Textures 

The traditional farmhouse style and the mid-century modern are still very popular. However, homeowners are becoming more minimalist in their kitchen design, aesthetics, and other materials. It is a place you'd love to return to, to unwind from the stresses of daily life. It usually means simplicity. Simple looks mean clean, modern lines. They will continue being a big hit into 2022. You can find design inspiration in our home improvement portfolio.

The trend to remove upper wall cabinets is growing in popularity. This visually opens up space, makes the kitchen seem larger, and gives it a brighter and bigger feel. You can use the counter space more efficiently. Modular Kitchen in Delhi It's not hard for most people to reach the top shelves on cabinets. If you are looking for extra storage space or a centerpiece, open shelving is an excellent alternative.

Simplified does not necessarily mean boring. Consider textured materials. You can use open shelving to incorporate natural elements. A focal point for your space is natural stone tiles and carved, beveled and stacked backsplash tiles. These textures are very distinct from the shiny, polished finishes you often see. A ceiling treatment might be a good idea to add that finishing touch. The best options are trays, coffered ceilings and wooden beams.

#4. Quartz is Still King 

Quartz remains the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. It's extremely durable, lasts practically forever, is easy to maintain, and it is antimicrobial. Granite, the main competitor, is more difficult to maintain.

Quartz countertops first came on the market with limited options in terms of color and finishes. With the advancement of technology, quartz countertops now come in a variety of colors as well as real stone patterns. Quartz finishes can have intricate swirls or large veins, which mimic natural stone. These distinctive styles have been extremely popular.

However, there is a trend toward softening and more neutral colours. Owners are choosing gray, taupe or cream finishes more often. For the recent particle streaks, patterns preferences have changed. This trend is consistent with cleaner styles found in most homes.

We'll be back on countertops soon, but it's worth mentioning composite sinks. These sinks are made of the same material as the countertop. This makes the sinks look cleaner and more uniform, and makes it much easier to clean and maintain. But it will be difficult to compete with the stainless steel sinks and farmhouses.

 #5. Effective Storage Solution Cabinetry 

Kitchen cabinets have a major drawback: they waste too much space. A lot of space is wasted because of the way the drawers and base shelves are designed. Worse, it can be too small for your largest items, or vice versa.

A functional kitchen starts with kitchen storage. You will experience endless frustrations and problems if your kitchen storage is ineffective or insufficient. These storage issues are being overcome by homeowners who are looking for better storage solutions. These include small appliance garages as well as cutlery and other utensil drawer and dividers. Tray dividers, spice drawers and tray dividers are all options. These will make it much easier to store food, drinks, small appliances and other small items.

 #6. Hardwood Flooring is Still the Shining Star but Ceramic Tile is on its Heels 

Solid parquet remains very popular for kitchen flooring. Ceramic flooring is the next most popular option. Ceramic flooring is now possible in many different styles, sizes and designs due to the advancements in technology.

You can find ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood floors. Ceramic is a good choice if you want hardwood-like look but are looking for something more manageable. Ceramic tile can mimic wood and other materials like natural stone. You can modify the surface texture to mimic these materials.

Size does not have to be the same as before. There are many options for larger format tiles. When laid on the ground, single plank tiles can look almost like wide hardwood planks. To create a custom-designed kitchen, you can have the tiles trimmed to size.

#7. Single Level Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become more than an afterthought. They have become the center of the kitchen and the main axis. A major change is the increased size of single tiers, which serve multiple purposes. This is especially important since there is less wall space for kitchen cabinets. The kitchen island should be striking and make an impact.

The 2022 kitchen islands will be the largest and most versatile. They will come with storage cabinets, various under-the counter appliances, and seating. The kitchen island is expanding to accommodate this increase in size. This trend is being seen in open-plan homes that have large living spaces. This allows the kitchen island be multifunctional, without taking up much kitchen space.

#8. Beautiful Backsplash Trends

Backsplashes are a fun way to decorate your home. The tile backsplashes for kitchens can be a great way to decorate your home. Who can keep up with the constant changes? Our guide to the top kitchen backsplash design trends will help you.

First, metro tiles are now available! They aren't completely out, but owners who use them now prefer the larger tiles. Larger tiles are being used, along with tiles of different textures or patterns. These tiles come in a variety of colors. It really depends on what color combinations you have in your kitchen. Pops of color are very popular right now. This allows you to be creative with your design. If you are looking for a classic look, neutral patterns with natural textures are another option.

Another important change we see in tile backsplashes are their sizes and the area they cover. These large slabs are dominating. These slabs are made of marble, quartz and wood as well as copper, stainless steel and glass . Modular Kitchen in Noida There is no end to the possibilities! For wall coverings, backsplashes extend to the ceiling. The homeowners have more wall space now that upper cabinets are gone. This space is ideal for decorating with tile backsplashes.

 #9. Connecting With The Great Outdoors 

Literally! They connect their kitchen with an outside space or patio. They create access points from the kitchen to outside entertaining areas. These spaces can be connected easily by installing glass doors in your kitchen. We have also been working on a new design idea lately: remove the small window at the sink and replace it with 5--6 foot-wide windows. This will require removing walls cabinets and cropping.

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Decorating with an eclectic approach can be challenging. To get advice about how to create this unique style in your home, we invite interior designers in gurgaon


A simple color palette can make an interior more interesting by incorporating rough and smooth textures. Adams says to look out for thick, shaggy, or knotty rugs, pillows or woven fabric in furniture, treasures, or wood furnishings, as well soft, smooth finishes made in iron or other metals.


Adams suggests that texture matching is crucial, but it's also possible for a texture to be used at least three times in different parts of the house. It helps to maintain a cohesive appearance.


Your eye needs to be able to relax when it comes to eclectic decorating. Adams says, "Keep shelves and tabletops clear and think about molding artwork on the wall to make it interesting." It doesn't matter what you show. Sometimes it's what you leave out.


It doesn't mean you have to see your entire collection all at once. Adams encourages mixing things up to keep the environment interesting. She says, "Edit only your favorite pieces and rotate pieces for variety and seasonality."


Planning an eclectic space can be overwhelming. It is easy to get carried away by the color, texture, and pattern choices that will create the desired look. Don't forget to consider the placement. Konig states, "Design is more important than fabric or color in a space." The design of furniture will make it more comfortable and feel more like a place you would want to spend time in. Before you begin shopping for bedroom decor in Gurgaon, make sure to determine the exact location of each piece. You may find that there isn't enough room for the quirky floor lamp, or that trunk from 19th century.


It is important to remember that eclectic styling can combine styles and times across many elements. However, a curated look should have a purpose. Joybird suggests creating a focal feature (or accentuating one already existing) by adding a bold, eye-catching piece, such an accent wall, fireplace or decorative piece.


Be mindful that the space is intended to be lived-in when you choose decor. Konig advises, "Let your utility inform your decorations." It's daunting to see a blank room and to have to choose colors and fabrics to decorate it. However, the utility is a powerful decorator. You can think about how you use a space to store it. Think baskets, shelves or drink trays. These elements will give your space a comfortable, lived-in feel.


While eclectic style can be varied in its nature, each room of your home should complement the others. Joybird says, "Infuse your home with eclecticism to create fluidity." Your space will look chaotic if your style changes from one room or another. You can make your home more eclectic by making a commitment to updating every room.


A single color should be the unifying element of your design. Joybird says, "Let the color serve to be a great equalizer. It brings the overall look together." No matter what color you choose, it is important to keep the look cohesive no matter what.


You don't have to choose your favorite color. Konig states, "The colors can do strange things and it will become very confusing." You can paint the colors you love on the boards. Then, look at them isolated. When shopping for decor or fabric, painted boards can be used as a reference.


Your goal should be to balance scale and symmetry. Joybird states that similar lines can be used to create harmony in design, regardless of whether the pieces are different styles, textures, time periods or times. Don't sacrifice organization for diversity.


You don't have to abandon all rules when designing eclectic rooms. Joybird states that layers and updos can be distracting or busy, but there's a fine balance. To keep the room from looking chaotic, limit the amount of different styles you can have in it.


Don't try a new, eclectic style and be disappointed. Konig says, "Wait till the room is finished and live with it until then." Interior designers in gurgaon


You can find a wide variety of materials, patterns and art accessories to create this eclectic style. Joybird states that home accessories such as pillows, paintings, artwork and accent pillows are a handy way to give a room a fresh look.


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Spending time together in the Modular kitchen in Noida can have many benefits. There are many benefits to eating together as a family.

* Increased academic achievement for children and adolescents.

Family discussions are a great way to strengthen and improve family relationships.

* The ability to select healthier and more nutritious food.

* Less risk for teens engaging in high-risk behaviours

* A strong support system helps to reduce stress and emotional distress.

By creating the ultimate family space, you can encourage your family members to spend more time in their kitchen.


A family kitchen can be a safe, functional, attractive, and comfortable space for everyone in the home. Follow these six tips to design your own family kitchen.


The importance of seating in a family's kitchen is paramount. Seats are essential in a family kitchen. Comfortable seating will make your family more likely to enjoy dinner together.

The best family meals, such as pizza, pasta, and desserts, are also the most difficult to clean. Choose easy-to clean fabrics when selecting chairs and bar stools to fit in your family's kitchen. For delicate seats, you can use washable covers.


Displaying a large family menu in your dining room is a smart idea. This will allow you to show your family the week's plans. It's simple to add new items weekly by using chalkboard paint or a dry erase marker.

You can organize your shopping list ahead of time and give your family a clear idea of what you will be making each night. To make it even more fun, you can organize "theme nights" throughout your week like Taco Tuesdays or Leftovers Night.


In family kitchens, easy-to clean building materials are essential, especially for floors and worktops. Quartz, vinyl, or laminate countertops are easy-to-maintenance and will withstand the chaos that comes with family meals.

You have many options when it comes to flooring. Avoid installing rugs into your kitchen because it is difficult to clean them and dry them. You can add character and color to your space by choosing a colorful, washable rug.

Let's be real. You're human. Good cabinetry can be damaged by the daily use of a kitchen. Wolf Signature cabinets with SmartShield technology make cleanup easy. Wolf Signature cabinets are protected by SmartShield technology. It looks and feels like paint but it is much easier to clean. Modular kitchen in Noida. You can make a mess, clean up the mess, and move on to your next adventure.


You are likely familiar with child protection if you have children under the age of five. Childproofing means installing cabinets and shelves with closed doors that are high enough to hide potentially dangerous items, such as knives, kitchen utensils, or cleaning supplies.

Baby gates are another option to keep your children safe in dangerous kitchen areas. You can add corner guards to protect your little one's head from being bumped around the edges of your island, kitchen counters and dining room table.


Involving your child in meal preparation will extend family time, teach life skills and help you to keep the family together. You can involve your child in different ways, depending on his or her age.

It is important to teach your children how to cook early and allow them to express themselves in the kitchen.

* Adopt healthy eating habits

* Be more imaginative

* Get more adventurous.

* Measure ingredients to learn basic math formulas and math basics.

* Help them improve their reading comprehension with recipes.

* Find out about the history of food and different cultures.

* Take care of yourself.

Make sure that furniture is at least 6 inches tall for a child-friendly design. If this is impossible, you can designate a special stool to help your child. For your children's cooking and baking tools, you can create a drawer in your kitchen that they can use to organize their items while cleaning.


To make space for all the dishes and pantry items, as well as pots and pans in the kitchen, you need plenty of storage. You can incorporate traditional storage space into your kitchen design by including drawers, cabinets, pantries and pot racks.

Other space-saving tips for small kitchens or budget-conscious homeowners include:

* Installation of sliding or removable pantries

* Install spice racks within your cabinets.

* Installation of floating shelves along the wall

* To save space, choose a built in microwave oven.

* A magnetic knife holder can be purchased to hang near the stove.


Wolf Signature cabinets feature SmartShield technology and are perfect for those who want kitchen cabinets that will withstand family meals. Modular Kitchen in Noida SmartShield technology, a durable laminate coating wraps 360° around cabinet doors for superior style and protection.

That means kitchen cabinets that are:

* Withstands heat, humidity and drips or spills that may occur during cooking.

* Do not leave any permanent marks or scratches on bumps or scratches.

* Resists peeling and deterioration over the course of time.

* Resists all stains, even those from the most disgusting pizza parties.

Wolf Signature Cabinets can be customized with additional storage and custom touches, including built-in spice racks, trim, moldings, or decorative trim. Select Wolf cabinets can be expedited shipped, so you will get your cabinets in days instead of weeks.

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9 Affordable Kitchen Flooring Options | Modular Kitchen In Delhi

The heart of any home is its kitchen. It should be elegant and stylish. You will find large cabinets and ample counter space. Modular kitchen in delhi  They can also be used for entertaining.

High-end apartments can be as expensive as $30 per square foot. You will still need to purchase grout, glue, and other materials.

You can get more value by choosing cheaper flooring.

1. Cork Flooring

Shakoor Interiors, a Chicago-based interior designer firm, specializes in fine art surface design.

"Colored Cork is unpredicted, unique, affordable, environmentally-friendly, durable, and unexpected. Shakoor says that it can blend well with hardwood floors in adjoining rooms like the living or dining areas.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is my first choice. "

Porcelain tileware is a good option for high traffic areas. Fixr estimates that a finished floor will cost between $500 and $7,000. Simply enter the exact square footage and location of your home to get the estimated cost.

3. Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

It's easy to lose yourself in a Pinterest whirlwind searching for wood species. There are many options for wood species.

Both engineered and solid wood flooring options are available. Both engineered and solid wood flooring are available.

"Wood" is a good choice for small kitchens with low traffic. Shakoor suggests using patterned wood to avoid monotony.

Walnut is a great choice for hardwood floors because it's affordable. You can also find pronounced grain patterns in walnut.

Unfinished utility oak is an option if oak flooring is not the right choice for you, but they are available at major flooring retailers. These are less expensive than $1.50 per square. They cost less than $1.50 per square foot. You can also choose from a variety v-grooves or square edges. This gives them a rustic look that is suitable for Modular Country Kitchens in Delhi. Or, you can sand the pieces and give them a modern look after they are installed.

While engineered flooring is affordable, they are usually less expensive than high-quality hardwood floors. Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl blog. Wood prices vary by region.

4. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), Flooring

Momentum Property Solutions, a Huntsville-based real property investment company, is owned by Jordan Fulmer. They have renovated more than a dozen homes.

Fulmer almost exclusively uses luxury vinyl flooring for kitchen remodels. It's waterproof, easy to install, and can resist scratches in many styles.

Fulmer states there are two options when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring. You can choose the one you like best.

Lowe's offers over 600 choices. You can find some of these options for as low as 1 cent per square feet.

5. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Floors

Fulmer states that luxury vinyl tiles are usually 12-inch tiles by 24 inches tiles. These luxury vinyl tiles can look like porcelain or ceramic tiles. "

Related: How To Install Self Adhesive Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tiles can look very similar to stone or marble because of the way they are made.

6. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is both durable and affordable, so it's easy to stretch your budget.

Bamboo flooring can be bought in natural stained bamboo with edges for as low as $2/square feet. To prevent scratches, use felt pads on furniture legs.

7. Parquet Wood Flooring

Floors that are easy to walk on are made from small pieces of wood. Prefinished oak parquet slabs in medium brown with a high gloss finish can be purchased for as low $3 per square foot.

8. Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring offers the look and feel of dark wood flooring, but at a fraction of the cost of hardwood flooring. Modular kitchen in delhi Laminate flooring can be laid flat without glue.

9. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles can be used to make a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen. Tiles are only $1 per square foot.

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9 Bedroom Curtain Ideas | Interior Designers In Delhi

To help you design your bedroom, we've collected our favorite bedroom curtains ideas. Interior Designers in Delhi No matter what your budget, curtains are a popular choice for any room in the home, especially the bedroom.

You can achieve a luxurious look with blackout curtains for the best sleeping experience. Or, you can create the most natural bedroom designs with voile and curtains. You can find endless inspiration and make your bedroom feel magical. You can, of course.

Which are the Best Curtains for Bedrooms?

Different curtains have different pros and cons. It is important to choose the right fabric when making curtains or drapes. Although they can provide privacy and beauty, light and airy options may not be the best option if you prefer to sleep in complete darkness. The best blackout curtains are a better option. Shaggy linens, heavy cotton, and rich velvets will block light and drafts better than lighter fabrics such as shaggy and heavy fabric.


A subtle color pairing is always in fashion. We love the soft yellow ocher and cream hue. It will enhance the beautiful yellow accents throughout the space and make it a cheerful place to be in every morning.


Nothing is more relaxing than soft, sag-inducing curtains. You won't regret bringing this look home.


Budget is the next step in your search for bedroom curtain ideas. You have two choices when buying curtains. You can buy ready-made windows for a lower price and won't need to wait for them to make. However, some windows may not be able to be fitted properly. If this happens, the curtains will have to be adjusted to fit the window. .

Made-to-measure curtains will give you exactly what you need. Although it can be costly, there are many brands offering this service at very low prices online. If you decide to go this route, it is a good idea to order fabric samples.


If you are choosing curtains for your bedroom, take into account the shape of the window as well as its size. Also, think about the size of the room. Bulky curtains can make the room seem smaller. You will need curtains that are a bit wider to fit around a bay window. Interior designers in delhi recommend that you measure your windows and select at least one curtain. You should make sure that the curtains are at least an inch longer than your window. Curtains that drop to the floor look more elegant and relaxed than curtains that are just a few inches shorter.


The design of the curtain top is an important part of bedroom curtain ideas. Pencil pleat curtains are made with small hooks. Although they can be a little difficult to hold in place at times, they allow for a neat drape over the window and keep light out. curtain. .

Grommet curtains are a great option if you don't have a curtain rod. These are more straightforward to hang and require a minimum length to keep light from leaking into the window. Match blinds or shutters can also be used to match the grommet curtains. .


Bold colors and patterns can add character and interest to rooms that are relatively simple. Plain curtains can be soothing if you have boldly patterned bedding. Noting that large patterns can appear more modern, while smaller patterns may look more traditional.



This gorgeous antique white Dulcet linen mix bedroom curtain fabric is inspired by the work of 19th-century landscape painters. Annie Sloan hand-painted it in chalk using her famous chalk painting technique. It has abstract trees and landscapes in three classic paint colors, Old White (Paris Gray), Amsterdam Green (Amsterdam Green), and looks great with dark walls. This fabric is a great choice for combining with blackout shades, blinds, or liners due to its pale color.


Why choose a multi-layered curtain design? You will feel luxurious even if your curtains and blinds aren't expensive. Two types of curtains can be used, one sheer and one solid. They can also be hung on separate poles or double poles. Interior designers in delhi this creates a stunning look that filters light and offers privacy while still displaying subtle colors.


Bedrooms are the most relaxing place in which to relax. Therefore, choose bedroom curtain designs with textures and colors that will create a tranquil atmosphere. Do not be afraid to use flowing fabrics and light colors. You can also pair them with a heavier weight or opaque lining in pale shades if you wish to block out the sunlight.

The loaf is casual and easy to wear. Loaf recently added curtains to its repertoire. We love this Faded Pink, brushed cotton pair. You have the option to choose from many different fabrics and colors.

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How to Make Cafe Style Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Since our kitchen renovation, we have been living in it for approximately two months. We are now starting to get used to the space. It's easy to know when something is brand new and wants it to be used all the time. Although the novelty fades, the resurgence of the modular kitchen in gurgaon is not over. It's not me. The Cafe's open layout, sleek new appliances, and spacious design are loved by all members of the family. Each member of the family will soon find their own rhythm in the kitchen and their favorite dishes.


Emily, my daughter loves to cook. She especially enjoys cooking in the convection oven. Smart features aside, they are great. He immediately downloaded SmartHQ and connected the oven to his smartphone via WiFi. To receive updates on any downloadable updates, he will be notified regularly.

Connectivity provides status updates as well as the ability to remotely monitor your creations. He appreciates how it allows him to be flexible, which he greatly values. You can also control the oven remotely from your smartphone, so you can go to your bedroom or visit a friend while baking cookies. Emily loves the convenience of any type of digital organizing tool, and these are her favorites.

Recently, he enjoys making meringues. The old oven-dried them out. But Cafe's true convection using PreciseAir ensures that they turn out perfect every time. Emily cooks every weekend. If she's allowed, she may also cook after school. The hardest thing about Emily's life is cleaning up after herself. It is a difficult task to support her.


Travis enjoys cooking. It's actually something he enjoys! The dishwasher's stainless steel interior is a favorite, thanks to its loading flexibility, steam cleaning, and other features. He is meticulous in his Mr. Meticulous style and likes to make sure that everything is spotless before going to bed every night. Now he has a dishwasher just as reliable.

Travis does it. I don't understand why, but he sticks to his routine. Travis also enjoys his "me" time by starting the kitchen again at night. He has been this way since childhood! My mom was there to help Travis when he was first pregnant with Rachel. Travis was upset that he had to move to the modular kitchen at Gurgaon. He enjoys it as a way to relax, and it is also a satisfying task when he's done.

Natalie helps her dad unload the dishes. We have opted to open shelves for the remodel, but we keep most of your plates and plastic cups in drawers so that you can easily navigate the kitchen. Children love to help out in the kitchen by loading the dishes.


Rachel is our growing teenager and loves the fridge. The large compartments in the ENERGY STAR fridge are customizable to our organization system. I want to make sure that everyone in the house has a place to store their food. This helps my daughters to learn how to be healthy with food.

When I first began to think about my kitchen remodel, I spoke about how I wanted to empower kids to make their own meals and advocate for the foods they love. The organization is half of the battle. They need to be able to choose the foods that they like and have the tools to communicate their choices. This will make everything run much more smoothly!


My kitchen is my favorite part of the house, and I am a designer. Despite the fact that white appliances have been resistant in recent years, I believe they are an excellent neutralizer. White appliances are a great way to add color to your space. You can brighten up your space.

With their brushed copper accents, Café appliances look great! While you can choose from bronze or silver knobs and handles, I prefer a warmer metal. It makes my kitchen more cohesive and inviting. My kitchen is contemporary, but not sterile. I love the modern, minimalist commercial-style hood. I can also buy it online directly without any custom order process. A modular kitchen in gurgaon is a triumph in terms of efficiency and style.

That brings me to the best thing about cooking: seeing my ideas come to life. Each redesign is driven by a relationship reason. It adapts to each person's individual needs. It's amazing to see my family smoothly transition into the new space. This makes me feel good and I love all the ways they connect.

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9 Types of Glass Used in Interior Designers in Gurgaon


Glass is the most popular choice when it comes to home decor materials that are iridescent. It is one of the most used materials in architecture. The many varieties of glass on the market are suited to the diverse needs of interior designers in gurgaon making it one of the most versatile materials. Today I'll be talking about seven types that can be used for interior spaces.

1. Patterned Glass, or Textured Glass

Patterned glass is a type of glass that has a pattern embossed on the surface. It can have a complex geometric pattern or a simple texture. It's especially useful in areas that require privacy and light transmission. The glass's texture prevents clear views of the object through it. It can be used in conference rooms, halls, or restaurants.

2. Spandrel Glass

Voile glass conceals less attractive structural elements like beams, columns, walls, shear walls, beams, and so on. It comes in a variety of colors, so it can be used in many locations to compliment interiors. It is transparent and reflective by nature. Spandrel glass' uniform appearance gives the space a clean look. Its lightning is due to its remarkable malleability. It can be molded to cover even curvatures between sill columns. It is five times stronger than traditional, annealed glass. The standard glass can also be used in kitchen interiors. It can be used instead of tiling to cover kitchen cabinets or walls.

3. Tinted glass

Tinted glass is created by adding metal oxides and float glass. There are many colors that can be used, such as bronze, gray, dark grey, green, blue, and teal. However, you can also make tinted glass in other colors like red, pink, or purple. Mixed with float, different metal oxides can give the glass different colors. Other than solar transmittance, the basic properties and characteristics of glass are not affected. Because of its tint, it blocks heat transmission and absorbs sunlight energy. It isn't the best lens for transmitting light as it makes light transmission difficult.

4. Reflective glass

Reflective glass, which is clear glass with metallic coatings that reflect heat, is also known as reflective glass. It is used in green constructions that reduce the energy consumption of buildings. It helps to prevent heat loss from the building and heat gain outside. The finish is typically metallic but can be tinted. Interior designers in gurgaon also love the benefits of reflective glass. It reduces glare and creates comfortable work environments at home or in the office. The metallic finish blocks out the view of people standing in front of the glass. While it's most often used in facades, some architects have found it useful indoors.

5. Satin Glass (Privacy Glass).

As the name suggests, satin glass is made from satin glass. It is chemically treated to achieve the desired surface finish. It's a great material for decorative purposes. You can use it as a partition in commercial spaces and hotels, where privacy is needed. You can combine it with other materials like wood to make doors. Satin glass has a smooth surface that prevents dust and dirt from adhering. Stained glass does not allow fingerprints to be printed, as is the case with other glasses.

6. Security glass

Security glass can either be laminated or tempered. Laminated security glass is a type of technical glass that keeps its parts in case there is a catastrophe. This is a great choice for a centerpiece. It will not break if the countertop is damaged. It can also be used for sensitive areas like jewelry stores. He is strong enough to withstand a gunshot. Because of its resistance, architects use this glass to design staircases. Tempered glass is also popular for tabletops, because it prevents injuries and cuts caused by broken glass.

7. Clear Glass

Clear glass is the most commonly used type of glass for interior spaces. It is clear and colorless, with a blue or green edge from iron oxides. It is less durable than laminated glasses. Clear glass allows for approximately 80-90% of visible sunlight to pass through. It can be used to decorate your home and other places. This type of glass can be used for everything from doorknobs, facades, and chandeliers. Its excellent transmission makes it an ideal material to make lamps and chandeliers. It can also be used to make a sink with a bowl-type sink or a counter-top sink.

8. Acoustic glass

This type of glass, named after its acoustic qualities, is better suited for areas with high levels of noise pollution. Noise pollution is a problem. It's especially problematic in cities where it is so common. Double glazing is used to protect the glass from noise pollution. It reduces noise levels by absorption and attenuation. Acoustic glass is used in many places, such as offices and conference rooms, music studios or hospitals, libraries, residential homes, commercial spaces, and residential houses.

9. Energy-efficient glass

Windows can account for as much as 25% of the heat transfer between your home's interior and exterior. This means that the right glass choice can reduce heat loss from your home's exterior in the winter and increase heat retention in the summer. Your electricity bill can be reduced by up to 20% You can reduce your electricity bill by up to 20%.  . Interior designers in gurgaon This glass will also make you feel more positive about yourself. Glass can be used in many retail outlets to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Nearly 61% of Americans don't have a closet in their bedroom. Most people agree that a closet is essential to any home. You should know the basics before you buy the latest modular wardrobe design. They often focus only on the purchase of the desired property and neglect to consider the necessities like purchasing the latest cabinets.

Clothes Pile

It is important for first-time buyers to make a list of the furniture they wish to purchase and then prioritize. You can spread the cost by financing. It's all about selecting the right wardrobe for your home and you.

A wardrobe purchase is not as simple as going to a store and buying something on the shelf. These are significant investments that can be used for years, adding depth and personality to your home.


The buying process begins with determining the area required to fit the cabinet. It is a fact that our homes don't have enough space for such luxury. It is frustrating to discover that a cabinet you like doesn't fit in your bedroom or home.

Before you decide to buy one, measure the space available. Take measurements of modular wardrobes from floor to ceiling. modular wardrobe design also measures the distance between wall-to-wall and any other furniture or cabinets. Make sure to make space for your doors. You have the option of custom or pre-made cabinets, so it is easy to fit into your space.


You should think about the type and size of the closet that you need in your bedroom. Which type of cabinet will you need? You are looking for a simple, basic cabinet that has a shelf on the top, a hook bar, or a shoe drawer at the bottom to store small things?

Most wardrobes are similar, with two-door wardrobes having shelves and three- and four-door wardrobes. These wardrobes are for people or couples with more clothes. If you are short on space, sliding door wardrobes can be a great option. The design and dimensions of the sliding door wardrobe will depend on its size. However, it will feature a wide hanging rail divided into sections with drawers and shelves.


Your closet is the second-most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. But, buying a closet does not mean that you need to spend a fortune. Once you've determined how much space you need, you can decide the type of closet.

It is possible to determine whether the cabinet has been pre-assembled when you purchase it. modular wardrobe design This will help you save time since pre-assembled cabinets can be more costly than do-it-yourself ones.

Make sure to take all aspects into consideration and then you can choose the wardrobe you want. These cabinets include classic French cabinets as well as contemporary sliding doors.


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Reasons Why Modular Kitchen In Delhi | Work Best For Your Home

Cooking is an art and inspiration is essential. While you can find inspiration from many cooking videos and food blogs, Modular kitchen in delhi is crucial in inspiring you to cook the best. It is why investing in modern modular kitchens is a smart decision for your home.

Modern modular kitchens can be more than an addition to your current kitchen. A modular Indian Indian kitchen design is focused on customization and efficiency. Modular kitchen interiors are made up of cabinets, drawers as well as cupboards, cupboards, and shelves. They create an integrated system in your room. The modular kitchen would allow for multiple essentials to be easily accessible.

Although it may seem like an extra effort there are so many benefits to installing a modular kitchen in your house.

It's compact and easy to use

Most people today don't need larger spaces but want to maximize their small spaces. You need to store your kitchen efficiently because there are many things that you need right away.

Modular kitchen interior designs are here to help. Modern modular kitchen designs, such as the U-shaped U-shaped kitchen design, are made to be accessible for all objects.

Your kitchen counter will be the focal point of your storage space in this design. This design will allow you to have everything you need, including cutlery and vegetables, as well as condiments.

Clutter-free Cleaning:

Indian families often have many members of their family with different preferences about what they want for dinner. It is therefore a waste of food, smells, and containers in the kitchen that can't satisfy everyone. This system can be messy, even though it is meticulous.

With this in mind, modern Indian modular kitchens are well designed. They are well designed and spacious. Modular kitchen in delhi This modern modular kitchen design is great for organization and hygiene. You can also remove and place all your items easily because they move smoothly.

Easy to set up and maintain.

In factories, furniture and accessories for modular kitchen interiors can be mass-produced. They are made by skilled workers and finished with a high quality finish. Because they are manufactured in bulk, the costs of these items are less than furniture or custom-made installments.

The most popular modern modular kitchen design is the U-shaped. It can easily be mass-produced and customized to fit your kitchen.

It is also possible to disassemble the modular kitchen set and reassemble it if necessary.

It can be customized to suit your space and personal taste.

While the units can be mass-produced at a lower cost, they offer great flexibility. Most traditional accessories, such as antique glass cabinets or wall shelves, are pre-installed. These accessories are not the best for every need in the kitchen and don't blend in well with the interiors of your home.

The cabinets can be tailored to your specific kitchen plan using the U-shaped modular design. You can personalize your modular kitchen interiors according to your storage needs, design preferences, ergonomics, and accessibility requirements, as well as color options.

It is aesthetically appealing

A modern modular kitchen looks great and is easy to use. These Modular kitchen in delhi could be a reflection or enhancement of your existing interior design.

You can have your kitchen cabinets doors painted the same as the rest. You can customize these cabinets and fixtures to fit your style preferences if your interior designs are inspired by a particular theme such as rustic, floral, or modern.

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6 Space Expansion Ideas to Borrow From This Clean & Compact Home

It would be easy to think that compact HDBs should look cramped. But the house you are about to see is completely contrary to this belief. This 3-bedroom HDB BTO is airy and spacious thanks to its interior designers in delhi. It's decorated in whites and pastels and has woodgrains. This Scandinavian-style home is visually appealing and has a lot of styles! This house has inspiring small house design ideas for those who are having trouble finding space in a cramped house. Continue reading

#1 An open layout for a visually light look

Because there are fewer rooms that can be divided, open floor plans give the illusion of more space. Only the bedrooms and bathrooms in this house are restricted. Open concept design is used in the living, dining, and kitchen areas. It is spacious and bright as soon as you walk in.

Open floor plans allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation. We all know that more light makes space seem larger.

#2 Use a neutral color scheme

A smart designer will suggest that you expand your small space by using a neutral color scheme. Neutral colors are easier on the eyes and can open up small spaces.

This BTO shows a lot of use of white and light tones, as well as a lighter wood material palette.

#3 Turn it on!

Lighting is an important aspect of small home design. The large windows allow for natural light to flood the interiors thanks to their large windows.  Interior designers in delhi this HDB has an alternative solution: luminaires. track lights, pendant lights, floor lamps, etc. These are just a few of the accessories we have in our house.

#4 Use Glass and Mirrors

The home uses mirrors and glass strategically in every room. Transparent glass visually reduces volume. Mirrors reflect and bounce light which creates an illusion of space. This is one of our favorite tiny house design ideas.

#5 Vertical Wall Space Optimized for Storage

The kitchen is equipped with tall cabinets that reach the ceiling. While the bedroom features parallel built-in cabinets, they are floor-to-ceiling. For storage, shelves are found in the bar area of the living room. All units make good use of vertical wall space. This is another way to increase the size of your tiny home.

You can make your floor look cleaner and more organized by using the vertical wall space. Take inspiration from this house for vertical space storage tips.

#6 Choose the right furniture

This BTO features slim-leg furniture and floating units. These furniture types are popular for small homes because they require less space Interior designers in delhi, and look larger.

What can Yourhomz do for you?

We hope you find these tiny house design ideas helpful! Look no further if you want your home to look as beautiful as it does in this article. Get an online consultation from Yourhomz today. Our designers are skilled and will create safe and high-quality interiors. Find out how interiors comply with safety protocols by clicking here

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20 Timeless and Beautiful Kitchen Colour Schemes


Only a handful of kitchen styles and color combinations are able to withstand ever-changing trends. Avoid getting sucked into the newest and most popular Modular kitchen in noida. It will fade quickly and make your home look dated or worse, cheesy. When you are planning to remodel or build your new kitchen, make sure you learn as much information as you can about timeless kitchen designs. Next, choose the one that suits you and your personal style. Here are some gorgeous kitchen colors that have stood the test.

1. Classic Blues and Greys

Blue and gray have been a timeless combination for generations. It is beautiful because it is neutral. This is the kitchen color scheme that will not be changing anytime soon.

2. Tans and Browns

Draw attention and warn. These metallic tones can add an elegant and beautiful touch to your kitchen, without being too dramatic.

3. Sunshiny Yellow

The perfect color for your kitchen is yellow. By blending yellow with blue, green and white, you can avoid appearing too bright and tacky.

4. Warm Orange on Brown

This one is for the brave and bold! The striking combination between dark brown and warm Orange is a strong statement of style and personality.

5. Cool Grey with White

It is simple, timeless, and elegant. There are endless ways to showcase colorful additions, including a bowl full of fruit, a bouquet with colorful flowers, vegetables, and brightly colored tableware.

6. Signature Red and Signature White

Avant-garde and traditional. The common color palette is both timeless and surprisingly modern.

7. Natural Earth Tones

It's impossible to go wrong with classics and basics. This minimalist style speaks volumes about design and function. Chic and simple.

8. White clean

White kitchens have been around for a while and they are still in style. They are modern, sleek, and down-to-earth.

9. Black and Brass

Dark kitchens reflect sophistication, elegance, and a strong personality. With interesting touches of warm colors, metallic elements, and a dark  Modular kitchen in noida , you can style your kitchen.

10. Whites on Wood

The warm wood brings warmth and balance to the otherwise dark room.

11. Blue, Gold, and White

It's fresh, elegant, and timeless.

12. Modern Rustic

You are not someone who cares about paint. For a stunning kitchen design, you can count on beautiful natural wood grains. With steel and natural stones, you can make busy yards look more balanced.

13. Bright Citrus Kitchen

Bright, happy, and spicy! This kitchen style will bring out the best in even the darkest moods.

14. Classic Black and White

The classic color combination is perfect for any room in your house. Black and white kitchens can be elegant, chic, and beautiful.

15. Navy Blue and Orange are both interesting

You can break out of the routine and be extraordinary with this combination of navy and orange.

16. Stone and Wood Combination

These elegant gifts from nature are the most durable.

17. Blue, Silver, and White

The classic white kitchen is accented with a little bit of blue. Use the silver to add shine and baby blue walls to tone down the harsh white light.


18. All Shades of Grey

Steel Grey, Concrete. Kitchens can use all shades of grey.

19. Green, Gold, and White

It is sophisticated, elegant, and luxurious. Beautiful and timeless.

20. Cool shades of blue

Are you struggling to choose a shade of blue? You can get them all! This kitchen has a lot of cool colors.



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I was a wallpaper novice a few years back. Although I am a quick learner and eager to do any DIY, wallpaper was not appealing to me. There are interior designers in Gurgaon who mix the dough, match the pattern and don't cover the light switch. It all seems so stressful. But once I decided I wanted to wallpaper the bathroom, I was able to make the effort to learn how. It turned out that it wasn't quite as hard or stressful as I had expected. I've learned a lot about wallpapering over the years and what you can do to save money.

You found this article by searching for "how to wallpaper" on Google. It will give you the best advice, the most stress-free, and most attractive way to wallpaper your walls while still giving it a professional look. . If you don't have the budget for a decorator or you've wasted money on wallpapers, or you simply want to make it your own without paying a lot of money to a dealer, this guide will show you what you need and how you can overcome any wallpaper challenges.


You will need the following essentials to wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper, obviously, but enough. You can use a wallpaper calculator to ensure you have enough wallpaper. All details will be provided by the wallpaper seller, the website of the buyer, or on the back label of the order. These details are necessary to calculate how many rolls you will require. This wallpaper is called 'Sumi by Harlequin. You can find it here.

  • Wallpaper paste. Mixing your own wallpaper paste is a wasteful endeavor. Ready-to-use wallpaper paste comes in a resealable container to save time and money.

  • Wallpaper paste. Mixing your own wallpaper paste is a wasteful endeavor. Ready-to-use wallpaper paste comes in a resealable container to save time and money.

  • Wallpaper application brush. You should choose one that has a handle at the center, rather than large combs. These are much easier to fit into pre-made pasta boxes. Your dolls will love you for it.

  • A plumb-line measuring tool. If you are planning to install a lot wallpaper, they can be bought at DIY shops. You can also download the free plumb measurement app to your smartphone if you only need to create a feature wall.

  • A knife or pressure knife is needed to cut wallpaper. It is simpler to use a knife, but scissors are better for cutting wallpaper that has been soaked in glue. To cut the paper, you'll also need scissors.

  • Tape measure, pencil.

  • Use a few clean rags to smoothen the wallpaper.

  • A wallpapering table (it retails for around PS10 in DIY shops)


You must ensure that all walls are clean, dry, free from dirt, cobwebs, and free from any other debris. Be sure to fix any problems, such as moisture or mold, before wallpapering.

With pliers, remove any nails or hooks. Fill large holes using filler. Pre-mixed tubs are available at a DIY store. Sand the holes prior to applying wallpaper. This will prevent the wallpaper from bulging.


Start with an area that has no outlets or light switches. When you're done, try to start in an area that is not as visible (e.g., if a piece or furniture passes in front). If your first few strips of wallpaper make mistakes as you go into your "wallpaper slot", that's okay.

Take the length of the wall to wallpaper and add 20cm. (Take into account the top & bottom for any crooked walls). Interior designers in Gurgaon should roll the paper onto a paste-board and mark where it must be cut using a tape measuring instrument and a pencil. Fold the paper so that it is flat on the edges. Cut the first strip.

Make a straight horizontal line on the wall using your fixture or plumb instrument. This should be just close to the edge of the first strip. However, it should not be covered by the first roll of paper. To ensure that the paper is placed straight, use the vertical line marked by your plumb tool or fixture as your main guide. Be aware that door frames, baseboards, and ceilings will often be slightly off-center.


Now that your first piece is cut and your plumb is drawn, it is time for you to attach it to your wall. La regla del papel tapiz siempre ha sido que pegas la pared y pegas el papel, pero realmente no entiendo por que. himself. Instead, I simply give the wall a thick coat of glue. (First place a rolling pin against the wall and mark where you want to glue), then stick a small piece of paper in the corners. First

Then, apply the strip to the wall and smoothen it gently with your clean cloth. Smoothen from the middle of your paper to the edges. It doesn't have to work perfectly. Just take a deep breath, gently peel the paper off and then apply again. Use smooth strokes to ensure that the paper doesn't get creased. Once everything looks fine, you can smoothen the edges using your rag.

You can push your paper upwards using your fabric. It will reach the crack between the ceiling and the baseboard.


You can either cut the notch line freehand, or you can stick a straightedge through the crack and make a cut along with it. You can also pull the paper from the wall slightly to make the jagged lines with scissors. You have three options, but you should take your time and be patient when applying wallpaper to this area. There's a chance you're cutting too many sheets of paper. If this happens scroll down for my quick fix.


The second strip is harder than the first because you can't measure it and glue them. It will vary depending on which wallpaper pattern you chose. Patterns that have a large repeat rate can yield a lot more scrap.

Roll the roll on your first strip and then slowly roll it against your second strip until the pattern is visible. Make a mark if you find scrap paper on the top so you can trim what you don't want. You should ensure that your second strip includes the length of the wall and any excess at the top.

Applying the second strip ensures that you're focusing on matching the pattern as well as the edges of the first. Your papers should not be overlapped as this can cause the pattern to fail.

The edges of your papers should be aligned so that they meet. Next, slide the paper upwards and downwards until the pattern is joined. Once you are satisfied, rub the paper gently away from any edge that is not related to the fabric.


For corners, the trick is to focus first on the wall you are holding and then move the second piece of paper to the wall. As before, gather your border and design. Then gently rub your fabric on the paper at the corner. As the paper will wrinkle, don't press too hard on its top and bottom corners.

Once your paper is in line with the corner, place it on the second side of the wall. Use your scissors to make a small incision at the top of the paper where the corners meet the ceiling. This will make it easier to fold the paper for the second wall.

Cut another strip at the bottom, where the paper meets at a corner of the baseboard. Then focus on smoothing over the wall the paper from the corner to edge. Check to make sure that the paper isn't ripped from the previous strip. If the paper has been peeled, lift it and then gather it. Smooth it against the wall.


The worst thing about wallpapering is the pesky outlets and switches. You can hang the wallpaper exactly as before but don't smoothen too much. You will need to feel where your socket or switch lies under the paper. Then, make a small incision with your scissors at that central point. You will need to cut the paper starting at the middle of the socket and working your way outwards until the paper touches the wall. Use your cloth to smoothen the paper around the edges of the socket/switch. Next, use your cutting knife to make final cuts. Smoothen the remainder of the strip towards your switch/outlet.


Okay, mistakes will happen, but don’t panic. You can often correct these errors. These errors can often be corrected, even if they appear bad at the moment.

Inadvertently cutting too much paper while trimming off excess paper is the most common and annoying mistake I make. Do not worry. You can always go back to your cut strip, glue it again, and then cut again. Be sure to keep the cutting line straight and avoid any overlaps. Apply the paste to your finger. You will notice a lot less of it once the paste dries.

You can avoid air bubbles by smoothing the paper using a cloth. Smoothening the paper with the cloth can be used to remove large amounts of air bubbles. Interior designers in gurgaon The paper will likely dry quickly because pulp and papers are designed to stretch once dry.

Chipped edges signify that there is not enough paste at the edges of the paper. Use your finger to apply the paste. Then, use your finger to gently lift the edge and then move your finger down and up the edges of the paper. Your cloth can smoothen the paper once more.


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8 Best Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas and storage Solutions for Master Bedroom Closet

Before we discuss modular wardrobe design ideas to your bedroom closet, let us address a common problem in small homes. A large closet can't be fitted in a small area, which is why it seems discouraged during home renovations.
Before we move on to the great stuff, let's talk about some smaller closet ideas.

1. Ideas for small closets

Here are some clear ideas for a closet system that works in a small area.

Build-in storage solutions with lots of shelves and a cabinet door.

Cabinets with sliding drawers at the top and lockers at bottom should be used.

Choose portable and collapsible bedroom wardrobes.

You can unleash your creativity with these DIY closet systems.

Take a minimalist approach and incorporate sliding doors into closet designs.

Choose tall, freestanding cabinets for maximum vertical space over tall cabinets.

You can create a separate space for hanging your extraordinary clothes and gowns with a built-in wardrobe.

2. Bedroom wardrobe solutions for larger rooms

You need to match your interior design theme with the different pieces you use when designing rooms. You can make your wardrobe look as beautiful as your interior design by using elaborate bed posts and gorgeous decor.

You have ample storage space so why not make the most your home's interior by creating beautiful closet designs? You have the option to create a master closet in your master bedroom that has a designated walkin closet, like Christian Grey's. Or you can opt for minimalist designs and modular sliding doors closets.

These ideas will help you start to design your closet with an interior designer.

A) Measure the space available to determine the best cabinet size.

b. You should assess the space that you have available to store a closet.

c) Consider a dressing area or main wardrobe if there is enough space for the bed, table and decoration. It is possible to install space for expensive suits or dresses. For everyday or inexpensive clothes, you can use separate shelves and pull-out drawers. This will allow you to organize accessories such as watches, ties and belts. To store your hair accessories, earrings and bracelets, such as brooches, tie pins, hair accessories, hair accessories, earrings or bracelets, you can install a chest of drawers in the closet.

d) If your closet space is small but large enough for a large closet you can opt to have shelves and hangers in a spacious closet. A hinged door is a good option if it doesn't interfere with your room space. You can also install sliding doors for greater comfort.

If you have limited space, you can choose a tall cabinet with dense shelving. You can find closet organization ideas online. To make extra space in your freestanding closet, use DIY tension rods or cubbies.

3. Choose the style of wardrobe you want

In addition to the variety of cabinets you are able to install, it is also important to consider the style and the capacity of your cabinet.

Modern home interior design is all about modular built-in closets with plenty of shelving and hanging space. These cabinets also come with drawers that can be used to store valuables.

A range of almirahs and models in wood or stainless is available for traditional cabinet designs. While these cabinets look smaller, they offer adequate storage. You can also hang small clothes in the small, allocated storage space. There are also drawers and a small lockable compartment that protects your valuables.

For neatly organizing your stuff, minimalist designs can be complemented by sliding glass doors and large shelves. These work well in guest bedrooms, where space is not constantly used and doesn't need a lot more closet organization.

When it comes to wardrobe design, there are three options: built-in, freestanding or walk-in. Each design has its strengths, but it all depends on which one you choose.

4. Consider your storage needs

Consider your storage needs when choosing a closet design. You should consider what storage solutions you need to store your clothes and accessories.

Do you need hanging space? Or can you fold your clothes and just put them away?

Is there a space you can use to store your winter clothes in?

Do drawers make sense in your closet, or do you prefer a cabinet to store delicate clothes, socks, and other essentials?

You can store accessories in your dressing rooms or give them space in your dressing rooms.

These questions will help to determine which type of closet and how many storage spaces you require.

5. Select a material for your custom closet

We now have the design, size, and layout of the cabinet you want, so let's look at the available materials.

Your shelves should be made of durable, long-lasting materials. Although you can use steel shelves or modular wardrobe designs, you will need shelf paper to protect clothes from rusting.

Wooden shelves are the best choice. You have several options. You have the option of one that has been laminated to MDF (also known as medium density fibrous board). The material is tough and durable, with smooth surfaces that can support the weight of winter clothes.

For general cabinet manufacturing, you can choose to use expensive wood. Pine, teak, cedar, layers, etc. These are great options. Make sure to discuss the wood's quality with your cabinet designers.

You can also choose from intricate artwork in either wood or glass for your door. A combination of the two can be chosen, where the door panel and frame are both made from glass. You can choose an opaque, translucent, or transparent piece depending on your personal preferences.

6. Innovative storage solutions can be embraced for maximum functionality

You don't have to stick with traditional closet designs when it comes to storage. Hanging shelves, built-in lockers, and cabinets with lots of drawers are just a few options.

A walk-in closet is the best for the master bedroom. But, in a child's bedroom, you can choose a small wardrobe with a chest and drawers.

You can have a small wardrobe in a guest bedroom with two or three large drawers and compartments that are open. For even more space, you can opt for one with full-length shelves.

7. Brighten up your wardrobe

You can also add an LED light to your wardrobe to provide much-needed brightness. For large closets, you will need bright lights and accent lighting. Hang wall art or hang decor to increase the value of your main closet.

Freestanding closets can be lighted all around with string lights, or you can add overhead lighting just above the door. Overhead lighting can also be used for an extra effect but they can block your sight and clear the way.

8. Accessorize

Don't forget that just because your closet is organized doesn't mean it can't be spruced up.

You have the option to paint your closet to match your bedroom design. You can then decorate it with personalized items.

It's a good idea to make it a point of collecting miniature models of each place you visit when you go on business trips or vacations. modular wardrobe design to decorate the kids' bedroom, such as decals or comic book characters.

Ornate door handles, gorgeous handcrafted wood designs, and exquisitely patterned glasses plates are all options if you don't like the look of a traditional cabinet. You can keep your wardrobe simple and add a little flair to your home decor.

Interior design is more than just about the functionality of the rooms. Each piece of furniture and each decorative element are an integral part of the interior of your house. Your wardrobe is an important part of your home. Choose carefully the pattern and design.

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Kitchen islands are a popular choice for remodeling a modular kitchen in gurgaon. Pendant lights are also common in kitchen islands. Your kitchen pendant lights should be considered more than just lighting your daily tasks.

You have many options when it comes to choosing the right pendant light for your kitchen. The type of light that you need above your kitchen island will determine the style of a pendant that you choose. Below is a guideline to help you select the right type of pendant that suits your needs.

1. Keep it proportional

The size of your island should be considered when selecting a pendant. The rule of thumb is that larger pendants are better. If your island is small, you can still choose larger pendants. Larger light fixtures are more effective in interior design. They can also be the focal point of your kitchen if the rest is neutral.

To create dramatic effects, you could hang the pendant lights at different heights if your kitchen island has a tiered countertop. Pendants should be about 30-36 inches (75 to 90 cm) above the countertop. However, this can be altered depending on the design and primary purpose of the light.

2. Choose the right pendant to suit your job

Different types of lighting may be required depending on the purpose of your kitchen island, and the lighting available in your kitchen. You will need task lighting if you use your island for food preparation. Task lights are lighted pendants that point down, ideally with an open bottom or translucent bottom. This helps to illuminate the area and allows you to work safely.

If your kitchen island serves more as a space for light snacking and hangout than it does for cooking, mood lighting might be the best choice. Pendant lights* can be extended to give the area a uniform glow, while multi-bulb fixtures provide brighter illumination. Avoid metal shades that cast only light from the bottom.

(*While most home decor follows rule three, it is not necessary to have three pendant lights above your kitchen island. However, two larger pendants might work better for you than three. !!)

3. Add style

There are many options when it comes to kitchen island lighting. You should consider the following things when selecting your light fixture design: modular kitchen in gurgaon other lights in the space (especially in open spaces), and the materials of the rest.

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How to create a farmhouse kitchen


Country kitchens are more comfortable and welcoming than any other design. Modular kitchen in delhi has a farmhouse layout that allows for great meals and socializing with friends.

Farmhouse kitchens should not be minimalist. As the center of the house, they should be fully stocked with all the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare a variety of meals. But that doesn't make them cluttered. There are creative storage options for kitchen utensils.

There are many ways to make a farmhouse theme work in any kitchen. However, there are also a few options that can help you add a modern touch to the traditional farmhouse look. Let's take an in-depth look at what makes a country kitchen warm, welcoming, and appealing.

The color combination and finish

Country house kitchen designs are unique because they don't have a uniform look. You can pick any color combination that you like, and still keep the farmhouse style.

It is important to allow light to flow through the space as much as possible. That is why so many people choose alabaster or cream for their cabinets and furniture.

If your home already has a large open layout and lots of natural light, you can use a darker shade or lighter gray to add depth without it being overwhelming.

The obvious choice for the finish is wood. Natural, rustic, and traditional, it is perfect for country kitchen decoration. Some people prefer to use the same wood throughout, such as wood cabinets and furniture. They also choose oak or beech for countertops.

Others prefer to make a division in the cooking area by using a different kind of wood in a specific space. For this purpose, a walnut butcher block is ideal. This allows you to use the kitchen only for food preparation.

Workspaces and units

If you want to create a farmhouse style, it is important to choose the right style for your units. A style too modern will clash against more traditional features. Cabinet and drawer pull must-haves. Knobs, arch pulls, cup pulls and cup handles are the best styles to complement your farmhouse kitchen decor.

To maintain the theme, the cabinet doors and drawers must be in the same style. The best options are shaker, insert, and bed. Glass doors for some cabinets, including clear and frosted, will also work well with the theme. They will increase the space's size.

Modular kitchen in delhi is ideal for large open kitchens. This space can be used to cook, socialize, and dine, making it a great addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen.

The kitchen island's style and finish should match the rest. However, if you want to stand out, choose a different color for the island. Eggplant works well with the gull-wing gray.

Sinks and taps

Ceramic is the best option when it comes farmhouse kitchen sinks. The farmhouse theme is complete with a traditional and sturdy ceramic sink that's paired with an identically styled drainboard.

Fortuna and Talos faucets are great for ceramic sinks. This style also fits in well with farmhouse kitchen design's traditionalism. A pull-down faucet makes it easy to clean your kitchen.


Kitchens of all sizes need storage. However, a minimalist kitchen can conceal most kitchen utensils. A country kitchen displays the items proudly and keeps the workspace clutter-free.

The classic kitchen with a pantry has returned in fashion. Although refrigerators, freezers, and freezers have revolutionized food storage, the pantry remains a vital part of any farmhouse design. Wren Kitchens' range can be used in any space.

Drawers that have built-in knife blocks make it easy to store cutlery on your countertop. They also allow you to display your vintage blender or herb garden. You can add hooks to your walls to hold your most frequently used utensils and pots to the drawers.

You can store your tools and utensils and even dishes on shelves.

The best farmhouse kitchen designs make the most of the things you already have.

It can be stored in a cleverly-designed drawer or hung on the walls.


An original farmhouse kitchen would have included a stove, a pantry, and possibly a sink. Don't worry, modern conveniences don't mean you have to give up traditional kitchen design.

Modern kitchens are often hidden behind the kitchen. However, the farmhouse kitchen should make the kitchen the focal point of the space. A range kitchen can be the perfect complement.

These cookers are available in many sizes. The best choice is the 6- to 8-burner model with double or triple doors.

The modern kitchen should include freezers and refrigerators as an integral part of food storage. The American-style, two-door refrigerator-freezer is the most popular option. However, others may choose to install a built-in refrigerator to conceal the modern appliance from the room's overall design.

Make an appointment at your local Wren showroom to learn more about how you can incorporate these farmhouse kitchen ideas in your home. You can also use our free online planner to create your own kitchen.


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12 Ways To Create The Perfect Nautical Decor Bathroom

It is very common to find nautical decor in oceanfront homes. We often wonder how you can still enjoy this beautiful style without actually living at the coast. Interior designers in Delhi Here's a tip. Instead of approaching the ocean directly, how about bringing it closer to your home? There are many options to bring a nautical-inspired style to your home. You can start in one room, then move on to the next. This blog post will show you how to transform your bathroom into a soothing and relaxing spa-like environment.

1. Clock

A clock is a must-have bathroom accessory. This classic ship's helm clock is made from solid acacia wood. It's a wonderful addition to any bathroom that has nautical decor.

2. Cabinet knobs

Bathrooms don't lack cabinets for storage. You can give your bathroom a nautical look by using cabinet knobs. Specialty knobs for cabinets add whimsy and fun to any space. To create your own unique style, mix and match seashells or dolphins. You can get inspiration from the Leaping Dolphin cabinet knobs.

3. Candleholders

Candles bring warmth and comfort to any bathroom. You can add a nautical scent to your bathroom with cool colors such as blue, beige or cream. A nautical candle holder can be used to hold a candle that has a marine theme.

4. Wall decoration

Many great accessories can be used to create a nautical-themed seaside bathroom. Varado Sailboat Oil Paintings are a wonderful choice for your wall if art is something you are passionate about.

5. Towel hooks

Towel hooks in bathrooms are necessary to dry towels and keep them clean. Your hooks can be personalized with a seashell or octopus design. The Octopus Antique Gold Metal Coat Rack is a perfect combination of elegance and whimsy. This rack can be used to hang towels or other bathroom accessories. Interior designers in Delhi. Some decorative hooks are mountable directly to the wall. Others rest on a frame.

6. Mirrors

What bathroom is complete without a mirror? You can give your guests the experience of being on a boat by using a nautical mirror. Encourage them to think about how to make it nautical with the metal and rope mirror.

7. Cabinets

You could have more storage in each bathroom. You can choose a cabinet that is nautical-themed, such as one with a porthole and another designed to look like an old rowboat. A bathroom decorated with nautical decor can be enhanced by classic furniture.

8. Shower curtain

Select a shower curtain that has dolphin or seashell prints. You can also use a plain curtain in a nautical theme to give your shower curtain a unique nautical look.

9. Bath Mat

You can choose from a light or a beige bath mat to imitate the color of the sand. It will make you feel like you have stepped into the ocean when you leave the shower. For more inspiration, have a look on the light and fun Beach Umbrella Natural Rug.

10. Lights

Lighting in the bathroom is as important as large mirrors. Mountable oval bulkhead light fixtures (left), which can be substituted for boring vanity lights, and the port-and-starboard deluxe electric lantern sets (right), are great additions to the bathroom counter.

11. Shell decoration

Seashells say beach more than anything! A shell garland can be added to a side wall, or placed under your vanity lights. Small Clam Shell Candle Holders, such as the Small Clam Shell candle holder, can also be used to house your tiny succulents. You can also add loose shells to your nautically-themed bathroom counter if you prefer simpler methods.

12. Headlights

Headlights add nautical and coastal charm to any room in the house. To show your character or add a touch of nautical flair to your bathroom, you can put up a picture on the wall that depicts a lighthouse.

Whatever you choose to add nautical-themed items to your bathroom, it will bring a feeling of relaxation and charm. The right pieces can make your bathroom a beach theme or a spa-like experience.


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What Is The Best Material for a Modular Kitchen?

 We know that modular kitchens are a top priority for new homeowners. Modular kitchen in noida can be the most elegant and practical solution to your kitchen's interior. They are a harmonious combination of utility and aesthetics and come in many colors, textures, and finishes to fit individual tastes.

There are so many choices available that it can be difficult to find the right material for your kitchen. It is clear that the materials you choose will affect how durable your kitchen will be and how much it will cost. This guide will help you make an informed choice about modular kitchen materials.

Cabinets are made of two main materials: the skeleton, or casing, and the exterior covering or finish. Let's take a look at each in more detail.

1. Material for housing

The most popular choices for cabinet material are MDF, HDF, plywood, and particleboard. Let's take a look at them all.


Plywood is made by gluing several layers of wood together to create a strong and durable material. There are many thicknesses available. Plywood is strong and can support heavy weights due to how it is made.

BWP (boil proof) plywood is resistant to moisture. It's the best choice for bathrooms and kitchen cabinets that are subject to a lot of spills and water splashes. Although it is cheaper than BWP plywood, the commercial ply is not as long-lasting.


Engineered woods are medium and high-density fiberboard (HDF, MDF). These boards are made from wood particles that have been hot glued together. These boards are often used to make kitchen cabinets. However, they are less durable than plywood and offer less strength. The board can be finished and painted with care as it is smooth. The fiberboard is not strong enough to hold screws. It requires special fastening details for hinges and screws. Shutters made from MDF will be less durable than shutters made with plywood cores if they are not fixed with sufficient care.


For a modular kitchen, particleboard is the best option. It is made from sawdust and waste, so it is very lightweight. It is not able to support weight and is, therefore, the most durable option.


Natural wood is an option if you have the funds. You will need to hire a carpenter for the job. Modular kitchen factories don't use real wood because it is difficult to work with. Modular kitchen in Noida If not properly seasoned, they will warp. Because the wood finishes are natural, you won't see consistent grain patterns. It does however add to the final product's beauty. The most popular types of wood on the market are rubber teak and beech.

2. Outer Finishes/ Shutter

Laminate is the most popular finish, but modular kitchens can also be finished with acrylic, PU or membrane.


You can choose from a variety of textures, colors, and striking finishes. Laminates are durable and easy to clean. They are also very economical and are the most preferred choice.


Just after the membrane is installed, you will see the finishes. The shutter is wrapped with a thin membrane that is factory applied to it. It wraps around all grooves and trims. It is seamless and durable. You can choose from matte, gloss or wood finishes for this PVC sheet. The membrane is today's most preferred finish for kitchens.

Glossy acrylic finishes offer a luxurious and chic look. These finishes give off an ultra-modern, high-end appearance.

PU or Polyurethane

You can choose from matte or gloss finishes. The finish is applied directly to the sash, giving it a smooth, durable and attractive look. The same flawless finish can be achieved as for your fridge door. Although PU is extremely durable and hardy, it can also be the most expensive finish option.

Are you still unsure about the right materials to use for your modular kitchen design? Meet the experts at Yourhomz to design your modular kitchen. We'll even make you a cup of coffee while you wait!

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13 Ways to Wow Your Guests with Interior Designers in Gurgaon


Satisfaction in interior design can go a long way. It's one thing for you to be able and comfortable in your space. Interior designers in gurgaon But it's another thing to get that appreciation from your guests. Your interiors should inspire you to love space and to be able to excite curiosity, comfort, and distinction.

For those who want to get the oohs and then ahhs from your guests, these 13 ideas will impress them. They are inspired by expert advice.


#1. Interesting lighting hangs in pendants

Interior design can be made or broken by lighting. You can have a variety of lighting sources like floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lamps. This will create an interesting lighting scheme and provide the space with accent, mood, or work lighting. Hanging lamps look like hanging art. You can choose lamps that are either prominently displayed or hang to one side. This will increase the visual impact and fill up a space. Karena Schuessler's Berlin star apartment is an example of a stunning interior that takes chances.

#2.  Get inspired by global trends

The overall style of a space can infuse it with beauty and aesthetic charm. It doesn't matter if you buy fair-trade Moroccan ceramics online or a hand-woven Lao table runner. Adding decorative pieces from around the globe adds richness to any interior space. Happy Interiors Blog's Igor shares his world-finds from his travels and offers more inspiration.

#3. Preview your design concept

It's easier than ever to plan your decorating project, find competitive prices, and "try it before buying". Decorilla makes decorating online fun and affordable. You can preview several designs for your room to make sure that you choose the style that you love.

#4. Spend a little, but not a lot.

There are always new design trends. Make your space stand out without spending a lot of money. Make your guests feel special with stunning pieces you find in online auctions (Joss & Main and Fab are great at this), or by renovating an existing room to make it look new. Lynda Quintero - Davids of Focal point Styling is a designer blogger who places emphasis on budget sophistication. His years of experience as an interior designer in Gurgaon taught him the art and science of economics to create a stylish and creative home. His creations are charming and enchant spaces without overstating the exclamation of the bank account.

 #5. Remember the bling 

It doesn't matter how well a space is styled, as long as it has the right color scheme, texture, and place. However, if there's nothing shining, then something is wrong. Justina Blakeney is an interior stylist and blogger. She claims that adding a shiny eye catcher, such as brass or bronze, really makes a space stand out. Justina offers more styling tips via her Skillshare class, "The 8 Style Principles".

#6. Do not be afraid to decorate the walls.

Wallpaper design has changed to include color and patterns. As seen at Design Milk, this collection of "geology” wallpapers by Interiors by Element shows how abstract basic shapes can be combined to create beautiful compositions that transform your walls into works o art.

 #7.  Go green 

Where did you find the cardboard lamp I was looking for? You like that woolen rug? They are also very eco-friendly. It is amazing to decorate an interior with Mother Earth at heart. A great design technique is being able to style your space while keeping it sturdy.

#8. Personalize it

Individualized spaces make for truly unique spaces. You can make your home unique by using photography, art, and heirlooms. Children Inspire Design's Rebecca Peragine created the My Roots Collection. It is a beautiful collection of country maps that decorate children’s bedrooms around the globe.

#9. Choose colors that inspire

You can break the rules with color palettes. If neutrals are too bland for you, pick colors that appeal to you. They are sure to be loved by your guests.

#10. Incorporate unique designs

Unique or bespoke furniture can bring attention to a space. Miss Moss from South Africa inspires this through her furniture exhibit Moving Mountains. Amazing design that will blow you away.

 #11.  Showcase art 

An interior's color scheme and mood can be defined by artwork. If placed correctly in a space, it can act as a focal point and allow guests to relax. You can make it a vibrant display of colors and patterns, which will excite and stimulate.

#12. Nicole Franzen's home is where a little bit of plant life can make a big difference.

Plants bring life to spaces and make them feel lived-in. You can place a rubber tree in a sunny area, an English ivy plant on a shelf, or even a row of succulents next to the kitchen window . Whatever houseplant you choose, they will bring a little green into any room. The beautiful home of Nicole Franzen is not complete without the green potted accents. They add an extraordinary quality to a space.

#13 Get inspired

Pinterest is a visual feast. You can keep your home ideas fresh by following pinners like Simplified Bee, who have home decorating tips like Simplified Honey. Check out these boards to help you find your style, and get the latest design trends.


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